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Express Train to Florence (フィレンツェ行き超特急, Firentse Iki Chōtokkyū)[1] is the fourteenth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred twenty seventh episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from Chapter 486 to Chapter 489 of the original manga.

Team Bucciarati take a train to Florence, hiding inside the shell of the turtle Coco Jumbo. Unbeknownst to them, the team are trailed by the duo of assassins Prosciutto and Pesci.


Team Bucciarati acquires the key

Team Bucciarati has acquired the key the Boss has instructed them to find in Pompeii. After having gathered and stitched back Abbacchio's hand with a zipper, they all depart inside their minivan to Naples's train station. On the way, Abbacchio reexamines the jewel inside the key inside of which are engraved further instructions to head to the sixth platform of the train station and take the earliest train to Venice. Meanwhile, Fugo is unwillingly mixed with Mista's attempt at sneaking a peek at Trish's cleavage. The car suddenly swerves and Fugo is thrown into Trish's chest, causing Mista to loudly beg for mercy and deeply embarrass Fugo in the process.

Prosciutto and Pesci stalks Team Bucciarati at the train station

At the train station, the duo of assassins, Prosciutto and Pesci, find Bucciarati looking around on the platform. While Pesci expresses a wish to avenge his fallen comrades, Prosciutto chastises his junior for expressing empty threats. As they close in on Bucciarati, the latter is perplexed that no present lock fits the key but finally finds a turtle whose shell has a key-shaped hole. Taking the turtle with him, Bucciarati suddenly rushes inside the train to his companions. When Prosciutto and Pesci arrive at Bucciarati's supposed position, they cannot find their target. Indeed, the turtle named Coco Jumbo is a gift from the Boss, possessing a "room" inside of its shell that people can access, complete with chairs, a couch and even a fridge with drinks in it. The small turtle sneaks past the assassins into the driver's cabin.

Prosciutto unleashes his Stand, Grateful Dead

Prosciutto is sure that the group is somehow still aboard the train and decides to stay aboard with Pesci. On Prosciutto's orders, Pesci summons his fishing rod Stand, Beach Boy. Launching the hook and line through the door of the driver's cabin, Pesci only senses two life forms and hooks the driver, forcing the door open. Seeing no one in the cabin, Prosciutto shifts his attention elsewhere but Pesci privately investigates further, sure about the second life form. Although he almost finds the turtle, Pesci sees dark fumes and realizes that Prosciutto has summoned his Stand The Grateful Dead to wreak havoc and force his targets in the open. Distracted, he leaves the cabin.

Due to Grateful Dead's ability, the gang is aging at a rapid pace

Inside the turtle, the group tries to kill time as best they can. Mista offers Narancia a drink, but he is seemingly unable to hear him. To the group's shock, Narancia has become extremely old, with all the ailments that come with it. To their horror, the heroes realize that everyone is becoming older, and it is revealed that the entire train is aging at a dramatic rate. Realizing that a new Stand user is attacking them, Bucciarati immediately sends Mista out to fight their unknown enemy but the barely conscious Giorno stops him from rushing. Despite the urgency, Giorno notices that some of them have remained relatively young and that the assassin must somehow discriminate between people as they want Trish alive. Deducing that the ability affects the most those with higher body temperature, the group sends Mista out with the two remaining ice cubes from the fridge.

Out of the turtle, Mista decides to activate the air conditioning to help his teammates. However, Pesci, who is munching on ice in the bar wagon has turned the button into a bait for Beach Boy, immediately sensing Mista punching the button. Pesci hooks Mista who realizes he has two enemies to fight.


