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That'll be all, everyone. You can forget about Sorbet and Gelato now... (皆、これっきり ソルベとジェラートのことは忘れろ……)
Risotto Nero, Golden Wind Wafer Set 2

The Hitman Team (暗殺者(ヒットマン)チーム, Hittoman Chīmu)[1] is the tenth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred twenty third episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from Chapter 472 to Chapter 474 of the original manga with parts of Chapter 475.

Narancia is attacked by the assassin Formaggio, whose Little Feet causes Narancia to slowly shrink. Formaggio must hide from Narancia, who somehow manages to track him.


Losing Formaggio out of his sight, Narancia notices his surroundings becoming bigger

A short recap of the last episode narrates Formaggio's confrontation with Narancia Ghirga. In the now, Narancia calms himself and finally notices that the shoe and knife that he's lost have become bigger than usual and so did his surroundings. Meanwhile, Formaggio is still hiding inside Narancia's dress pocket. Back at the hiding place, Fugo worries that Narancia is taking too much time.

Aerosmith pursues Formaggio in the sewers

Narancia understands that he is slowly shrinking and thus rushes to a nearby hall to use the phones inside. Because of his light weight, he is temporarily blocked by the automatic doors but uses Aerosmith to break the doors and pierce the payphones for their coins. To prevent Narancia from reaching his allies, Formaggio summons Little Feet to cut the phone's wire but Narancia understands that his enemy is nearby. Trying to hide at the bottom of the pocket, Formaggio is mysteriously detected by the boy, who squeezes him into his hand and shows him to Aerosmith to be shot at. Formaggio escapes out of Narancia's fist by returning a pen to its normal size, the sudden change propelling him out. Still, Aerosmith effortlessly tracks Formaggio despite his best efforts. Falling into a sewer but still being tracked even underwater, Formaggio weights his options while defending from Aerosmith's bullets.

The rogue Passione group, La Squadra Esecuzioni, is finally revealed

A flashback reveals a meeting Formaggio had with some of his partners from La Squadra Esecuzioni while assassinating a target by making him unwittingly drink a shrunken car and then grow it back inside his stomach. After the deed was done, the team gathered to share their meager payment but noticed that two of their teammates, Sorbet and Gelato, had disappeared. Indeed, compared to the lucrative drug traffic and gambling other teams controlled, the Hitman team only received money through payments for assassinations and that frustrated them, to the point Sorbet and Gelato decided to look into The Boss' past. They spent time searching for the two but couldn't find any clue until Formaggio found Gelato's corpse, choked with a rag. The team then began to receive strange pieces encased in formalin. Putting them together, La Squadra realized with horror that The Boss had had Sorbet cut into pieces by Cioccolata and sent his corpse to the team as a well-orchestrated demonstration of his might while Gelato choked himself with his own gag. Burying their comrades, the team then despaired to ever overthrow The Boss, until news of Trish fell into their ears.

Little Feet slashes one of Aerosmith's wings

In the now, Formaggio is still under attack, but noticing that Aerosmith has also needlessly attacked some rats, he understands that Aerosmith detects life forms through the carbon dioxide they release. Formaggio hides inside a swarm of rats whom he scatters and even wounds Aerosmith, but Narancia deduces that one rat breathing more heavily than the others must be carrying Formaggio and shoots. Formaggio is hit but it is too late: the assassin grows back into his normal size while Narancia has shrunk with his Stand, becoming too weak.


(Mentioned only)
Assassination Target
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
Assassinated Woman
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
Risotto Nero
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
(1st full appearance) (Flashback)
Sorbet and Gelato
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
Sorbet and Gelato
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
(Mentioned only)
(1st appearance) (Cameo)
(1st appearance) (Cameo)
(1st appearance) (Cameo)


