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GioGio's Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の旋風, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Ōgon no Kaze, lit. "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Whirlwind"), also known as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind,[1] is an action-adventure video game released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, based on Vento Aureo. It is also the first JoJo game to be rendered in 3D graphics.

The game's graphics can be compared to other cel-shaded games of the sixth generation of video games, like Jet Set Radio. The developer, Capcom, utilized a game engine called "Artistoon" in order to create a graphical style similar to Araki's art style in the manga.

The game was set to be released in North America on October 24, 2002 and Europe in Winter 2002,[2] but for unknown reasons it was delayed and eventually canceled.


Most of GioGio's Bizarre Adventure's gameplay takes place in the form of hand-to-hand combat. All battles are fought 1v1, with every battle being equivalent to a boss fight. The player must learn an opponent's moves and attack patterns in order to properly find an opening and attack.

Characters can deliver melee attacks, use character-exclusive special abilities, or summon their Stand to attack. The character's Stand aids them in battle by changing their moveset, usually to inflict greater damage. Stand barrages and similar attacks are referred to in-game as Stand Shoots; Stand Shoot attacks can be charged to increase their duration, with some allowing the player to attack separately from their Stand and thereby create combos. Health can only be restored by obtaining Secret Factors, requiring a finer degree of skill from the player than other games of a similar genre in order to succeed.

As long as a character's Stand is active, a Stand Gauge above the player's health will drain. Actions such as taking damage or blocking attacks while the Stand is active will also decrease the gauge. A Stand Break occurs if the gauge is depleted, leaving the player character unable to summon their Stand or use its special abilities until the gauge refills.


Battles are graded based on the performance of the player, with up to 200 GioGio Points to be earned per battle. All Secret Factors on a level add up to 100 GioGio Points, and the percentage of the player's remaining health make up the remaining 200. A D rank is earned if the player's points for the level equal 90 or higher, with 120 or higher earning a C rank, 150 or higher earning a B rank, 170 or higher earning an A rank, and 190 or higher earning the highest rank, S rank. The points achieved with health and the points achieved with Secret Factors are stored separately, allowing the player to earn points in one area while having their points retained in the other (though the rank given does not take this into account).

In Another Story Mode, Secret Factors do not exist and are therefore not graded, halving the point requirements for ranks and capping the total number of points per battle at 100. As there are 21 battles in Super Story Mode and 60 battles in Another Story Mode, a total of 10,200 GioGio Points can be earned in the entire game, though only 8,000 points are required to unlock everything in Gallery Mode.

Game Modes

  1. Super Story: The player follows the journey of Team Bucciarati through the events of Vento Aureo, beginning with Giorno's meeting with Bucciarati and ending at the final battle with Diavolo. There are cutscenes between stages and during some fights.
  2. Another Story: A secret mode that is unlocked when the player completes Super Story Mode. In this mode, the player replays battles from Super Story Mode, but is now able to select different characters for that stage, regardless of whether or not they made an appearance in the canon fight. There are no Secret Factors or cutscenes in this mode. To unlock fights for Another Story Mode, the player must beat the respective fight in Super Story Mode with at least a B rank (150/200 GioGio Points).
  3. Gallery: A mode that has JoJo goodies based on how many JoJo points the player has. This mode is not initially available and completing at least one Super Story Mode fight is required to unlock it. Gallery Mode contains extras such as a Sound Test, a Stage Viewer, Story Dramas, concept art, illustrations by Araki, and a character model viewer that includes unplayable and unused characters. The Gallery Mode is set inside Diavolo's motel room from Chapter 540.
  4. Options: Game options, including sound, control, and auto-save settings.

Secret Factors

A notable feature returning from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1) is the inclusion of "Secret Factors," side objectives scattered throughout each stage. Each stage can have anywhere between one to four Secret Factors; playing out each battle like in the manga will activate these Factors. Once activated, Secret Factors increase the player character's health and Stand endurance, as well as heavily influence the stage results. Many Secret Factors also give the player advantages ranging from disabling certain enemy attacks to outright winning the battle instantly. A counter next to the player's health displays the Secret Factor level, which maxes out at 10: at maximum Secret Factor level, the health and Stand gauges will have doubled in length. There are multiple occasions where Secret Factors must be done in a specific order to achieve them all.