(Message only)
Coco Jumbo
(1st appearance)
(Mentioned only)
(Mentioned only)
Sticky Fingers
(Ability only)
(1st appearance)
Beach Boy
(1st appearance)
The Grateful Dead
(1st appearance)
Sex Pistols
(Mentioned only)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Takashi Kawabata
川畑 喬
Episode Director (演出)
Kyōhei Suzuki
鈴木 恭兵
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
田中 春香
石本 峻一
Animation Director (作画監督)
Kenji Yokoyama
Natsue Chibayama
Sayaka Anesaki
Yukitoshi Houtani
Satoru Kobayashi
Yui Kinoshita
Harumi Kakuda
Keiya Nakano
Megumi Itoi
横山 謙次
千葉山 夏恵
姉崎 早也花
宝谷 幸稔
小林 理
木下 由衣
角田 春美
中野 圭哉
糸井 恵
Firearms Animation Director
宝谷 幸稔
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
石本 峻一
Key Animation (原画)
Masashi Nomura
Kentaro Ishikawa
Eita Toyoshima
Sotaro Shimizu
Nana Yamazaki
Masashi Yamada
Daiki Fujii
Yoko Komaki
Keiji Shigesawa
Megumi Itoi
Yui Okano
Noboru Kawamori
Hyune Ae
Ayako Karatani
Reki Taki
Studio Massket
野村 雅史
石川 健太郎
豊島 英太
清水 奏太郎
山崎 菜奈
山田 まさし
藤井 大輝
小牧 容子
繁澤 敬二
糸井 恵
岡野 結
川森 昇
柄谷 綾子
滝 れーき
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Natsue Chibayama
Sayaka Anesaki
Mai Oshima
Rie Takahashi
Miyuki Kawano
Saori Nemoto
Masaki Kosaka
Mahora Muraki
Midori Matsumoto
Masako Ishino
Yasuhito Hirohara
Kazuki Takehisa​
Youki Ebisu
White Line
Studio Massket
Triple A
千葉山 夏恵
姉崎 早也花
大島 舞
高橋 梨恵
河野 美由紀
根本 沙織
高阪 雅基
村木 麻保良
松本 緑
石野 まさ子
廣原 泰人
武永 一輝
胡 陽樹
White Line
Triple A
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
Asahi Production (旭プロダクション)
Mari Aizawa
Yuan Li Li
相澤 茉莉
李 媛莉

In-Between Animation Inspection Assistance

White Line
White Line
Digital In-Between Animation
David Production
Nana Nomiya
野宮 菜那
Powered by CACANi
In-between Animation (動画)
Asahi Production
Studio Massket
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Hirohisa Onikubo
Sayaka Anesaki
Yu Matsuo
鬼窪 浩久
姉崎 早也花
松尾 優
David Production
Mai Nakazono
Masaki Kurube
Natsuki Horimoto
Kayo Kudou
中園 麻衣
軽部 匡哉
堀本 夏生
工藤 かよ

Naka Mori
Makoto Miyahara
Tatsuhiko Taishaku
毛利 奈花
宮原 信
大釈 竜彦
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
P. Taweeporn
Nobuhiro​ Matsuda
松田 寛弘

Komugi Takatsuki
高槻 こむぎ
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
柳田 東一郎


Golden Wind Episode 14: Express Train to Florence
Start End Title OST Description

Golden Wind: Finale
Abbacchio reads the message on the key
ristorante bar
Golden Wind: Overture
Mista and Fugo peek at Trish's chest
Fighting Gold
Fighting Gold
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Prosciutto and Pesci locate Bucciarati's team
situazione difficile
Golden Wind: Overture
Bruno realizes that the key is for Coco Jumbo
Golden Wind: Overture
Prosciutto and Pesci confused by Bucciarati's disappearance
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Pesci uses Beach Boy
Golden Wind: Overture
Prosciutto and Pesci start searching for Bucciarati's team
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Bruno's team inside the turtle
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
The Grateful Dead activated
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Bruno's team under the effect of The Grateful Dead
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Mista and Bruno search for the enemy
Golden Wind: Finale
Giorno figures out The Grateful Dead's weakness
Golden Wind: Finale
Beach Boy baits Mista
Freek'n You
Freek'n You
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Next Episode Title

