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SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-9 spoiler details may follow.
Danny grave c005.png

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is often noted for the amount of casualties and fatalities that occurs throughout the series. The following is a comprehensive list of the deceased (either physically or mentally) from Phantom Blood to The JOJOLands, as well as any other JoJo-related media.

Please note that this list consists primarily of canonical deaths; the deaths of characters from one-shots or light novels not written by Hirohiko Araki listed below may or may not be considered canon.

Vento Aureo

Character Image Cause of Death Source

Natural Resources Workers Death.png In 1978, the natural resource workers enter a Meteor Crater in Cape York, Greenland. They are infected by an alien bacteria and die within 48 hours. One of the men produces a spark before dying. Chapter 452
GW Episode 29

Sardinia Fire.png
He dies in the fire of the Sardinian village. Chapter 569
GW Episode 26

NoPicAvailable.png Shot by several gangsters. He survives this but dies from complications related to his wounds five years later. Chapter 517
GW Episode 20

Drug dealers death.gif A young Bucciarati stabs one in the eye, then grabs the second and sinks his knife in the torso. Chapter 517
GW Episode 20

Partner death manga.jpg
Abbacchio's partner saves Abbacchio's life by jumping in front of a bullet when a criminal shoots at him. He dies from the bullet wound. Chapter 484
GW Episode 6

Mela Ghirga.png She dies from an eye infection in 1993 when Narancia is ten years old. Chapter 472
(Flashback) (Mentioned only)
GW Episode 11

NoPicAvailable.png She dies of an illness at a hospital hoping to find Solid Naso, a boy she fell in love and had a daughter with despite knowing relatively nothing about him. Chapter 469
GW Episode 9

Sorbet meat.png
Gelato and him were captured by The Boss and tortured. He is cut into pieces and sealed inside many glass panels. In the anime, it is shown that Cioccolata and Secco were the ones who killed him. Chapter 475
GW Episode 10

Ice Cream been punished.png
Sorbet and him were captured by The Boss and tortured. While being forced to witness Sorbet being cut into pieces, he kills himself by swallowing his cloth gag and suffocating. Chapter 475
GW Episode 10

Scolippi's Girlfriend death.png
Finale 8.png
She commits suicide by jumping off the roof. Her suicide was predicted by Rolling Stones, however the difficult-to-understand ability of Scolippi's Stand made it look like he was the one who killed her. Chapter 590
GW Episode 39

Damage reflection on Luca.png
Gold Experience reflects the damage a frog it created takes when Luca strikes it with a shovel. The reflected attack caves in Luca's head, killing him. Bucciarati is subsequently assigned the task of investigating the murder. Chapter 441
GW Episode 1

BS Killing a oldman.png
Old janitors death.png
Makes Black Sabbath appear when he relights Polpo's lighter. Black Sabbath rips his soul out and stabs it in the head with an arrow, killing him but with no external wounds displayed on his body. Chapter 451
GW Episode 3

Polpo's death.png
Black sabbath and polpo die.png
He accidentally shoots himself in the head after Giorno turns his gun into a banana with Gold Experience. Chapter 455
GW Episode 4

Formaggio Death.png
Burned Formaggio.png
He is burnt to a crisp by Narancia and shot to death in his vital spots by Aerosmith. Chapter 477
GW Episode 11

Illuso Death.png
He is killed by the virus of Fugo's Purple Haze. Giorno comments that in his death, Illuso regretted every decision he ever made. Chapter 485
GW Episode 13

Fish dead.png
Pesci death.png
He is ripped into several pieces by Bruno Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers. Chapter 499
GW Episode 16

Italian Ham dead.png
Bucciarati looks at Prosciutto's Corpse.png
He falls out of the train due to Sticky Fingers, but he manages to get caught in the train's wheels and barely survives with fatal wounds. He survives for a while, managing to support Pesci in his fight and call Melone. Chapter 499
GW Episode 16