Super Story Mode

Following the events of Vento Aureo, the game's main mode has 22 chapters (21 playable and 1 consisting entirely of cutscenes). In each chapter, the player faces a different opponent.
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Bucciarati's Coming, Part 1
(ブチャラティが来る その① Bucharati ga Kuru Sono 1)
GioGio 1-1.png

The game begins with a summary of the previous Parts to give context to the player. A cutscene depicts Giorno, fresh from taxi work at the airport, being harassed by gang member Leaky-Eye Luca. Luca, who controls the airport, demands payment from Giorno, only to end up knocked out. Later, Bruno Bucciarati confronts Giorno to interrogate him about Luca's attacker. The player plays as Giorno and fights Bucciarati. The first part of the level acts as a tutorial that teaches the player how to attack, dodge, summon their Stand, and Stand Shoot. After teaching the player about Secret Factors, the tutorial ends and Bucciarati begins attacking.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Bucciarati. (1) (ブチャラティをシュート(1))
    Stand Shooting Bucciarati activates a cutscene recreating the moment Giorno punches Bucciarati in the face and knocks out his tooth. Bucciarati describes the intense pain this is causing. This factor rewards the player with +4.
  • 2. Shoot Bucciarati. (2) (ブチャラティをシュート(2))
    Stand Shooting Bucciarati rewards the player with +1.
  • 3. Shoot Sticky Fingers. (S・フィンガーズをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Sticky Fingers while it's not blocking activates another cutscene. As Giorno stands behind Gold Experience facing Bucciarati, he realizes that Bucciarati's power is to place zippers on any object. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 4. Shoot a fire extinguisher. (消火器をシュート)
    Stand Shooting any fire extinguisher will turn it into a snake that attacks Bucciarati. This rewards the player with +2.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order, although the first must be done during the tutorial. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Bucciarati's Coming, Part 2
(ブチャラティが来る その② Bucharati ga Kuru Sono 2)
GioGio 1-2.png

Injured, Bucciarati flees the trolley and Giorno pursues him. Giorno and Bucciarati end up in a city square that Bucciarati teleports around with zippers. Giorno must find Bucciarati and damage him enough to activate a cutscene where he hides in a civilian. After the player attacks the civilian he's hiding in, Bucciarati ceases fleeing and begins attacking Giorno directly.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Give life to objects in the city. (街にある物を生物に変える)
    Stand Shooting a barrel turns it into a snake, and likewise turns a lamppost into a tree. Doing either rewards the player with +1.
  • 2. Attack a suspicious townsperson. (怪しい街の人を攻撃)
    After Bucciarati hides in a civilian, the player must Stand Shoot an incorrect civilian. This rewards the player with +1.
  • 3. Turn Bucciarati's tooth into a fly. (ブチャラティの歯をハエに変える)
    Giorno must Stand Shoot Bucciarati's tooth on the ground next to where he disappeared. Being little more than a white dot on the ground, it can be hard to see while moving. Stand Shooting the tooth activates a cutscene where Giorno turns it into a fly, which then begins following the correct civilian. This rewards the player with +5.
  • 4. Find who Bucciarati is hiding inside of. (ブチャラティが誰に入っているか見破る)
    Attacking the correct civilian reveals Bucciarati. This rewards the player with +3.
  • Stand Shooting an object can be done at any time, but the second and third Secret Factors must be done before the fourth, or they will not activate. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
A cutscene after the level ends shows Giorno and Bucciarati making peace as they discover their mutual hatred of the underage drug trade. Bucciarati agrees to let Giorno infiltrate his gang, Passione.
Joining the Gang
(ギャング入門 Gyangu Nyūmon)
GioGio 2-1.png

