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Gimme a break... (やれやれだわYare Yare Dawa)
SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.

Jolyne Cujoh (空条 徐倫 Kūjō Jorīn) is the main protagonist of the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean, and the sixth JoJo of the series. She is the daughter of an American woman and Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders.

Framed for a DUI murder, Jolyne is sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison, where she investigates and battles DIO's most trusted disciple, Father Enrico Pucci. Initially an ordinary girl, Jolyne quickly awakens her string-based Stand, Stone Free, during her time in jail.


Jolyne Fullbody.png

Jolyne is a young woman of above-average height and a slim to athletic build.

Bold-eyed, she wears her hair in two "layers": A dark base including two large buns atop her head and a short length going down her neck; above which, lightly dyed or bleached, she keeps a plait or braid that winds around both buns, joining in a short length at back, and bangs that frame her face.

Like all other members of the Joestar family, Jolyne has a small, star-shaped birthmark on the rear of her left shoulder, close to her neck. She also has an image of butterfly wings tattooed on the top of her left forearm, superimposed with a downward-pointing dagger, which also appears on the chest of her outfits.

Jolyne's depiction in Part 6 transitions from a slim and smooth build to a somewhat more dynamic and athletic one. Simultaneously, she works through several primarily dark outfits, characterized by a spiderweb-like print.

  • Look 1: A short skirt, shin-high boots, and a halter top that exposes her midriff, with 2 lengths of cloth on each side attaching it to her skirt-like suspenders. She wears a small piece on her chest, repeating the design of her tattoo.
  • Look 2: Similar to Look 1, except it has pants with boots attached and a prison jacket. The jacket is short, covering her lower back to the hip area. Worn during her first week in prison.
  • Look 3: Look 2 with a longer, slightly darker jacket (matching Jotaro's coat's length). After the events in Whitesnake - The Pursuer, she adopts a star-shaped navel piercing.
  • Look 4: After escaping prison, she wears a shredded muscle shirt that resembles her former halter top. On her chest, she now wears a large, heart-shaped piece superimposed with the image of her tattoo. She wears two mini-belts over the rib area (one belt by the end). A cloth armlet adorns one forearm, and she retains her navel ring. She wears a different belt around her waist with a long cape attached to the back.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin(Fair, chartreuse lipstick)
(Black with blue highlights and chartreuse braid and bangs)
Eyes(Lime Green)
(Blue suit with white spiderweb pattern, chartreuse accessories, and pink butterfly crest.)

Skin(Fair, olive lipstick and eyeshadow)
Hair(Green with blonde braid and bangs)
Eyes(Sea Green)
(Dark blue suit with off-white spiderweb pattern, bright green accessories.)
Butterfly Symbol
(Blue and cyan butterfly, yellow details, pink and magenta outlines)

Skin(Fair, lime lipstick)
(Black with sky blue highlights and lime braid and bangs)
Eyes(Moss Green)
(Sky Blue suit with white spiderweb pattern, lime accessories, and magenta butterfly crest.)

Skin(Fair, bronze lipstick)
Hair(Black with blonde braid and bangs)
Eyes(Olive Green)
(Black suit with pink spiderweb pattern, bronze accessories, and purple butterfly crest.)

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

In the one-shot, Jolyne makes an appearance in many different outfits. She mainly wears a white linen peacoat with an elaborate flower motif with a matching scarf. Underneath the jacket, Jolyne wears a dress that also changes for no reason, the first version being black with the same flower motif, the second being a white gown.

Jolyne also wears in order: a three-piece pink suit with spiked platform sandals and an elaborate necklace, a simple yellow dress with intricate flower and fruit decorations on the shoulder area, and a brown dress with a matching leather belt.

In the one-shot, Jolyne's hair is consistently portrayed as green with blonde strands of hair.