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Narancia no longer brings up Alessandro Nannini when Abbacchio complains about his arm.
  • Abbacchio mentioning he thought the key would be for a helicopter and that it will be dangerous to travel by train has been removed.
  • The message inscribed in Mr.President's key from the Boss to Bucciarati is now written in Italian.
    • Abbacchio reads this aloud, while in the manga the message was only shown.
  • Fugo wondering if Trish is really a stand user in his internal monologue has been cut.
  • Trish's nipple is no longer shown. Mista and Fugo become giddy when she simply adjusts herself and her top shifts.
  • Mista's description of how he and Fugo could be executed for peeking at Trish's chest has been cut.
    • The reason Fugo is propelled toward Trish is changed from the minivan suddenly stopping to it swerving.
  • Mista is now shown grabbing Fugo by the collar and pulling him away from Trish.
  • In contrast to the original manga, Prosciutto's initial appearance is no longer obscured by shadow, as he was shown earlier during Formaggio's flashback in Episode 10.
  • Prosciutto commenting that he'd rather end the fight before the train leaves in order to avoid buying tickets has been removed.
  • After Giorno tells Bucciarati that the train is about to depart, Bucciarati telling him to go on and guard Trish and Giorno wondering what's wrong with the key has been removed.
  • When Giorno suggests Bucciarati try the lock on the fire hydrant, Bucciarati saying he already did has been removed.
  • Bucciarati discovering Mr.President's ability by having his hand sucked into Coco Jumbo has been cut. Mr.President's ability is only revealed once Bucciarati's group is already inside the turtle, and demonstrated when Narancia is accidentally pulled out of the room and hits his head.
    • The scene showing the interior of the room has been moved from after Prosciutto and Pesci board the train to after Pesci hooks the engineer.
  • Prosciutto asking if Pesci knows what Bucciarati's team looks like and Pesci showing the photos that were given to him to identify them has been cut. Their argument originally lasts longer as well.
  • Prosciutto is shown looking under the cab's door. Originally he points at it.
  • Multiple parts from the scene inside Mr.President's room have been altered.
    • Mista no longer wonders where they are.
    • Fugo is standing near Mista and Giorno rather than between Narancia and Abbacchio.
    • The gang no longer opens the cabinet containing the TV and turn it on.
      • The brief reference to Captain Tsubasa from the original manga is removed because of this.
    • Bucciarati no longer acknowledges that the room has running electricity.
    • The cabinet that will be used as Baby Face's hiding spot is shown, in contrast to the original manga that didn't feature it before the corresponding arc.
  • After Narancia coughs up his tooth, Mista no longer observes that Narancia can't sit up straight. 
  • The banana that ages along with Narancia now crumbles when he touches it.
  • Mista asking what's wrong with Narancia and Narancia explaining about the banana again now overlap each other.
  • A flower wilting and The Grateful Dead stepping on it as it walks down the train has been added.
  • As Narancia's fingers wither, him remarking that there is no blood flowing to them so he can't feel pain and Mista's internal reaction of shock have been cut.
  • In the manga, Bucciarati is shown grabbing Mista when he says they should let Giorno talk. 
  • Before Giorno explains The Grateful Dead's ability, Bucciarati mentioning that he did not notice that Trish was taking the least damage out of the group has been removed.
  • When Giorno gives his explanation for how The Grateful Dead's aging effect discriminates between men and women, Mista now asks him if he's insinuating that Mista is a girl, rather than if the enemy was "checking [their] goods".
    • Mista no longer apologizes to Trish for this comment.
  • Bucciarati insisting Mista take the ice because it will take too long for the fridge to make enough for everyone has been removed.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese フィレンツェ行き超特急 Express Train to Florence
United States of America English Express Train to Florence
Spain Spanish El expreso a Florencia The Express to Florence
Brazil Portuguese Trem Expresso para Florença Express Train to Florence
France French L’express pour Florence The Express to Florence
Germany German Schnellzug nach Florenz Express Train to Florence
Israel Hebrew רכבת מהירה לפירנצה Express Train to Florence
Flag of the Arab League Arabic القطار السّريع نحو فلورنسا Express Train to Florence
Italy Italian Treno espresso per Firenze Express Train to Florence
Russia Russian Скорый поезд до Флоренции Express Train to Florence
Poland Polish Ekspres do Florencji The Express to Florence


It was a relief seeing Fugo and Mista's banter after so many action-filled episodes. Everyone seemed used to Fugo's bursts of anger, so I'm guessing Fugo is just always like this. The whole scene was the calm before another storm. I also noticed that Trish's clothes were pretty revealing in the manga, but they covered her up a bit for the anime.
Junya Enoki, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
I appreciate all the animators who work to keep everything moving smoothly, such as when The Grateful Dead makes their faces shrivel up, or when their faces go back to looking younger. And the other thing that I find memorable is in episode fifteen, when The Grateful Dead parries Sticky Fingers's attack with one hand.
—Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
1. Big Bro Prosciutto and Pesci

With one striking line after another, Prosciutto is a fan favorite. Director Kimura jokes, "I want to use them in my daily life!" He also enjoyed drawing Pesci. "We prepared more faces for him than any other character. I'm sure the character designer Takahiro Kishida also had fun." As an aside, the train station is based off of Milano Centrale, not Napoli Centrale.

2. From the Enemy's Eyes

These next three episodes narrate from Prosciutto and Pesci's perspective; Bucciarati and gang are seen inside the turtle only after Prosciutto finishes searching the area. Kimura is fond of the scene where Bucciarati panics about not being able to find the right keyhole.

3. This Turtle's Like a Spaceship!

The boss prepared the turtle to transport Trish safely. The inside of the turtle can be seen from the outside, but the outside is made to be only visible at times from the inside. "We didn't include a television like in the manga, but the staff pored over various Italian drinks for the refrigerator, so check it out! Man, I really want a turtle like this!" says Kimura.

4. Why Do You Look Like a Freakin' Grandpa?!

Kimura loves Mista's honesty when he notices Narancia's withering features. The music in this episode also pushes the suspense forward. "The voice actors were so good at voicing the aged characters. By the way, Abbacchio's hair is already pretty white, but it becomes whiter when he's aged."
Yasuhiro Kimura, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries


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