In order to enter the gang, Giorno meets with Polpo, a Passione capo. Polpo gives him a lighter and tells him to keep it lit for 24 hours. At his school courtyard, a janitor douses the lighter on accident. When the janitor relights it, the Stand Black Sabbath comes forth, kills the janitor, and turns to attack Giorno. Giorno must defeat Black Sabbath in the school courtyard. However, Black Sabbath hides in the shadows cast by the building and can grab Giorno to damage him. Birds occasionally fly across the map, and Black Sabbath may attack from their shadows.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Attack Black Sabbath. (ブラック・サバスを攻撃)
    Deal 10% of Black Sabbath's health. This will activate a cutscene where Giorno confirms its association with shadows. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 2. Watch Black Sabbath hide in a bird's shadow. (鳥の影に隠れたB・サバスに気付く)
    After the first Secret Factor is achieved, Black Sabbath will begin attacking through the shadows of passing birds. The first time this happens, Giorno will point it out, and the player will earn +2.
  • 3. Destroy a stone pillar to remove its shadow. (石柱を破壊して影を消す)
    Attacking any of the pillars that dot the bottom and the left of the stage will destroy them. In addition to exposing Sabbath to sunlight if he is standing in the pillar's shadow, this rewards the player with another +2.
  • 4. Expose Black Sabbath to sunlight. (ブラック・サバスに日光をあびせる)
    Knock Black Sabbath into the sunlight. This will both inflict heavy damage upon the Stand and trigger a cutscene where it writhes in pain before escaping, leading Giorno to realize that sunlight is its weakness. This rewards the player with +3.
  • The second, third, and fourth Secret Factors will only activate once the first is achieved. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once Black Sabbath is defeated, the Stand is shown being disintegrated by sunlight as Giorno retrieves the still-lit lighter. Later, Polpo officially inducts Giorno into Passione. However, Polpo is killed shortly thereafter when he eats a gun that Giorno turned into a banana, serving as revenge for the janitor Black Sabbath killed.
Capo Bucciarati: The First Order from the Boss
(ブチャラティ幹部:ボスからの第一指令 Bucharati Kanbu: Bosu kara no Dai Ichi Shirei)
GioGio 3-1.png

Bucciarati introduces Giorno to his team: Leone Abbacchio, Guido Mista, Pannacotta Fugo, and Narancia Ghirga. Pericolo, a capo in the gang, arrives to collect Polpo's fortune, which Bucciarati is already in possession of. Pericolo promotes Bucciarati to the role of capo and tasks his team with protecting the boss's daughter, Trish. Narancia is sent out to shop for supplies and food. However, he soon runs into Formaggio, a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni out to capture Trish. The player now controls Narancia and must defeat Formaggio. The player can send out Aerosmith and control the plane, gaining access to its radar at the cost of leaving Narancia stationary. The fight is made difficult by Formaggio's ability to shrink and hide in the stage. Moreover, if Little Feet cuts Narancia, he temporarily shrinks and has to evade a relatively-giant Formaggio's attacks.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot a rat. (ネズミをシュート)
    The player must Stand Shoot any of the rats that occasionally dart across the stage. This will reward the player with +2.
  • 2. Shoot a rat carrying Formaggio. (ホルマジオをのせたネズミをシュート)
    After achieving the fourth Secret Factor, the player must Stand Shoot a rat while Formaggio is hanging onto it. A rat Formaggio hangs onto will appear slightly bigger, as will its breath on Aerosmith's radar. This will reward the player with +2.
  • 3. Destroy a car. (自動車を破壊)
    After achieving the fourth Secret Factor, Narancia must destroy any of the three vehicles on the stage. Doing this will temporarily deprive Formaggio of one of his hiding spots, as well as reward the player with +2.
  • 4. Survive being shrunk without being hurt. (小さくされた後ノーダメージで逃げ切る)
    In order to obtain this Secret Factor, the player must be shrunk by Little Feet, then take no damage until Narancia grows back to normal size. Doing this will reward the player with +4.
  • The second and third Secret Factors will only activate once the fourth has been achieved. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the stage is beaten, a cutscene will play where Narancia and Formaggio have a stand-off, with Narancia emerging victorious. However, Formaggio warns Narancia that more assassins are coming with his dying breath.
The Second Order From The Boss: "Retrieve the Key!", Part 1
(ボスからの第二指令「鍵キーをゲットせよ!」 その① Bosu kara no Dai Ni Shirei: "Kī o Getto seyo!" Sono 1)
GioGio 4-1.png

