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The 'spray' can alter your hair, your eyebrows, your eyes... even your voice.
—Hot Pants to Lucy Steel

Cream Starter (クリーム・スターター, Kurīmu Sutātā) is the Stand of Hot Pants, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run.

Cream Starter manifests as a spray can that can emit and manipulate the flesh of enemies or Hot Pants' own.


Cream Starter takes the form of two hand-held spray canisters. The bodies consist of a nozzle attached to a half-cylindrical section covered in holes, a grip, and a vent-like bottom portion.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Spray Can(Golden)
Spray(Light brown)


Much like Emperor and Beach Boy, Cream Starter functions as a tool and weapon for Hot Pants, who use its ability to manipulate flesh in various ways. Its power is very versatile and deadly against humans.

Rare among Stands, Cream Starter can be used by anyone who can take hold of the spray, Stand user or not. Cream Starter also seems to be able to maintain itself and its power no matter the distance, and even through different dimensions of its user, as shown by Funny Valentine giving a Cream Starter to Johnny who uses it on his horse's throat.[1]

Flesh Spray

The signature ability of Cream Starter is to spray flesh as a cream-like substance that then retakes its original consistency.[2]

Hot Pants can spray a certain amount of flesh to act as a projectile, using her own flesh,[3] or absorbing the flesh of an individual by directly touching them,[2] to use as fuel for her spray. It seems that for small uses, no flesh is needed. The flesh can fly tens of meters in the air if need be,[3] but Hot Pants typically uses the spray within proximity of herself.

Cream Starter's flesh changes Lucy Steel's appearance

If the sprayed flesh touches someone, it fuses with the individual in various harmful or beneficial ways depending on Hot Pants' goal:

  • The flesh can directly return to a solid state, potentially blocking respiratory ways and the eyes, suffocating and blinding enemies.[2][4]
  • The flesh can also decompose a person's body upon contact, for instance, Ringo Roadagain's hand was cut off this way.[3]
  • The flesh can automatically heal someone's wounds, and push out foreign objects to completely heal allies.[5]
  • By spraying flesh on someone's face, it can allow the target to freely use it to create a flesh mask and perfectly impersonate someone else.[6] To undo the disguise, the target can simply pull the flesh off.
  • Hot Pants can incorporate chemicals inside someone's body, for instance, a sleeping drug.[6]
  • Hot Pants can incorporate some of her flesh inside someone to manipulate their body. The one instance of this application was to make Mike O.'s throat explode.

Hot Pants can transform her whole body into fuel for the spray, allowing her to become more liquid-like and creep through narrow spaces, infiltrating a presidential residence this way.[7] She can also detach body parts such as a hand with Cream Starter and spray them away to attack and act from unexpected angles.[2] A downside of this ability is a detached body part transfers any pain it feels back to the user.


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Creation and Development

Hirohiko Araki states that when creating Cream Starter, he simply wanted a Stand that could "spray stuff out to let you transform and stuff". Additionally, the way it worked was based off of shaving cream cans, making a "fshhh" sound.[8]



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