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I named my Stand Paper Moon King. It's origami. And the power of my heart.

Paper Moon King (ペーパー・ムーン・キング, Pēpā Mūn Kingu) is the Stand of Tsurugi Higashikata, featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. It is an ability Stand that allows Tsurugi to create living origamis that make anyone who touches them confuse objects.


Paper Moon King manifests primarily in the origami created by Tsurugi, which he may impart with a modicum of life, enabling momentary movement. It is typically folded to be shaped like a frog.


Paper Moon King presents itself as an ability and possesses no combat ability, whatsoever. Tsurugi doesn't seek fights and prefers to rely on the power of his origami to disorient people instead of harming them personally.

Living Origamis

A phone turned into a frog origami

Paper Moon King also appears to allow Tsurugi to impart actual qualities of the object depicted in the origami into the creation. For instance, Tsurugi can shape an origami cicada that can fly or origami frogs that can hop and move on their own.[2] Tsurugi can also make vehicles that emulate their respective behavior and movement.[3]

He does not need to be around to enforce this effect, as all of his origami paper is under his Stand's thrall, as when Yasuho creates origami bananas without Tsurugi around, they still seem to be able to make Yotsuyu Yagiyama trip and fall.[4] This ability can also work with the Stand.[5]

Tsurugi could also fold hard objects into the shape of origami, such as Yasuho's cell phone.[4]

Sensory Manipulation

Yasuho is affected by Paper Moon King and cannot recognize her face

Once an individual comes into physical contact with an origami model, Paper Moon King can distort, or even manipulate the individual's sensory abilities to perceive reality.[2]

This renders the victim unable to recognize faces, resulting in seeing the same face on all people, even in reflections and in artificial faces such as in mannequins or video broadcasts.[6] In addition to other people's faces, those under Paper Moon King's power cannot differentiate between bodies, and voices, as Yasuho still mistook Joshu for Josuke despite having a conversation with him.[7] Moreover Tsurugi's victims can only read the same sentence in every text they might see.[7] Paper Moon King can also make its victims confuse two specific objects or people; for instance, Tsurugi made Aisho Dainenjiyama see all leaves on the ground as Yasuho's origami phone,[8] and multiple buses appear as Jobin Higashikata.[8] This ability was also used to disguise a regular tree branch as the Locacaca branch, fooling Josuke and Poor Tom[9]

Paper Moon King also possesses the ability to exaggerate the appearance of things, such as when Tsurugi made his and Jobin's injuries appear worse than they actually were.[10]




Ultra Jump (Top) JJL Volume 6 (bottom)
  • The idea of the Stand came to Araki from a childlike state of mind. It's ability to make it so you can't recognize faces and feel yourself chased into loneliness appealed to him.[11]
  • The Stand was originally named "Paper Moon" (ペーパー・ムーン, Pēpā Mūn) in the Ultra Jump release of JJL Chapter 26 until the release of JOJOVELLER mini where it was revealed the name had been changed to "Paper Moon King." The concurrent volume release also fixed the name change.
  • Like all other Stands used by members of the Higashikata Family, its name includes the word "King".


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