As the team worries about the safety of their hideout, Bucciarati receives a message from the boss of Passione. The boss tasks the group with retrieving a key within the ruins of Pompeii. Fugo, Giorno, and Abbacchio are sent to Pompeii. However, Fugo is ambushed by Illuso, another member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, and finds himself within the mirror world. The player controls Fugo without his Stand and must avoid being defeated by Illuso for a full two minutes. However, this task is made complex at first by the fact that the player's horizontal movement is mirrored within the mirror world. Once the player has survived for two minutes, the level concludes.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Notice your Stand's strangeness. (スタンドの異変に気付く)
    The player must attempt to summon Fugo's Stand, Purple Haze. Although Fugo will call it forth, Purple Haze will not appear. This will reward the player with +2.
  • 2. Look in the mirror to learn the enemy's Stand ability. (鏡を見て敵のスタンド能力を見抜く)
    Once the first Secret Factor has been achieved, walking near any of the intact mirrors that scatter the north wall will trigger a cutscene. Fugo looks through the mirror and sees Purple Haze outside the mirror world. From this, he is able to deduce that Illuso has complete control of what can enter and exit the mirror. This will reward the player with +3.
  • 3. Warn Giorno about the enemy's ability. (ジョルノ達に敵能力のヒントを伝える)
    Fugo must go near the broken mirror near the northwest corner of the stage after achieving the second Secret Factor. Once he does, the player will overhear a conversation between Abbacchio and Giorno: although Abbacchio believes Purple Haze to be lashing out mindlessly, Giorno believes there is a purpose behind its actions. The player will be rewarded with +3.
  • 4. See the mirrored trash can label. (反転した「ゴミ箱」の文字を見る)
    After the second Secret Factor is achieved, the player must walk near either of the two trash cans along the north side of the stage. Fugo will notice that the label is mirrored as well, and the player will earn +2.
  • The second Secret Factor must be done after the first, and likewise the third and fourth after the second. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
The Second Order from the Boss: "Retrieve the Key!", Part 2
(ボスからの第二指令「鍵キーをゲットせよ!」 その② Bosu kara no Dai Ni Shirei: "Kī o Getto seyo!" Sono 2)
GioGio 4-2 Gameplay.png

A cutscene sees Illuso discover Purple Haze's ability to release a flesh-eating virus through the rotting corpse of a crow. Back in the real world, Giorno and Abbacchio argue about what to do next. While Giorno believes that saving Fugo takes top priority, Abbacchio prioritizes the objective. Abandoning Giorno, Abbacchio runs into the dog mosaic to retrieve the key, only to find that Illuso followed him inside. Like in the previous stage, Abbacchio is trapped in the mirror world with inverted controls. However, Abbacchio realizes that he retains full control of his Stand, and so retains the ability to activate his Stand in the real world (which does not have its controls mirrored). The objective of the fight is to attack Illuso until he has lost a certain amount of health, at which point the level ends. Illuso frequently switches between the regular world and the mirror world, forcing the player to swap between Abbacchio and his Stand.

  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    There is only one Secret Factor in this level. It activates immediately at the start of the level and rewards the player with +10, making their Health MAX.
Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze
(マン・イン・ザ・ミラーとパープル・ヘイズ Man in za Mirā to Pāpuru Heizu)
GioGio 4-3.png

Having defeated Abbacchio, Illuso goes after Giorno. Upon dragging him inside the mirror, however, Illuso realizes that Giorno has infected himself with Purple Haze's virus, and quickly exits the mirror world before the virus can melt him. With less than a minute to live, Giorno tasks Fugo and his Stand with finishing off Illuso. The player again controls Fugo, this time having access to his Stand Purple Haze. Illuso again switches between the normal world and the mirror world, forcing Fugo to swap between himself and Purple Haze. When controlling Purple Haze, the player must make sure it doesn't stray too far from Fugo, or else risk its tendency to clean itself activating.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    The first Secret Factor will activate immediately when the level starts and reward the player with +8.
  • 2. KO with a Lv.3 "UbashaaAAAAA!". (「うばぁしゃああああ」Lv3でKO)
    Finishing off Illuso with a fully-charged Stand Shoot from Purple Haze will reward the player with +2.
  • When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
After the battle ends, Fugo and Giorno are returned to the normal world. Although Fugo cannot cure Giorno of the virus, Giorno manages to create a cure from a snake that was exposed to the virus. As Fugo collects the key, Abbacchio grumbles to himself that he'll punish Giorno for his disobedience later.
The Grateful Dead
(偉大なる死 Idainaru Shi)
GioGio 5-1.png