Script (脚本)
Shinichi Inotsume
猪爪 慎一
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
藤本 ジ朗
Episode Director (演出)
藤本 ジ朗
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
石本 峻一
Animation Director (作画監督)
Ryo Kobayashi
Rina Morita
Tetsuro Uetake
Sayaka Anesaki
Haruka Tanaka
小林 亮
森田 莉奈
上竹 哲郎
姉崎 早也花
田中 春香
Action Animation Director (アクションディレクター)
岩崎 安利
Key Animation (原画)
Tetsuro Uetake
Tomoko Kitagawa
Tetsurō Taira
Harumi Kakuda
Huang Yang
Xie Zhongli
Kenichi Umemoto
Yasutoshi Iwasaki
Hiroyuki Okuno
Kentaro Ishikawa
Masashi Nomura
Misao Abe
Rina Morita
Mahora Muraki
Kazuki Kimura
Mika Hironaka
Goro Taki
Maki Fujita
Mayumi Oda
Aya Itou
Takeshi Itou
Yukitoshi Houtani
Lan Studio
上竹 哲郎
北川 知子
平良 哲朗
角田 春美
謝 鐘黎
梅本 賢一
岩崎 安利
奥野 浩行
石川 健太郎
野村 雅史
阿部 美佐緒
森田 莉奈
村木 麻保良
木村 和貴
廣中 美佳
滝 吾郎
藤田 麻貴
小田 真弓
伊藤 綾
伊藤 岳史
宝谷 幸稔
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Saya Takamatsu
Rina Morita
Tomoko Kitagawa
Midori Matsumoto
Sayaka Anesaki
高松 さや
森田 莉奈
北川 知子
松本 緑
姉崎 早也花

Anitus Kobe
Studio Massket
Nakamura Production
Tokyo Animator Gakuin

D'ART Shtajio (dartshtajio株式会社)
Henry Thurlow
Stephen Murphy
Henry Thurlow
Stephen Murphy
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
Asahi Production (旭プロダクション)
Yuan Li Li
Qi Qi Wang
李 媛莉
王 其琪
In-Between Animation Inspection Assistance
White Line
White Line
Powered by CACANi
In-between Animation (動画)
Asahi Production
Studio Dub
Studio Massket
スタジオ ダブ

Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP大阪)
Ayai Ogami
Yuha Komura
Yuki Sakai
Shun Sato
Hiroka​ Shirasawa
Maho​ Takahashi
Yui Tagami
Yuri Hanazawa
Masahiro Morioka
上家 礼衣
小村 柚葉
酒井 悠樹
佐藤 瞬
白澤 佑佳
高橋 万帆
田上 ゆい
花澤 友梨
森岡 優博

Shuka (朱夏)
Mikio Ikezawa
池澤 幹夫

Miyu Yamada
山田 美雪
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Hirohisa Onikubo
Sayaka Anesaki
鬼窪 浩久
姉崎 早也花
David Production
P. Taweeporn
Mai Nakazono
Masaki Kurube
Natsuki Horimoto
中園 麻衣
軽部 匡哉
堀本 夏生

Naka Mori
毛利 奈花

Aera Laboratory (アイラ ・ ラボラトリ)

Takahiro Kamiya
Yoshitaka Itai
Kazuyoshi Tezuka
Shūhei Hashimoto
Ryoji Shirakawa
神谷 高浩
板井 義隆
手塚 一佳
橋本 修平
白川 僚二
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production

Yosuke Nanjo
南條 洋介
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
岸田 隆宏
石本 峻一


Golden Wind Episode 10: The Hitman Team
Start End Title OST Description

aereo da caccia
Golden Wind: Overture
Recap of Narancia confronting Formaggio
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Narancia notices he became smaller
Fighting Gold
Fighting Gold
Golden Wind: Finale
The team waits for Narancia
aereo da caccia
Golden Wind: Overture
Narancia tries to call Bruno
Golden Wind: Overture
Little Feet cuts the phone's wires
Golden Wind: Overture
Narancia finds Formaggio using Aerosmith's radar
Golden Wind: Overture
Formaggio escapes from Narancia
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Formaggio continues to escape from Aerosmith
Golden Wind: Overture
Formaggio hides from Aerosmith in a sewer
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Formaggio shrinks a car
Golden Wind: Overture
Formaggio puts a shrunken car inside his target's drink
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Formaggio meets his team
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Golden Wind: Overture
Formaggio cancels the shrinking effect, which kills his target
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Formaggio and his teammates are ready to receive the money
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Sorbet and Gelato are missing
un'altra persona
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Sorbet and Gelato's punishment
Golden Wind: Overture
Formaggio understands how Aerosmith's radar works
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Narancia still manages to find Formaggio by a rat's breath
situazione difficile
Golden Wind: Overture
Aerosmith's attacks are too weak to kill Formaggio
Freek'n You
Freek'n You
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Next Episode Title