Despite their rocky relationship, Jotaro and Jolyne cherished each other

Flighty, abrupt, and snappy with her elders, Jolyne in adolescence would undoubtedly be considered a delinquent and a lost cause. Bitter at Jotaro for being absent from her life, she tried multiple times to catch her father's attention by committing various minor crimes and went to jail several times for them. Because of her father's absence, Jolyne was said to be dependent on the affection and approval of those around her,[10] and she was ready to cover Romeo's accident, resulting in her being sentenced to 15 years in prison for it.[2]

After acquiring her Stand and being told by Jotaro of his love for her, Jolyne noticeably matures, becoming more courageous and confident. "Reviving" Jotaro, who fell into a coma due to Whitesnake stealing his Stand and memory, turns into her first priority.[11]

Jolyne's Dark Determination

Jolyne retains her confrontational attitude throughout the story. A former delinquent living in a maximum-security prison, Jolyne had to toughen up and can be especially rude. She frequently taunts enemies. She also advocates aggressively asserting herself, especially in prison, and once told F.F. to violently confront an inmate who cut in the queue for buying their lunch.[12] Jolyne is particularly violent in her fights; she's used the cutting ability of her string to gruesomely wound her opponents, severing ears and nails,[13] for instance. Jolyne usually doesn't seek to kill and even said that she didn't want Ermes to become a murderer.[14] However, she readily uses lethal force against her archenemy Enrico Pucci, and he was the one enemy she explicitly said she would kill.[15]

Jolyne also has a vindictive side and repays tenfold any wrong committed against her, notably indirectly cutting Romeo's tongue for betraying her,[16] or had her crooked attorney have a crash in his car.[7] Moreover, Jolyne still holds a little grudge against Gwess, her first enemy, and wants nothing to do with her despite the latter's effort to behave in front of Jolyne. More humorously, Jolyne kept a grudge against alligators in general after Limp Bizkit revived one that attacked her, and she had fun tossing something at another alligator's head as a form of revenge.[17]

A bloodied Jolyne proudly declares her victory

Jolyne possesses a fierce determination, carrying her through several battles and inspiring her companions. After learning of DIO's plan, Jolyne took pride in her lineage and opted to continue Jotaro's effort to seal the menace DIO left behind him. Jolyne stoically endures the hardships she faces and carries on her goal, disregarding the suffering and possible risks. For instance, when she was brought to the maximum-security ward, Jolyne was only momentarily disturbed by the horrible living conditions of the cell (the food tray was covered in insects) along with the harassment of the other inmates in the ward and quickly soldiered on through the ordeal.[18] Her determination is so great that she was willing to lose a limb or even her life to defeat her enemy and save her comrades, an inclination especially prevalent in her that culminated in her sacrifice to get Emporio away from Pucci.[19] One good example of her usual determination is when she set herself on fire to buy herself the time to attack Rikiel, ignoring the risk taken to herself since her body was made of strings.[20] Even still, Jolyne once expressed her doubts about her desire to stop Pucci after Weather Report's death and the priest's second escape.[17]

Common in her lineage, Jolyne has righteous morals and treasures her family and friends. She would selflessly do everything in her power to help her companions and random victimized people, once helping a mistreated prisoner to take back stolen money from her tormentors.[21] Jolyne is willing to believe in the good in people, which resulted in a share of betrayals, but also earned her F.F.'s friendship.[22] Jolyne is especially sweet to Emporio, her real first ally in Green Dolphin Street, and despite its status as an enemy, she didn't want to kill the Green Baby. Jolyne's primary motivation for investigating Whitesnake was her love for her father. However, Pucci exploited that affection to escape her when he tossed Jotaro's memory disc inside of a dying Anasui, putting her through a difficult choice and forcing her to try to save her father's memory.[23]

Jolyne makes fun of F.F.'s weird toes

Outside of combat, Jolyne behaves like an average young woman, if not a teenage girl, hanging out with her friends and occupying herself the best she can in prison, as she is also fun-loving. Jolyne notably played ball with F.F. and Ermes,[24] additionally making herself a navel ring while in isolation.[25] Unlike her father, Jolyne is fairly extroverted and easily expresses her feelings to others. She is an inherently social woman and can converse with her fellow prisoners easily, asking for explanations about the ins and outs of Green Dolphin Street.

Teasing the guards

Jolyne is notable for being somewhat libertine, being the first and only JoJo to admit to masturbating,[26] and offhandedly commenting that snails' ability to copulate with anything makes her slightly jealous.[27] Jolyne also mentions her need to urinate in the middle of a fight with another person, a man at that. However, she is horribly embarrassed to talk about masturbation in public and being caught in the act by a guard flustered and mortified her deeply.[26]

Araki created Jolyne with the hopes of "making up" for his previous (and in his eyes, failed) attempt at a female protagonist. Aside from offering an interesting contrast to most shonen comics, he thinks she is a "real woman" sorely lacking in the medium. The role reversal between her and her father was devised for her character to go beyond the typical archetypes found in Japanese fiction.[28]



Main article: Stone Free
Stone Free

Stone Free grants Jolyne the ability to unravel parts of her body into a string. This makes it a very versatile Stand, enabling her to listen in on communications as well as escape and hide by unraveling parts of herself into string.