GW ep18 serpent kiss.png
He is bitten on the tongue by a venomous snake controlled by Giorno. Chapter 507
GW Episode 18

He commits suicide to prevent himself from being interrogated by the members of La Squadra Esecuzioni. Chapter 507
GW Episode 18
(Moody Blues's Rebroadcast ability)

Ghiaccio Death.png
He has his throat impaled by the splintered part of a lamp post, compliments of Mista, and is hit with a barrage of kicks to the face by Gold Experience. He bleeds out and dies. Chapter 515
GW Episode 19

Is shot down by Aerosmith while protecting Squalo. Chapter 531
GW Episode 23

He is shot to death by a barrage from Aerosmith. Chapter 531
GW Episode 23

He is instantly gunned down by Mista's Sex Pistols. After he dies, his Stand Notorious B.I.G. transforms into being autonomous and completely indestructible. Chapter 533
GW Episode 24

Sardinian fortuneteller death.jpg
He pries too much into Doppio's past, so Diavolo kills the fortune teller by violently punching him with King Crimson. Chapter 541
GW Episode 26

Risotto final rest.png
Nero death.jpg
Shot several times by Aerosmith while trying but failing to bring Diavolo down with him. Chapter 548
GW Episode 28

Leone's death3.jpg
While attempting to use Moody Blues to discover the Boss's identity, he is punched through the stomach by King Crimson. He survives long enough to obtain a clue. Chapter 550
GW Episode 28

Drunkyards Death.png These two drunkards are the first shown victims of Green Day's mold when one of them tries to urinate in a fountain down a set of stairs. Chapter 553
GW Episode 29

Cioccolata Trash c562.png
Garbage Day!.gif
He gets every bone in his body shattered by a lengthy punch barrage from Giorno and is thrown into a trash compactor. Chapter 562
GW Episode 31

Secco death.png
He panics trying to take off a zipper from Sticky Fingers and trips into a combustible trash truck, killing him instantly. Chapter 567
GW Episode 32

Polnareff death.png
He is killed by Diavolo but summons Chariot Requiem by using the Bow and Arrow on his Stand. Chariot Requiem's ability gives him a second chance at life as his spirit is put into Coco Jumbo's body. After Requiem is destroyed, his soul is able to stay active within Mr.President. Chapter 571
GW Episode 33

Narancia death.PNG
He is the second to die in Team Bucciarati. His death is especially tragic as he wished to go back to school after their fight with The Boss. After Chariot Requiem switches Narancia's body with Giorno's, Diavolo brutally murders Narancia by putting him within metal bars. Chapter 577
GW Episode 35

His soul swaps with Bucciarati's due to Chariot Requiem. He is shot in Bucciarati's body by Mista (who is in Trish's body), who claimed the shots would not be fatal. However, Doppio bleeds out on the pavement while waiting for a 'call' from Diavolo. Chapter 577
GW Episode 36

GW ep37 Bruno goes to heaven.png
Bucciarati initally dies from the wounds King Crimson inflicts on him while trying to save Trish but Giorno managed to bring his soul back with Gold Experience. He sustains himself for a while as an undead. After he destroys Chariot Requiem, Bucciarati's soul is definitively severed from his body and he ascends to Heaven. First:
Chapter 523
GW Episode 21
Chapter 584
GW Episode 37

He has to experience death repeatedly for eternity due to Gold Experience Requiem's ability, being resurrected only to die again.
  • He is first seen dying from getting stabbed by a delirious man.
  • He then dies from having an autopsy operated on him while alive.
  • He then dies from getting run over by a car after tripping onto the road.
Chapter 588
GW Episode 38

Stone Ocean

Character Image Cause of Death Source

Cultist Deaths.jpg
Cultists deaths anime.png
Kenzou and thirty four members of his cult attempt a mass suicide. Kenzou drugs everyone and puts fire to the building, burning 34 people to death. SO Chapter 68
SO Episode 17

The light of Day.png
Wes Bluemarine death anime.png
In 1972, a newly born Wes Bluemarine dies in the arms of his mother. SO Chapter 127
SO Episode 31