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Narancia commenting that he can't reach the steering wheel has been added.
  • Formaggio now specifies that the wound Little Feet inflicted on Narancia is the trigger for the stand's ability to take effect.
  • Narancia's backstory is omitted from this point in the story.
  • An original scene of Team Bucciarati waiting for Narancia is added.
    • As Trish grows impatient for her mineral water, so does Sex Pistols due to not having lunch. Meanwhile, Fugo goes from being frustrated with Narancia running late to genuine worry for him, something Giorno takes notice of.
  • After Narancia falls down by his car, Formaggio has an added monologue explaining why the knife and shoe did not shrink with the rest of Narancia.
    • This replaces a monologue Narancia had in the manga wondering what Formaggio will do next.
  • Originally, Narancia is shown looking through a window at the payphone before trying to enter, and also suspects that Formaggio has allies on the way.
  • After holding onto the pole outside the payphone building, Narancia thinking that the pole is sliding up rather than him shrinking has been removed.
  • Formaggio has an added line acknowledging Narancia's monologue before Narancia runs towards the door.
  • After Narancia breaks through the glass door, Formaggio comments that maybe Narancia is smarter than he assumed.
  • Some of Formaggio's thoughts about his strategy while Narancia tries to use the phone are moved to after Narancia notices the phone's wire is cut. As a result, his original thoughts from after the wire is cut have been removed.
  • Formaggio is shown holding the ballpoint pen before he turns backs its normal size to escape from Narancia's grasp.
  • While hanging from the sign, Formaggio considering playing it safe and remaining hidden has been removed.
  • Narancia exclaiming that he found Formaggio after Aerosmith shoots the sign has been added.
  • While running from Aerosmith, Little Feet now makes an 'x'-shaped cut in the tire rather than a slash.
  • Narancia is now shown wondering where Formaggio went, after Aerosmith comes out from under the car.
  • Formaggio now states that he is sure Aerosmith will not find him under the street grate.
  • Formaggio considering shrinking himself more to escape from Narancia has been removed. Instead he laments that he doesn't want to die there.
  • Added the "Sezione Gestione Sistemi informatici" to the Passione diagram.
  • The flashback of La Squadra Esecuzioni has been moved from when Formaggio catches a minuscule Narancia to earlier in the battle when he dives underwater in the sewer drain to escape from Aerosmith. It is also expanded upon, revealing the entire team and their personalities, as well as various interactions between them. As a result, their backstory is dramatically altered to accommodate for the presence of every member.
    • After leaving a restroom stall, Formaggio finishes shrinking a car to a near-microscopic size before dropping it into a target's drink in a restaurant. He then walks to a table nearby to meet up with Melone, Prosciutto, and Pesci. As the target and the woman accompanying him leave the restaurant, Formaggio lets Little Feet return the car to its normal size, exploding the target from the inside, but unintentionally crushing the woman as well.
      • Before the target's death, Prosciutto is shown reprimanding Pesci for drinking milk, to which he replies in a whiny tone that his stomach turns when he drinks espresso. Prosciutto calls him a "mammone" anyway. Later, upon the target's death, Pesci is left frightened at the gruesome display.
      • As the woman exits the door, Melone licks his lips watching her legs. He then gives a wide grin, repulsing the others.
    • When Formaggio and the others return to La Squadra Esecuzioni's base after the job, Illuso, Ghiaccio, and Risotto Nero await them. The group begins to discuss why Sorbet and Gelato haven't returned, and Risotto points out that Sorbet would never miss out on his pay, striking worry in everyone. After some time has passed, the group finds that they are unable to locate their two teammates.
      • Illuso is introduced belittling Formaggio's Stand ability, then jokingly wondering if Sorbet and Gelato were "getting it on" when he initially hears about their absence.
        • Illuso's comment is a bit more direct than the manga's "rumors of a relationship", as well as Gelato's hand being under Sorbet's shirt in the anime, seem to indicate that in this version their relationship is more official.
      • Ghiaccio asks Melone how much money they were getting paid for the job, being immediately infuriated upon hearing an answer of a 'cheap' 20 million lire. While the others search for Sorbet and Gelato, Ghiaccio frustratingly complains about how little money La Squadra Esecuzioni makes compared to Polpo alone (who controls Naples' gambling) and especially the team in charge of drug-dealing. He openly claims that Squadra Esecuzioni is the best team in Passione to rationalize their mistreatment.
      • Risotto, as the leader of the group, keeps Formaggio and Illuso in line as well as calming Ghiaccio's anger.
    • In the manga, Gelato was found dead in his house, with his corpse laying on his sofa. However, in the anime, his corpse is found in the place where Sorbet was cut to pieces.
      • Formaggio is the one who comes across Gelato's corpse.
      • The note left on Gelato's corpse now reads "punizione" and handwritten rather than "castigo" printed.
    • A scene of Sorbet being hacked to pieces is added. A silhouetted figure is shown dismembering the body, while another watches.
      • The lines describing Sorbet dying in the middle of being chopped alive were omitted. He now can be heard screaming and struggling as it happens.
    • The address the 36 formalin frames were delivered to is listed as "Vico Pallonetto Santa Chiara, 8, 80134 Napoli NA". This corresponds to a real-world back alley in the slums of Naples.
    • Pesci recognizes the nail polish on Sorbet's fingers before the team assembles the formalin frames. He also shies away in fear when the assembly is near-completion.
    • La Squadra Esecuzioni attends Sorbet and Gelato's funeral, where Risotto tells them to forget about Sorbet and Gelato; all of them leave with the exception of Risotto at the end.
  • Instead of spilling blood, the damage to Aerosmith's wing done by Little Feet causes it to catch fire, making the Stand more faithful to a real plane.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese 暗殺者(ヒットマン)チーム The Hitman Team
United States of America English Hitman Team
Spain Spanish El equipo de asesinato The Assassination Team
Brazil Portuguese Time de Assassinos Hitman Team
France French Le gang de tueurs à gages The Hitman Gang
Germany German Das Team der Auftragsmörder The Hitman Team
Israel Hebrew צוות המחסלים The Hitman Team
Flag of the Arab League Arabic فريق القتَلة المأجورين The Hitman Team
Italy Italian La Squadra Esecuzioni The Execution Team
Russia Russian Команда убийц Assassination Team
Poland Polish Drużyna Zabójców Assassin Squad