When she assembles the string, Jolyne can properly materialize Stone Free, partially or entirely. Stone Free is a humanoid Stand which has comparable physical prowess to the strongest Stands, with rankings of A in Destructive Power, Stamina, and Developmental Potential.

Unlike the rest of her family, Jolyne has awakened her Stand from being cut by an amulet (later revealed to be a Stand-creating stone arrowhead in disguise) given to her by her father.

Stone Free (ストーン・フリー)Link to this section

Personal Skills

Jolyne's fighting stance
  • Intelligence: Jolyne's greatest asset is her imagination. The versatile power of her Stand allows her a wide range of moves which she extensively uses. For example, when Pucci used C-Moon to invert Jolyne's body, she used Stone Free to create a "Möbius Strip" rendering her effectively invulnerable to its power.[29]

True to any other Joestar, Jolyne is particularly adept at using whatever presents itself to her advantage, among others the environment and the enemy's power. Jolyne's quick thinking has allowed her to prevail against enemies.

Jolyne combines her tactics with a high level of recklessness, often endangering herself to surprise enemies with an unanticipated move. The particular nature of her power nonetheless assures that she can shrug off some of the damage ordinary Stand users cannot risk in a fight. 

Jolyne's intelligence is intuitive to a degree, as she often shrugs off some of her moves as dumb luck,[30] although it is a valid interpretation of her actions.

  • Hand to Hand Combat: She has also shown to be capable of defending herself, seen in full detail against Officer Westwood. She has extensive knowledge of self-defense, which she demonstrates throughout the series, notably against Pucci.



Jolyne telling Jotaro off
  • Jotaro Kujo: Her distant and near-fatherless childhood bore a tinge of loneliness in her, at times resenting him but also wanting his affection. Her relationship with Jotaro is challenging at first, not really fitting the typical father-daughter mold. When Jolyne was fourteen, she was wrongfully accused of pickpocketing. Panicked, she stole a car, sloppily tried to make an escape from the authorities, and was arrested soon afterward. Jolyne anticipated that Jotaro would pay her bail, but was sorely disappointed when she overheard her mother's frantic and unsuccessful pleas with him on the phone. Her father's absence following this led to her teenage years of delinquency (she later reflects that these events were a desperate call for attention). During Jolyne's imprisonment, Jotaro visited her in an effort to break her out. Angered that he would come out of the blue to see her after years of absence, Jolyne blew up at him, citing his inattentive behavior and his divorce. However, after risking life and limb to get Jolyne out as well as losing his Stand in the process, Jolyne broke down and got Jotaro to safety, sacrificing her own freedom and vowing to get his Stand back. As time passed, Jolyne came to respect her father more and idolized him somewhat, adapting his trademark "Yare yare daze" into a more feminine "Yare yare dawa". When Jotaro returns later, both father and daughter show considerable care to one another, each in their own way.
  • Mother: Jolyne's mother rarely appears and is hardly talked about. It's assumed that she loves Jolyne very much and dotes on her in Jotaro's absence, as she was the only known person to be allowed to call Jolyne "JoJo".