Group of Hikers deaths .jpg
Group of Hikers deaths anime.png
All 6 of the hikers brutally murder each other under the influence of Survivor's ability. SO Chapter 61
SO Episode 16

Perla death anime.png
She commits suicide by jumping off a cliff in 1988 after a mob of KKK members lynch her boyfriend Wes Bluemarine and reveal Pucci hired one of them to separate them. SO Chapter 128
SO Episode 31

Racist Detective death anime.png
Wes Bluemarine executes the detective by using Heavy Weather to manipulate the detective into shooting himself in the head. SO Chapter 129
SO Episode 31

Mom Bone.png
EmporioMothersBone Anime.png
She had her Stand ability stolen by Whitesnake before being killed. SO Chapter 20
SO Episode 5

They got killed.png
Anasui girlfriend death anime.png
They are both murdered by Anasui when he catches them in the act. SO Chapter 59
SO Episode 15


Maxx killing Gloria.png
Forced by circumstances to denounce Sports Maxx for a murder, Gloria makes herself a target and is found in a gutter in 2008. SO Chapter 51
SO Episode 13

Parrot Dies.png
Pi chan death anime.png
The guard in the Parrot is killed with his limbs torn apart by Goo Goo Dolls. SO Chapter 5
SO Episode 2

This Dude Died .png
Hitchiker death anime.png
He dies after being drowned by Johngalli A. His corpse is thrown onto Romeo's car to frame Jolyne Cujoh. SO Chapter 2
SO Episode 1

Male Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters.png
FF Male Victims death anime.png
Two male prisoners working the farm who were attacked and killed by Foo Fighters when they approached the tractor it was guarding. No trace of them were left, and a search party was gathered in order to find them. The anime shows F.F. swallowing them whole SO Chapter 27
SO Episode 7

Jongalli death.png
He is shot in the head by Whitesnake, who frames it to be a suicide. SO Chapter 20
SO Episode 5

Atroe dies.png
Atroe Blows Up Anime.gif
Her bracelet explodes due to Foo Fighters. Her corpse is then used as F.F.'s new body for the remainder of the story. SO Chapter 27
SO Episode 7

Shaved Head Prisoner death anime.png
Killed alongside other prisoners with their bodies taken over by Foo Fighters after they went to investigate the tractor in the warehouse. SO Chapter 27
SO Episode 7

Black Haired Prisoner death anime.png
Killed alongside other prisoners with their bodies taken over by Foo Fighters after they went to investigate the tractor in the warehouse. SO Chapter 27
SO Episode 7

Guard Frog Melt.png
Brainwashed Guard death anime.png
Weather Report kills him by causing a rain of poisonous frogs. SO Chapter 49
SO Episode 12

Zombie Brain.png
Sharon prisoner death anime.png
She is devoured by Sports Maxx after he realizes his transformation into a zombie. SO Chapter 55
SO Episode 14

Ermess assassinates maxx.png
Sports maxx death.png
Ermes assassinates maxx anime.png
Maxx second death anime.png
He is killed by Ermes Costello, as revenge for Sports Maxx being involved with the death of her sister. He becomes a zombie due to Limp Bizkit's power, and he is killed again by Ermes. First:
SO Chapter 52
SO Episode 13
SO Chapter 57
SO Episode 14

Max security death.png
Max security death anime.png
The prisoners are turned into plants and die as their souls are used to spawn The Green Baby. SO Chapter 76
SO Episode 19

Guccio death anime.png
He has Diver Down planted into him by Narciso Anasui, which bursts out of his chest and destroys his ribcage. He bleeds out and dies. Enrico Pucci later uses his corpse like a human stereo by inserting a symphony CD into Guccio's head, causing him to play music. SO Chapter 78
SO Episode 19

D&G's death.png
D an G death anime.png
He is decapitated by Foo Fighters. SO Chapter 85
SO Episode 21