Following the instructions written on the key, Team Bucciarati boards a train heading toward Florence, with the end goal of reaching Venice. Having been instructed to pick up a turtle at the station, Bucciarati notices a hole on the turtle's back in the shape of the key. Fitting the key into the hole activates the turtle's Stand, creating a secret room inside the key for the team to hide within. Meanwhile, two assassins, Prosciutto and Pesci, have also boarded the train but find no luck searching for the team. Prosciutto activates his Stand, The Grateful Dead, to lure the team out by rapidly aging everyone in the train. As the team begins to experience the Stand's effects, the two assassins discover the turtle in the dining car. However, Bucciarati emerges, knocks out Pesci, and faces Prosciutto. The player controls Bucciarati and his Stand Sticky Fingers, with the objective of the fight being Prosciutto's defeat. However, The Grateful Dead's aging power slowly saps Bucciarati's health over time, and Prosciutto can use a grab attack to briefly accelerate the health drain.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Pesci. (ペッシをシュート)
    The player must Stand Shoot the knocked-out Pesci at the north end of the cab. This rewards the player with +2.
  • 2. Attack the ice dispenser to obtain ice. (氷サーバーを壊して氷を取り出す)
    Attacking the drink dispenser will activate a cutscene where the machine's ice falls out. Bucciarati picks up the ice, realizing that Prosciutto is aging people through their body temperature. He concludes that ice can prevent the aging effects of The Grateful Dead. In addition to disabling the health drain for around thirty seconds each time the machine dispenses ice, this rewards the player with +2.
  • 3. Shoot the wall to create a zipper hole. (壁をシュートして壁にジッパー穴をあける)
    After the second Secret Factor is achieved, the player must Stand Shoot the wall at the northwest corner of the cab. Doing so will open a zipper in the wall and activate a cutscene: Prosciutto notices the newly-opened zipper and deduces that Bucciarati plans to throw him out of the train. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 4. Throw Prosciutto out of the train through the zipper. (ジッパー穴でプロシュートを車外に落とす)
    Once the third Secret Factor is accomplished, the player can knock Prosciutto through the zipper on the wall. This not only rewards the player with +3, but also ends the fight instantly.
  • The first Secret Factor must be achieved prior to the second. The third Secret Factor becomes possible when the second is activated, and likewise the fourth when the third is activated. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Express Train to Florence
(フィレンツェ行き超特急 Firentse Iki Chōtokkyū)
GioGio 5-2 Gameplay.png

Prosciutto is thrown out of the train thanks to Sticky Fingers's zippers. Pesci quickly awakens and manages to stop the train, but emerges from the train to find Prosciutto under one of the train cars, in grave condition. Bucciarati exits the train through a zipper in front of Pesci, who is determined to take revenge for his brother's impending death. The player controls Bucciarati and must defeat Pesci. Pesci uses his fishing rod Stand Beach Boy, which allows him to send his line over long distances to hook Bucciarati. After a period of time, Prosciutto will wake up and use the last of his energy to reactivate The Grateful Dead's aging ability, draining Bucciarati's health once more.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Unhook yourself from Pesci's line. (ペッシの針を振りほどく)
    At the start of the level, the player cannot move Bucciarati until Pesci hooks him on his line. If the player can break free from the line before Pesci can move in close enough to kick him, they are rewarded with +2. This cannot be repeated any other time Pesci hooks Bucciarati.
  • 2. Shoot Pesci. (ペッシをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Pesci rewards the player with another +2.
  • 3. Finish off Prosciutto. (プロシュートにとどめを刺す)
    Once Pesci has taken enough damage and Prosciutto begins talking, attacking the latter will deactivate The Grateful Dead once more and reward the player with +3.
  • 4. KO with a Lv.3 "Ari-ari". (「アリアリ」Lv3でKO)
    Finishing off Pesci with a fully-charged Stand Shoot from Sticky Fingers will reward the player with +3.
  • Due to the situations that the first and fourth Secret Factors require, they must be done first and last respectively. The second Secret Factor can be achieved before or after the third. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the fight ends, a cutscene reveals that Pesci picked up the turtle before he left the train. Pesci threatens to slam the turtle into the ground as he dies, but Bucciarati disposes of Pesci before he can do so, bidding him "arrivederci".
Venezia's Santa Lucia Station - Get the "OA-DISC"!
(ヴェネツィア・サンタ・ルチア駅『OA-DISC』をゲットせよ! Venetsia Santa Ruchia Eki "Ō Ē Disuku" o Getto seyo!)
GioGio 6-1.png

