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Jokotan Kujo (空条 じょこたん, Kūjō Jokotan) is the hypothetical daughter of Jotaro Kujo and Shoko Nakagawa, created by Shoko during an interview between Hirohiko Araki and Shoko in the Tameike Now webcast in 2007.


Jokotan has two heads fused together with one head resembling Jotaro's face and the other resembling Shoko's. Shoko says it's because of Shoko's deep love for Jotaro and her strong DNA. She wears a red and white reversible cap and a Japanese female gym uniform. The front of her shirt says 空条 (Kujo).


Like Shoko, Jokotan loves her cat and has a weak stomach, with gastric acid constantly spilling out of her mouth. She is concerned about her father having an affair.[1]



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Jokotan's Stand takes the form of Shoko's deep-seated grudges and attacks Jokotan's enemies with gastric acid. The Stand also flies to Jotaro to make sure he is not having an affair with anyone else.

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Acid Manipulation & Affair Detection



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