FF death.png
FF death anime.png
Severely injured by Pucci and dehydrated F.F spends the last of her strength to heal Anasui. She refuses that Jolyne uses the Foo Fighters DISC as it would only spawn a different person. SO Chapter 95
SO Episode 22

Pucci fuses with baby.png
Pucci fuses with baby anime.png
It fuses with Pucci, giving Pucci newfound powers during the New Moon. SO Chapter 95
SO Episode 22

He is crushed by Diver Down after being decapitated. SO Chapter 106
SO Episode 25

Elderly Carpenter death.png
Elderly Carpenter death anime.png
The old man turns into the Big Bad Wolf and attacks Anasui, but Diver Down decapitates him. SO Chapter 106
SO Episode 25

WR death.png
Weather Report death anime.png
Weather fights Pucci and almost wins, but a car crashes on him. This distraction allows Pucci to gain the upper hand and kill Weather by using his Whitesnake. Jolyne finds Weather's corpse and his separated Stand DISC shortly after. SO Chapter 136
SO Episode 32

Donatello death.png
While he is disguised as Pucci due to Whitesnake's illusion, Anasui's Diver Down impales its fingers through his head. SO Chapter 137
SO Episode 32

Nice Tourist death.png
Nice Tourist death anime.png
He becomes the first victim of C-MOON when the shifting gravity makes him "fall" and impale his head into a barrier. SO Chapter 138
SO Episode 33

Tourist killed by C-MOON death anime.png
He is killed by C-MOON's gravity ability and his corpse is used by Anasui to distract Pucci. SO Chapter 145
SO Episode 35

Made in Heaven deaths.gif Made in Heaven's time acceleration causes the deaths of numerous people.
  • A woman walking her dog while crossing the street is run over by a car. Her dog is stunned to see only her hand holding its leash remaining, with the rest of her body nowhere to be seen.
  • A helicopter crew crashes when they try to lower their altitude and cannot stabilize in time.
  • A grandpa passes away while his family mourns and his body immediately rots.
SO Chapter 150
SO Episode 36

Rocky Frozen.png
Rocky Frozen Anime.png
He is instantly frozen when he enters an industrial fridge during Made in Heaven's time acceleration. SO Chapter 150
SO Episode 36

Annasui death.png
Anasui death anime.png
Has Stone Free's hands impaled through his chest by Made In Heaven. SO Chapter 154
SO Episode 37

Ermes death anime.png
Dies from blood loss after her arms are chopped off by Made in Heaven. SO Chapter 154
SO Episode 37

Jotaro death anime.png
His face is sliced in half by Made in Heaven after attempting to save Jolyne from a large volley of knives thrown by Pucci. SO Chapter 154
SO Episode 37

Jolyne death anime.png
Is killed by Enrico Pucci in the ocean while buying time for Emporio Alnino. SO Chapter 155
SO Episode 37

Enrico pucci's death.jpg
Pucci death anime.png
Accidentally inserts Weather Report's DISC into Emporio's head while fighting against him. Using Weather Report, Emporio saturates a room with deadly amounts of oxygen, which stuns Pucci and makes him fall. Emporio crushes and tears his head off with a barrage of fists from Weather Report. SO Chapter 158
SO Episode 38

Steel Ball Run

Character Image Cause of Death Source

NoPicAvailable.png Dies on the western coast of North America, where his corpse divides into nine pieces due to a great earthquake. For varied and personal reasons, several characters in the Steel Ball Run race seek to collect his Corpse Parts. Several characters have visions of him during SBR. SBR Chapter 67

Steel first love death.png Steven Steel's first love died during a carriage accident. SBR Extra Chapter 1

Funny's father.png Funny's father is tortured to death during war. Before dying, he always kept the handkerchief with his son's date of birth on it and tasks his friend, Captain Valentine, to give it to his family after his death. SBR Chapter 87

NoPicAvailable.png Ringo's father is imprisoned for abandoning his duties and eventually dies of disease. SBR Chapter 35