With the train stopped, the team is forced to continue by car. Bucciarati receives another message from the boss, urging the group to obtain the OA-DISC hidden at Santa Lucia Station. The team agrees to split up, with Mista and Giorno continuing to drive toward Venice while the others arrive by boat. On the highway leading to Venice, Giorno and Mista spot another assassin, Ghiaccio, skating toward them in a suit of ice made from his Stand, White Album. The player controls Mista on top of the car, who must aim and shoot at Ghiaccio to stop him from charging toward the car. If Ghiaccio makes contact with the car, Mista will take damage. Moreover, Mista must manage his ammunition in the revolver as well as the number of Sex Pistols he has available. If he lasts two minutes, the level ends.

  • There are three Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Ghiaccio. (ギアッチョをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Ghiaccio rewards the player with +2.
  • 2. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (1) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(1))
    Mista must knock Ghiaccio down with a heavy bullet (by pressing the X button). This will buy Mista around 11 seconds while Ghiaccio recovers, as well as reward the player with +4.
  • 3. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (2) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(2))
    Repeating the criteria for the second Secret Factor will again reward the player with +4.
  • Due to the third Secret Factor being a repeat of the second, it can only activate after the second Secret Factor does. The first Secret Factor can be done at any time. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
White Album
(ホワイト・アルバム Howaito Arubamu)
White Album fight.jpg

With Ghiaccio in close pursuit, Giorno decides to crash the car into the lake in front of the station. Mista is the first to reach land, but Ghiaccio is the first to reach the statue. Although Ghiaccio finds and takes the OA-DISC inside the lion statue at the front, Mista is determined to defend it to his last breath. The player again controls Mista and Sex Pistols, and must defeat Ghiaccio. Ghiaccio is invulnerable from the front and must be shot from the back. Ghiaccio can charge at Mista, giving Mista a chance to attack if he misses, as well as deploy strips of ice along the ground. As Ghiaccio takes damage, he will begin utilizing the shield of frozen air Gently Weeps, which can automatically rebound Mista's bullets back at him.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot the lion statue. (ライオン像をシュート)
    Stand Shooting the lion statue will reward the player with +2.
  • 2. Fire a bullet at Gently Weeps. (ジェントリー・ウィープスに弾丸を当てる)
    Once Ghiaccio takes enough damage, Mista will proclaim that Ghiaccio's weak spot is on the back of his neck. When this happens, Ghiaccio will begin to use White Album Gently Weeps outside of when he is being knocked back. If Mista shoots Ghiaccio while Gently Weeps is defending him, the player is rewarded with +2, though the bullet will still be reflected toward Mista.
  • 3. Twist a lamppost out of shape. (街灯を破壊して「彫刻」を作る)
    From the moment the second Secret Factor becomes available, shooting one of the lampposts will bend it into a spiked shape, activating a cutscene. The Pistols point out the newly-reshaped lamppost, and Mista declares that he'll use it to pierce Ghiaccio's neck. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 4. Impale Ghiaccio on a lamppost. (ギアッチョを「彫刻」にブチこむ)
    Once the third Secret Factor is achieved, the rest of the lampposts will also form spikes when shot. When Ghiaccio is close to a spiked lamppost, Mista must shoot him and hopefully impale him on the spikes. Impaling Ghiaccio on a spiked lamppost will deal a considerable amount of damage and leave him unable to move for a few seconds (though he can and will activate Gently Weeps), as well as reward the player with another +3.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order, though the fourth Secret Factor can only be done after the third. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the fight is over, Ghiaccio falls to the ground as White Album dissipates. Mista begins losing consciousness from his wounds until Giorno arrives and heals him, though not before warning him that the process will hurt considerably. A humorous scene follows as Narancia arrives and thinks the two are sharing an intimate moment. Meanwhile, the boss waits for Trish's arrival.
Final Order From The Boss
(ボスよりの最終指令 Bosu yori no Saishū Shirei)
King Crimson fight.jpg