  • Ermes Costello: Ermes is possibly the first true friend that Jolyne encounters in her life when they meet and bond in jail. Her relationship with Ermes resembles that of Jotaro's relationship with Jean Pierre Polnareff. Jolyne and Ermes see each other as worthy allies and friends, and because of their similar temper, get along well and kill time together. She has fought alongside Jolyne against many powerful enemies like Sports Maxx, Rikiel, & Donatello Versus.
  • Emporio Alnino: Emporio's relationship with Jolyne is somewhat similar to her ancestor Jonathan Joestar to Poco, as Jolyne treats Emporio like a little brother and trustworthy ally, while Emporio is inspired by her courage and determination. Jolyne saves him from many dangerous situations and eventually sacrifices herself so than he may live, trusting that Emporio will defeat Pucci. Emporio's relationship with Jolyne extends to Irene as well.
  • Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters initially met Jolyne as enemies. However, Jolyne spares Foo Fighters; grateful to Jolyne, they become an ally. Jolyne treats Foo Fighters with respect and is very friendly with them, and noting their naïveté, is protective toward them. Foo Fighters, nicknamed F.F. by Jolyne, is inspired by her determination, and cherishes the memories they have of her. They are ultimately willing to put themself in danger and even sacrifice themself to save Jolyne's life.
  • Romeo Jisso: Before Jolyne's growth as a person, she and Romeo were in a relationship; with Jolyne being particularly affectionate and meek and Romeo trying to keep some distance, as he was suspicious of her past as a possible gang member. Their relationship ended when Romeo framed her for his manslaughter with aggravating circumstance, landing her in prison for a crime she didn't commit. After she escapes from prison, Jolyne pays him a visit and he weeps for forgiveness. Romeo shows genuine repentance and actually helps her, but while Jolyne doesn't show any lingering anger, she takes the occasion to damage his tongue to silence him.
  • Weather Report: When they first met, Jolyne was flabbergasted by Weather's eccentric behavior. However, during the fight against Lang Rangler, both eventually see each other as allies, and trust each other. Anasui even suspects him to be a rival for Jolyne's love and is jealous when Jolyne is with him. Regardless, there are hints of Jolyne caring for Weather in a more-than-fraternal way notably when upon meeting again, Jolyne hugs Weather. Jolyne was also particularly distraught at Weather's death.
  • Narciso Anasui: Though Anasui fell in love with Jolyne at first sight, the feeling wasn't mutual; Jolyne was not really sure what to think of him and isn’t really interested in him, either. Often times she would be oblivious to his advances. He would sometimes try to seduce her in underhanded ways, such as asking F.F. to trip her down the stairs so he could romantically catch her or prompting a French kiss from a temporary-mute Jolyne, resulting in him getting punched in the jaw. Even so, he's truly devoted to her and will do everything in his power to keep her from being distressed. He has risked his life for her on more than one occasion and turns murderous when Jolyne is severely hurt. Eventually, during the final confrontation at Cape Canaveral, Jolyne motivates Anasui by telling him that he can ask for her hand in marriage after they survive. At the end of Stone Ocean, Jolyne and Anasui's counterparts Irene and Anakiss want to marry each other.