Ringo family death.jpg Ringo's mother is stabbed to death when Ringo is 10 years old. The killer is a man who used to be in the army and sneaks into their house while Ringo is asleep. SBR Chapter 35

Ringo family death.jpg They are also killed by the man who enters their house at night. SBR Chapter 35

Potato killer death.jpg Is shot from point-blank range through his mouth by a young Ringo Roadagain. SBR Chapter 35

26th cavalry death.png In 1875, The Cavalry's 26th Squad (excluding Mountain Tim) dies inside Devil's Palm in Arizona's desert due to dehydration. SBR Chapter 13

DiegoMotherDeathbed2.png She was forced to carry hot gruel in her hands in order to feed her son. The burn wounds became infected and she died a year later of tetanus, in 1876. SBR Chapter 30

NoPicAvailable.png After killing others with a new ability he developed, he eventually realized his own sinfulness and shot himself. SBR Chapter 13

NoPicAvailable.png She is condemned to death for poisoning and killing many families and children. After Gyro calms her down with a Steel Ball on her way to the execution, it is inferred that she is successfully executed. SBR Chapter 24

NoPicAvailable.png Dies at the age of 83, six months after her marriage to Diego Brando. Some suspect that he murdered her so that he could inherit her fortune. SBR Chapter 28

Wekapipo BIL death.jpg The brother-in-law and Wekapipo fight to the death using the Steel Balls. He is killed by one of the satellites of Wekapipo's Wrecking Ball. SBR Chapter 51

HP bro death.jpg A bear attacked Hot Pants and her young brother in the mountains, cornering them in a hole. Hot Pants threw her brother at the bear to save herself and the child died. SBR Chapter 57

Nicholas's death.png Nicholas is thrown from his horse after it is startled by a white mouse, which Johnny believes to be Danny. SBR Chapter 42

SBR competitors.jpg The first competitors to die during the Steel Ball Run race, they fall victim to Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3's magnetic power. Made magnetic by the Boomboom Family's Stand, they eventually attract each other so much that they are disemboweled by the magnetic force. SBR Chapter 12

Andre boomboom holey.png Abdomen blasted by Gyro Zeppeli’s spin attack, and likely bled out in the Devil’s Palm. SBR Chapter 18

Benjamin5.jpg Benjamin is caught by surprise and killed by Johnny's new power, which cuts Benjamin's leg off and slices his body in half. SBR Chapter 19

Ferdinand death.png Dr. Ferdinand is defeated by Gyro, causing Scary Monsters's powers to neutralize and the dinosaurs revert into the animals they originally were. Mountain lions pounce on Dr. Ferdinand and devour him. SBR Chapter 31

Gaucho death.jpg Gaucho challenges Ringo Roadagain to a duel. Ringo hits Gaucho in the chest then finishes him off. Ringo later buries the body outside his cabin. SBR Chapter 33

Ringo death.jpg Ringo is killed when Gyro uses a Steel Ball to launch a shard of wood that pierces Ringo right below his left side of the shoulder. He finishes Ringo off by throwing another steel ball at him in point-blank range. SBR Chapter 35

MountainTimDeath.png With his Catch the Rainbow, Blackmore slices Mountain Tim's face with raindrops and shoots him in the head. SBR Chapter 37

BlackmoreDeath.png Blackmore is weakened by Lucy who shot him several times. Gyro throws a steel ball which causes Blackmore's rain drops to evaporate due to friction from the Spin. He is killed when the steel ball crashes against his head. SBR Chapter 39

Dot han's deaf.png Dot Han is completely obliterated when he crashes into a shack after being covered by sound bombs from Soundman's In a Silent Way. SBR Chapter 41

Sandmanisdead.jpg Johnny uses his newfound Golden Rectangle technique to throw a makeshift steel ball through Soundman's neck, which kills him. SBR Chapter 44