The team inserts the OA-DISC into their computer and learns that their final destination is the church at San Giorgio Maggiore. Only Trish and one other person may set foot on the island, per the boss's conditions, and so Bucciarati alone accompanies Trish. However, Trish disappears once the two enter the church, and Bucciarati realizes that the boss intends to kill his own daughter. He finds Trish unconscious in the church's basement, but the boss appears and a battle ensues. The player controls Bucciarati and must survive the boss and his King Crimson for one minute. The boss frequently teleports toward or away from Bucciarati, and King Crimson can knock debris at him. After a minute passes, the level ends.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Protect Trish. (トリッシュを保護する)
    The player must Stand Shoot Trish's body. Once this is done, the player will earn +4.
  • 2. Shoot King Crimson. (キング・クリムゾンをシュート)
    Stand Shooting King Crimson will reward the player with +6.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
The Mystery of King Crimson
(キング・クリムゾンの謎 Kingu Kurimuzon no Nazo)
King Crimson fight 2.jpg

Bucciarati attacks the boss from behind a pillar, only to find himself standing at the other side of it. The boss introduces King Crimson and its ability to erase a period of time, then punches Bucciarati through the heart. Despite the lethal wound, Bucciarati refuses to die until Trish is safe. The player controls Bucciarati again and must attack the boss, whose teleportation is now marked by a flash of inverted colors. When enough of the boss's health is depleted, the level ends.

  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    There is only one Secret Factor in this level. It activates immediately at the start of the level and rewards the player with +10, making their Health MAX.
Bucciarati and Trish escape the basement, and Bucciarati is healed by Giorno. Bucciarati then informs his team that he has decided to betray the boss. When given the choice to remain loyal to the gang, the squad, with the exception of Fugo, choose to follow Bucciarati. Giorno realizes Bucciarati's hands are cold as the team ponders their next move. Trish tells the group that her father met her mother at Sardinia, and the team decides to take a plane to the island in hopes of uncovering his identity.
No Flightcode! Headed for Sardinia
(フライト・コードなし!サルディニアへ向かえ Furaito Kōdo Nashi! Sarudinia e Mukae)
Notorious B.I.G fight 1 .jpg

The group steals a plane, killing an enemy Stand user along the way. However, Giorno notices strange writing on the wall next to his seat. He eventually realizes that the enemy's Stand, Notorious B.I.G, is still alive and attached to his arm. Before the Stand can reach his shoulder, Giorno cuts off his arms, rendering him unable to fight or heal. Luckily, Bucciarati manages to lure B.I.G outside with a zipper. As Bucciarati enters the cockpit to inform Abbacchio of the attack, Trish notices that one of Giorno's brooches has been left on the floor, and is now turning into a hand. However, she has hardly taken a step before B.I.G re-enters the plane. Realizing that Giorno's hand is the only hope for the group's healing, she resolves to protect the brooch. The player now controls Trish. The aim of the stage is to defeat Notorious B.I.G. As the Stand attacks moving objects, Trish must advance slowly toward the brooch, making sure not to attract B.I.G's attention. Once Trish reaches the brooch, her own Stand, Spice Girl, awakens and gives her the power necessary to defeat B.I.G.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Make one of the seats recline. (座席をリクライニングさせる)
    Attacking one of the seats will cause it to recline, distracting B.I.G. This allows Trish to walk past it for a few seconds (until the seat breaks) and rewards the player with +2.
  • 2. Awaken Spice Girl. (スパイス・ガール覚醒)
    Once Trish reaches the brooch, Spice Girl appears to Trish in a cutscene and asks for her orders. Trish now has access to her Stand, and the player is rewarded with +4.
  • 3. Shoot a seat and soften it. (座席をシュートして柔らかくする)
    Stand Shooting one of the seats will cause B.I.G to attack it, but will also prevent the seat from breaking. This rewards the player with +2.
  • 4. Attack with "Time to slice it up!". (「細切レニ切リ刻ムッ!」を当てる)
    Trish must use Spice Girl's pole attack (by pressing the triangle button) on B.I.G while it is distracted by a moving seat. This rewards the player with another +2.
  • The first Secret Factor must be done before the second, or it will not activate. The third Secret Factor can only be done after the second, and the fourth requires the conditions for the third to be achieved. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Notorious B.I.G
(ノトーリアス・B・I・G Notōriasu Bī Ai Jī)
Notorious B.I.G fight 2.jpg

As Notorious B.I.G shrinks and disappears, Bucciarati opens the door to the cockpit. Trish tells Bucciarati about the brooch, but Bucciarati warns her to stay quiet and walk slowly toward him. Looking behind her, Trish discovers that B.I.G has grown to a giant size, having slipped through the floor and eaten the plane's engines. The player again controls Trish, who must keep Notorious B.I.G from reaching the cockpit for two minutes. The Stand can use its arms both to attack Trish from afar and to swipe toward her when she attacks. Once the timer expires, the level ends.