  • Enrico Pucci: Pucci only saw Jolyne as bait at first in order to get to Jotaro but as she proved to be a persistent thorn on his side threat while finding her father's Stand and memory disks, Pucci threaded carefully around her. Unaware of his involvement at first, Jolyne treated the priest with respect. They became enemies right away once she was informed that Whitesnake was Pucci's Stand and was eager to take his life. Jolyne became more than determined in stopping him and putting an end to his plans but her efforts would soon be fatal while she almost fell to Pucci's newly evolved C-Moon and would finally fall to his Made In Heaven while protecting Emporio, but has managed to cut the right side of his eye before dying.
  • Donatello Versus: Due to his alliance with Pucci, Donatello and Jolyne were enemies. An additional reason for their antagonism would be that Jolyne's father destroyed Donatello's father. Unbeknownst to either of them since Donatello was conceived when Dio possessed Jonathan's body Donatello is actually Jolyne's distant uncle.
  • Johngalli A.: As the man who got her framed for murder, Jolyne and Johngalli A. were enemies. Johngalli A. attempted to murder Jolyne and Jotaro to avenge DIO but failed. As payback, Jolyne pummeled Johngalli A. as the sniper realized that Jolyne was more resourceful than she looked and inherited Jotaro's blood.
  • Gwess: Jolyne's cellmate during her time at Green Dolphin. Jolyne inadvertently awakened Gwess's Stand power with her pendant. Gwess originally used her powers to bully Jolyne by shrinking her, but after Jolyne beat her she acted like her subordinate, advising Jolyne during her early days in prison and being somewhat afraid of her. Jolyne still had an arm-length relationship with Gwess but nonetheless tolerated her afterward.
  • Miuccia Miuller: Miu is an assassin sent by Pucci to make sure Jolyne doesn't interfere with his plans. Miu manipulated Jolyne into forgetting her goals and friends. After Jolyne remembered them, she beat up Miu and used her to escape the prison.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • I'm innocent. What do you think about that? Do you believe me? (「無実」よ…って言ったらどうする?あんた信じる? `Mujitsu' yo tte ittara dō suru? Anta shinjiru?)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1
  • Well... It's, uh... um... It starts with an M... Mas... um... mastur... uh... bation... (つまり…だからその…マで始まる言葉で……マ…マス……そのマスタ~~つまり…………ベ~~~ション……………をよ…… Tsumari... dakara sono... ma de hajimaru kotoba de...... ma... masu...... sono masuta tsumari............ be shon............... o yo......)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1
  • Sometimes you can come to love things you used to hate. (最初ヤな事って後でケッコーくせになるのよ Saisho ya na koto tte ato de kekkou kuse ni naru no yo)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 2: Stone Ocean, Part 2
  • Should I get down on all fours? Or should I lie on my back? How about a mix of both? (よつんばいでいいですか? 仰向けにありますか? それともブリッジするとか… Yo tsunbai de ii desu ka? Aomuke ni arimasu ka? Soretomo burijjisuru toka...)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 3: Stone Ocean, Part 3
  • I don't yet have the range or nearly enough strength, but I can't wait 15 whole years for our paths to cross again! (今は手の届く距離ではないし…力もぜんぜんないけれど…15年なんて待ってられない!必ず会いに行く Ima wa te no todoku kyori de wa nai shi... chikara mo zenzen nai keredo... Ichi go nen nante matterarenai! Kanarazu ai ni iku)
    —Jolyne Cujoh to her crooked attorney, SO Chapter 3: Stone Ocean, Part 3
  • My energy's clumped up! When lines gather and clump up, they become three-dimensional! (あたしのェネルきーの…『固まり』線か集まって固まれば『立体』になるッ!この概念!! Atashi no xeneru ki - no `katamarisen ka atsumatte katamareba rittai ni naru! Kono gainen!!')
    —Jolyne Cujoh upon discovering Stone Free, SO Chapter 9: Stone Free, Part 2
  • Gimme a break, Gwess. You said everything has a name, right? Then I'll give my power a name too. Stone Free. I'm going to free myself from this stone ocean... Did you hear me? Stone Free... That's it's name! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora (やれやれだわ…グェスあんた何でも名前はあるって言ったわよねあたしも名前をつけるわ「ストーン・フリー」あたしは…この「石の海」から自由になる 聞こえた?「ストーン・フリー」よ…これが名前オラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラ Yareyare da wa... Gwesu anta nani demo namae wa aru tte itta wa yo ne atashi mo namae o tsukeru wa `Suto-n furi-' atashi wa kono `ishi no umi' kara jiyū ni naru kikoeta? `Suto-n furi-' yo kore ga namae. Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 9: Stone Free, Part 2
  • If there's a hierarchy in this prison, then I'll obey it... but I'm the one who'll give out the orders. (この刑務所で上下関係があるというならそれに従うわ……ただし命令するのはあたし Kono keimusho de jōge kankei ga aru to iu nara soreni shitagau wa...... Tadashi meireisuru no wa atashi.)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 9: Stone Free, Part 2
  • You've got some nerve, coming in here and acting like my father! Get the hell ouuuut!! (のこのこ父親面して 来てんじゃあねェ─────ッ!! Nokonoko chichioya menshitekite n jā nexe!!)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 11: The Visitor, Part 1
  • I'm going back inside. I'm going to defeat Johngalli A. before he shoots that kid. (たし中に戻るわあの子をアツが撃つ前に あたしがジョンガリ・Aを倒す Tashichū ni modoru wa ano ko o atsu ga utsu mae ni atashi ga Jon Gari A o taosu)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 14: The Visitor, Part 4
  • I was just looking to see what the best angle for pounding you would be... I think my favorite... was when your chin was aiming a little more to the right. Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!! (捨てろとは一言も言ってないわ……角度を見ていただけだもの一番たたき込みやすいあなたの体の角度を……気に入るのは……もう少しアゴが右向いてくれた時だけオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラ Sutero to wa hitokoto mo ittenai wa...... kakudo o miteita dake da mono ichiban tatakikomi yasui anata no karada no kakudo o...... kiniiru no wa...... mōsukoshi ago ga migi muitekureta toki dake. Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 19: The Visitor, Part 9