First down.png
Eleven Men Deaths.jpg
  • The first of the Eleven Men is killed when Johnny shoots a nail bullet into his head, blowing off his brain.
  • The second and third men are killed when Johnny shoots them in the torso.
  • The fourth man is killed when Gyro throws a Steel Ball at the man's face, gouging his eye out.
  • The fifth man tries to shoot Johnny and Gyro, but the fourth man is manipulated by the Steel Ball into shooting the fifth man's face, breaking his jaw.
  • The sixth man is killed when Johnny shoots a nail bullet that crawls over a pillar to his head, causing it to burst open.
  • The seventh, eighth and ninth men are finished off by the casino's gangsters, who shoot them to death.
  • The tenth man is surprised by the gangsters having turned against him and his remaining teammates, and asks what they're doing, only to be shot at as well.
  • The eleventh and last man is the only one who survives, and he leaves after Johnny gives him the Corpse Ears and Arm to break Sugar Mountain's curse.
SBR Chapter 46-SBR Chapter 47

Tubularbells3.png Scarlet Valentine is killed when Lucy uses Hot Pants's Stand Cream Starter to place her scent on Scarlet. Thinking that Scarlet is Lucy, the Stand Tubular Bells redirect their attack towards her, stabbing her with its needles. SBR Chapter 50

MikeODeath.jpg Hot Pants scatters parts of her left arm into his lungs and his throat with her meat spray, which causes his lungs to inflate and explode once he continues blowing up the balloon animals. SBR Chapter 50

Axl death.png Axl RO is first killed when Johnny shoots him in the neck but he resurrects thanks to his stand Civil War. As Axl RO is about to attack Johnny with an axe, Funny Valentine shoots Axl RO through the neck, which kills him again. SBR Chapter 59

Johnny fake death.jpg Johnny Joestar allows himself to be killed by a knife through the throat during the fight with Axl RO for a very short period. He then resurrects due to Axl RO's guilt of committing a sin before Axl RO is assassinated by Funny Valentine. SBR Chapter 59

Wekapipodeath.jpg Wekapipo meets his end after being tricked by Diego into coming in contact with himself from a parallel world. Both bodies of Wekapipo merge and are split into thousands of Menger Sponges due to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's ability. SBR Chapter 70

Wintercatfishguysdeath.gif A series of coincidences lead to the first aide being accidentally shot in the eye. The other one tries to catch Lucy, but eventually falls and impales his eye on the door handle. SBR Chapter 71

Diego's death.png Diego Brando dies a violent death during his fight with Funny Valentine. Despite thinking he killed Valentine and coming very close to doing so, Diego gets run over by a train and sliced in half. SBR Chapter 76

HP death.jpg Hot Pants dies an unexpected death after being the first to experience D4C Love Train. As insects and debris merge with her body and converge toward her heart, Hot Pants falls from the window of a moving train. SBR Chapter 77

Victims of love train.gif When Funny Valentine was blessed by the Saint's Corpse, he acquired a new ability named D4C Love Train. A pocket dimension manifesting as a gap in space with luminous edges. If anything harmful like an attack were to touch the wall of light, the harm would be redirected to random people all over the world who would suffer the misfortune of death in Valentine's place.

When Johnny tries to shoot Valentine a first time with his nails, the harm is redirected to a nearby farmer working on a field, who dies.

Johnny shoots three nails at the wall, causing the death of three construction workers in Paris when a scaffolding collapses on them, even decapitating one of them.

Gyro throws a Steel Ball at the wall, causing the death of a young boy from Saigon who is shot in the head.

Johnny shoots again at the wall, the harm is redirected at a rioter somewhere who gets hit by a baseball bat; the impact crushes his skull and he dies.

Gyro throws a near perfect Golden Spin Steel Ball at Valentine, causing a cart to roll over a man and a woman in the Middle East.

In his rage because of Gyro's death, Johnny shoots a nail at the wall without the Golden Spin, causing the death of an African tribesman accidentally shot in the throat by a brethren.

Five additional shots cause as many people to fall on train tracks just as the train arrives, and they are presumably run over.