I had wondered whether Sorbet's scene would be allowed to be aired on television. When I watched it on air, not only was it depicted exactly as-is, each piece of him was lined up slowly and meticulously! It was gruesome, but it emphasized the weight of Formaggio's motivations. The staff really went for this one!
Daiki Yamashita, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
It was a terrific idea to have the entire Hitman Team appear at once. Following the manga is usually the option, but having such a large number of anime- original scenes ended up giving the story much more impact. I was really excited watching the scenes, and it made for a great latter half of the episode overall.
—Daiki Shirakawa, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
1. Aerosmith

Aerosmith was animated using 3-D CG, which allowed for more movement within scenes. Director Takahashi states, "The sequence at the very beginning of the episode was crafted by 3-D animator Mai Nakazono. Thanks to her, the animation ended up looking awesome!"

2. Formaggio Dives Under the Car

The sequence where Formaggio dives under a car as he's being chased by Aerosmith was spearheaded by action animation director Yasutoshi Iwasaki. Takahashi has high praise: "I love the unique way Formaggio runs. It's so dynamic for a part that's just him running. Amazing!"

3. The Hitman Team

Directors Tsuda, Kimura, and Takahashi decided to put more emphasis on the idea that this was a battle of teams in order to highlight the instability within the syndicate. Tsuda proposed to introduce all the Hitman Team members at once, and Takahashi felt that doing so gave the characters' motivations more depth.

4. Cross-Sectional Sorbet

Sorbet's demise shows the force of the boss's terror. The key frames shocked Takahashi, but he wanted the viewers to see it in full, so he had the help of producers Nobutaka Kasama and Hiroyuki Omori to make sure it aired that way. "Of course, there were a few areas that needed censoring, but here, we have the uncensored version. Enjoy!"
—Hideya Takahashi, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries



  • Prosciutto calls Pesci a "mammoni" when he sees him drinking milk. In the 2020 Anime Expo interview, Nobutaka Kasama (producer for the anime) explains that it was a deliberate action to underline that he was a momma's boy, meaning he had child-like tastes.
    • "Mammoni" is a grammatical error, "mammoni" being the plural form of "mammone".
    • "Mammone" is an Italian term, meaning someone excessively childish, whiny or attached to his own mother.
  • Likewise, Melone's message "L'avete trovato?" is grammatically incorrect, meaning "Did you find him?" instead of "Did you find them?". The correct sentence would have been "Li avete trovati?"
  • In the 2020 Anime Expo interview, Nobutaka Kasama (producer for the anime) explains why they added scenes of the Hitman Team. He says that one exciting part of Golden Wind was to have teams fight each other and the production wanted to enhance that aspect by adding scenes of the Hitman Team meeting together, which was deciding during script meetings.
    • Kasama also confirms that the shadows during the scene of Sorbet's death were that of Cioccolata and Secco. Since whoever cut up Sorbet was unknown in the manga and since Cioccolata was a surgeon, the production team thought of making Cioccolata Sorbet's murderer.


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