  • The killer went back inside the jail on purpose! He won't come out again... because he's someone who belongs inside! That's why I'm going back inside! (「犯人」は牢獄の方向にわぎわざ戻って「犯人」は外へは出ない………刑務所の中にずっといる誰かという事よッ! `Hannin' wa rōgoku no hōkō ni wa giwaza modotte `hannin' wa soto e wa denai......... keimusho no nakani zutto iru dare ka toiu koto yo!)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 20: Prisoner of Love
  • Are you saying that I'm cheating? But I don't see the collector anywhere! It's because I definitely just caught it with my hands. And, that rewinding time is 10 seconds... the clock is now reset! Just enough time for me to beat your ass... (イカサマだとでも?だがおまえの「取り立て人」は現れないようだな!あたしは今まぎれもなく「手」キャッチしたんだからな……そして時間は 残り10秒『リセット』された!!おまえをブちのあす時間がな Ika sama da to demo? Da ga omae no `toritatejin' wa arawarenai yō da na! Atashi wa ima magire mo naku `shu' kyatchishita n da kara na soshite jikan wa nokori 10 byō `risetto' sareta!! Omae o bu chino asu jikan ga na)
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 38: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 5
  • How many throws do you want to bet on, huh? 100 throws, was it? No, it was 1000 throws!!! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!!!!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 39: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 6
  • Using force... I guess I'll have to get used to it.
  • I... I don't know why this happened so suddenly. But, uh, you could know, it could happen to anyone! Even the pope probably doesn't have control over this! You know, there's that thing "number 1" and "number 2", has to do with bowl movements, the one that starts with a "p"!!! I might do it in my pants!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 43: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 4
  • You should have just released [the zero-gravity zone] when I told you to... You could have gotten away before, using this burst of air when Stone Free and I were farther away from you... This rush of air is blowing you towards me!!!!! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!!!!!
    —Jolyne Cujoh to Lang Rangler, SO Chapter 46: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 7
  • Just say "Don't cut me, bitch!!!"
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 51: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 1
  • The one thing I can't do here... is wear my mental strength away, build unnecessary stress! It'll also wear me down physically... I, in this ultra security punishment ward! Have a mission that I have to fulfill! I have to see it through... to do that... I can't wear myself down for stupid reasons!
    —Jolyne Cujoh about the Ultra Security House Unit, SO Chapter 58: Ultra Security House Unit
  • Two men look out through the same bars, one sees the wall and the other, stars... Which one I am? [...] Of course I'll see the stars... until I see my father, I want to keep on looking at the stars.
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 65: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 6
  • Game set!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 66: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 7
  • I never thought that I would find you like this!... There are three things I need to take from you! My father's memory! The disc that you just took from F.F., and your life!
    —Jolyne Cujoh to Enrico Pucci, SO Chapter 93: Whitesnake - The Pursuer, Part 5
  • Is this your first time being cuffed? I've been cuffed every day since I came here, just as you fucking planned...
    —Jolyne Cujoh to Pucci, SO Chapter 93: Whitesnake - The Pursuer, Part 5
  • I am Jolyne Cujoh! I have to seal whatever the priest just obtained!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 96: Jail House Lock!, Part 1
  • If the world was coming to an end, I've already decided that chocolate would be the last thing I ever eat!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 100: Jail House Lock!, Part 5
  • I'm already prepared for anything that could happen. Even more than when I was here...
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 102: Escape...
  • Something like burning my own body...! Compared to everything else I've gone though...! If this is what I need to do to get to the priest, it's absolutely nothing!!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 115: Sky High, Part 4
  • Emporio! Right now, Ermes is in a plane that's going to crash! The plane is in a big hole in the floor of the hospital! I'm flying a fighter jet or something! It's gonna crash, too! Find a way to get us out!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 122: Under World, Part 4
  • An organism that can mate with anything it encounters... I'm kinda jealous. I mean... no, NO! It's just gross!
    —Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 130: Heavy Weather, Part 6
  • Come on, Father Pucci... Stone Free!
    —Jolyne Cujoh's last words, SO Chapter 155: Made in Heaven, Part 7
  • ... Is this a dream? Is it real? The unicorn was hiding in the pattern of mom's scarf... Yes... This is a dream, but it's an important dream. I'm sure my mother's clothes made me see it. It's planted new hope in me. This dream is a message. It's also power.
    —Jolyne Cujoh, Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI


  • According to Hideto Azuma, Araki's editor at the time of Stone Ocean, he had requested that Jolyne's character was to be a man as Weekly Shonen Jump was a magazine for young teen boys. However, Araki insisted on Jolyne's gender, saying that the fact that readers wouldn't accept a female lead was exactly the reason Jolyne had to be a woman.[31]


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