Another shot is redirected, and a lock is broken, causing a lion and lioness to devour a zoo worker.

SBR Chapter 78

GyroDeath.png Gyro Zeppeli dies from his own wounds in a final battle between him and Funny Valentine. For good measure, Valentine empties his gun on him. He still manages to teach Johnny the final lesson of the Spin in his final moments. SBR Chapter 84

FValentineDeath.png Funny Valentine is shot in the head by Johnny during a shootout. SBR Chapter 89

Fans death.jpg A group of women swarm Diego and hug him, unaware that Diego is using them as meat shields. When Tusk ACT4 strikes from below the ground, it kills two women by mistake. SBR Chapter 93

Onelastwrrrryy.jpg The Diego Brando from a Parallel World is obliterated by Lucy Steel, who exposes him to the head of the first Diego, causing the two heads to merge and explode one another. SBR Chapter 95

NoPicAvailable.png Out of the 3,652 participants, only 39 manage to complete the race. There isn’t a total death toll but a large number of participants die during the race. The race falls under harsh criticism for this but Steven’s philanthropy satisfies most of the dissent. SBR Chapter 95

NoPicAvailable.png Marco dies of a cold several years after Steel Ball Run, despite being granted amnesty and set free when the people of Naples eventually revolted against the king. SBR Chapter 95


Character Image Cause of Death Source

Death of Johnny.jpg On November 11, 1901, Johnny Joestar uses the Corpse Parts to heal his wife from a fatal illness, only for his son to catch the disease. He transfers the illness to himself with Tusk ACT4, falls to the ground and is mysteriously killed when a boulder crushes his head. JJL Chapter 22

NoPicAvailable.png Steven passes away at some point after the events of Steel Ball Run, leaving Lucy a widow. JJL Chapter 109

NoPicAvailable.png Norisuke Higashikata I dies in 1931, before the events of JoJolion. JJL Chapter 11

RadioGagaIncidentVictimDeath.png Implied to have died after acting strange near a guard rail. Only her clothes and severed foot are left behind. JJL Chapter 109

Lucy Driver death.jpg Dies in 1941, sucked in and crushed inside of a guard rail, though he is barely kept alive for a moment. JJL Chapter 110

NoPicAvailable.png Dies in 1944 of a lung disease. JJL Chapter 110

NoPicAvailable.png Yoshiteru Kira dies in 1991 at the age of 46 from an unstated cause. JJL Chapter 11

NoPicAvailable.png Is knocked out when a young Jobin awakens Speed King and induces a heat stroke in the bully. Kaato Higashikata uses the opportunity to make the boy perform an equivalent exchange with Jobin under the Higashikata's soil. JJL Chapter 64

NoPicAvailable.png He was driven mad when he lost 50 billions dollar in a lawsuit. He murdered his entire family, burnt his mansion and threw himself into the blaze. However, his spirit lived on as an extremely dangerous Stand ability. JJL Chapter 56

Hairclip death.jpg After tormenting Yasuho and driving her to try and commit suicide, it is killed by Yoshikage Kira when the man crushes it underneath his foot. JJL Chapter 71

Mamezuku's father death.jpeg Died in a lanslide. Although his death was initially supposed to be accidental, Wonder of U hints that he had a hand in it. JJL Chapter 99

Kira's Corpse.png Kira dies from his injuries after fighting Tamaki Damo. He is found dead near the Wall Eyes where Josuke was found by Yasuho. Parts of Kira's mind and body were fused to Josefumi's, which formed Josuke's body. JJL Chapter 52

Yotsuyu death.png Yotsuyu is trapped underwater and drowns. JJL Chapter 32

AishoDeath.jpg He is tricked by Tsurugi Higashikata's Stand Paper Moon King into thinking a bus was Jobin Higashikata. He is hit by one bus, turns into rock, and explodes to pieces. JJL Chapter 42

