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Do you know about Mansion Ghosts?
—Female Monk to Yoshikage Kira

The Female Monk is a character featured in Deadman's Questions. She gives Yoshikage Kira a series of tasks to be accomplished.


She is a thin woman of medium height, she is bald and wears a Rakusu.


She demonstrates peace and quiet, but acts in a serious and questioning way when she asks why Kira did not go to the Nether World.


She is able to see ghosts, allowing her to see Kira without any problem, most likely because she possesses a high level of spiritual excellence as a monk.


Deadman's Questions

She met Yoshikage Kira, a vagabond spirit who has no goals or any direction, besides that he himself did not remember who he was. Kira later ends up working for the monk, doing the "dirty work" of killing the targets she gives him for money. He is sent to kill an on-the-run child murderer hiding out in an apartment with his significant other, Yamaoka. After a convoluted attempt to enter the apartment due to the rules of being a ghost, the target is eliminated.

Later, Kira goes to the Monk again, which gives the task of go to a "mansion ghost". That mansion was once the house of an old army officer 50 years ago, but, towards the end of the Pacific War, City S was under heavy air raid by the American military. The officer's house was targeted and blown to pieces, but nobody died there. The officer himself lived 50 years after the war and died at the age of 82 from old age.

For unknown reasons, the house itself became a spirit and is still standing. 56 people committed suicide or died strange deaths in the house's area, so the monk sends Kira to find the reason for this and take care of it. When she asked why he didn't move to the Netherworld and if he had some sort of goal, Kira asked her how she could be so sure about its existence, as she was still alive.

In the mansion, Kira is attacked by Cleansers, who take his arm and almost erase him from existence, However Kira leaves the mansion to investigate the information the monk gave him, believing she gave him the assignment in order to have him "cleansed" and sent to the netherworld. The Monk's fate remains unknown as Kira promised himself to kill her, so that she can see if the Nether World really exists, wondering if her arm could replace his lost one.



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