A Phex Twins Death.png Josuke and Karera put the A. Phex brothers in an explosion when Karera sets one on fire and Josuke makes bubbles full of poisonous (and presumably explosive) gas pop near them. Both brothers turn into rocks and crumble into pieces. JJL Chapter 46

Damos death.jpg Damo is killed by Josuke, who uses Soft & Wet to shatter his head after he tries running away. His body becomes a rock and crumbles to dust. JJL Chapter 55

Delinquent woman death.jpg This female delinquent tries to mug a woman under the influence of Blue Hawaii and becomes the Stand's new host. During her pursuit of Josuke, she is hit by a motorcycle and killed. JJL Chapter 62

Brainstorm kills a cop.png
Policemen death.jpg
These two police officers are killed by Urban Guerrilla's Stand Brain Storm, which breaks down their bodies. JJL Chapter 66

Guerrila and Doremi Death.png Rai Mamezuku tranfers oil into the ground and, with the help of Josuke's bubbles, manages to light the oil on fire and both Urban and Doremifasoltai die by being burned alive before crumbling to dust. JJL Chapter 70

Guerrila and Doremi Death.png Rai Mamezuku tranfers oil into the ground and, with the help of Josuke's bubbles, manages to light the oil on fire and both Urban and Doremifasoltai die by being burned alive before crumbling to dust. JJL Chapter 70

Poortom-death.png Poor Tom is shot through mysterious means as he runs toward his allies, killing him as his body turns to rock and crumbles to dust. It is later revealed that his death was caused by Toru's Stand, Wonder of U. JJL Chapter 76

Wu-dead.png After being purged from Mitsuba by Yasuho, he is killed when Josuke uses Soft & Wet to drown Wu in a bubble filled with medicinal cement, crumbling to dust afterwards. JJL Chapter 82

Neck injury.png A man with an injured neck is accidentally killed by Josuke when the energy stored within him by Wonder of U's attack is sent into the man's neck, snapping it and killing him instantly. JJL Chapter 86

Ojiro-corpse.png Ojiro suffers from cerebral infarction caused by Speed King. He also falls into a pool, which would have drowned him anyway. JJL Chapter 88

Ojiro-corpse.png She is killed by Speed King who causes a cerebral infarction. She also falls into her pool, which would have drowned her anyway. JJL Chapter 88

Murderer Death.png He tries to stab Rai with the very knife he used to murder children. However, the karmic retribution caused by Wonder of U makes the murderer stab himself instead. JJL Chapter 96

Jobin Dies.png Jobin tries to attack Wonder of U but damages a can of hair spray, causing it to burst. The dip tube of the can pierces Jobin's chest and he bleeds out. JJL Chapter 97

Taoka death.jpeg Wonder of U creates a disastrous equivalent exchange that cures his pimples but turns his vertebrae into brittle stone, which quickly snaps. JJL Chapter 97

Do Do Do, De Da Da Da death.png The rock insect Do Do Do, De Da Da Da is sent by Wonder of U to attack Rai Mamezuku and Josuke Higashikata. While attacking Josuke, Rai uses Doggy Style to turn his finger into a wire and kill it. JJL Chapter 100

DamagedRai.png Head and stomach obliterated by Soft & Wet's bubbles via Wonder of U's calamity. JJL Chapter 100

Kei death.png Stabbed in the eye with Wonder of U's broken cane. JJL Chapter 104

OO Submerged.png The rock insects Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is submerged in water. Because they are latched on Josuke, they drown. JJL Chapter 106

Toru death.jpg Crumbles to dust after undergoing a disastrous equivalent exchange with Tsurugi Higashikata. JJL Chapter 108

Kaato Higashikata death.jpg Stabbed in the liver with a pruning saw via Wonder of U's calamity. JJL Chapter 108

Wonder of U death.jpg At first, Wonder of U was still alive even after Toru's death. However, it was finished off by Soft & Wet: Go Beyond's bubble. JJL Chapter 108

The JOJOLands

Character Image Cause of Death Source

NoPicAvailable.png Hit by a bus. TJL Chapter 8 (Mentioned only)

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