  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    There is only one Secret Factor in this level. It activates immediately at the start of the level and rewards the player with +10, making their Health MAX.
Trish suddenly runs toward the cockpit, softening the door behind her. Spice Girl separates the cockpit from the plane and softens it, turning it into a parachute. Notorious B.I.G is left in the plane as it crashes into the ocean, and the team successfully reaches Sardinia with all its members intact.
Sardinia Island: Uncover The Boss's Identity!
(サルディニア島 ボスの正体をあばけ! Sarudinia-tō: Bosu no Shōtai o Abake!)
Uncovering the boss's identity.jpg

The team reaches the Costa Smeralda where the boss once took a photo of Trish's mother. However, Bucciarati barely catches scalpels thrown at the team from afar. Narancia's Aerosmith eliminates the apparent attacker, and he and Bucciarati go to investigate the corpse while Abbacchio rewinds Moody Blues to the date of the photograph. A stray soccer ball lands near Abbacchio, who lets one of the players retrieve it. Immediately afterward, Abbacchio notices a hole in his chest: as it turns out, the boss has already arrived at the island, hidden beneath the facade of a young boy named Vinegar Doppio. Fresh from a battle with Risotto, the last of La Squadra Esecuzioni, the boss praises his luck in eliminating Abbacchio and escapes. As Team Bucciarati gathers around Abbacchio's body, Giorno discovers that Moody Blues successfully embedded the boss's face and fingerprints into the nearby stone. The team finds no results searching the fingerprints in any police database, but an unknown person contacts them and tells them the boss's name: Diavolo. The group decides to hear the caller out, and he informs them of another Arrow in Rome that can defeat the boss. Meanwhile, the boss discovers Moody Blues's imprints and spots the team departing Sardinia by boat. Deducing that the team must have discovered something, he is forced to call upon his most dangerous subordinates, Secco and Cioccolata.

  • There are no Secret Factors in this level, as it consists entirely of cutscenes.
"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 1
(『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その① "Gurīn Dei" to "Oashisu" Sono 1)
Green day and oasis fight 1.jpg

The team eventually reaches a village on the coast of Rome. However, as the group walks ashore, Mista spots two civilians being eaten by a strange mold. Narancia attempts to retreat to the boat, but the mold begins growing on him as well. Mista blows up the boat's engines, propelling Narancia to shore. As Bucciarati and Mista discuss how to proceed, Cioccolata and Secco watch from a higher ledge. Cioccolata's Stand, Green Day, is the Stand responsible for the mold, and Secco possesses the power to liquify solid matter and swim through it. After feeding Secco with sugar cubes, Cioccolata unleashes him and his Stand, Oasis, upon the group. The player now controls Mista and must reach the top of the village. However, if he isn't constantly moving, he sinks into the ground, causing the mold to activate and begin draining his health. Moreover, Secco appears at several spots in the stage and attacks. Secco can dive at Mista, create a line of sinkholes to stun him, and even drag Mista to a lower altitude if he sinks far enough. When Mista reaches the top of the stage, the level ends.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Secco. (セッコをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Secco rewards the player with +4.
  • 2. Destroy an obstacle blocking a shortcut. (1) (近道をふさぐ障害物を破壊(1))
    Shooting the crates in the pile of junk near the start of the level opens a shortcut and rewards the player with +2.
  • 3. Destroy an obstacle blocking a shortcut. (2) (近道をふさぐ障害物を破壊(2))
    The player must shoot a billboard blocking a set of stairs to open a shortcut and earn another +2.
  • 4. Destroy an obstacle blocking a shortcut. (3) (近道をふさぐ障害物を破壊(3))
    The railing in front of the stairs near the end can be shot to open another shortcut. This again rewards the player with +2.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 2
(『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その② "Gurīn Dei" to "Oashisu" Sono 2)
Green day and Oasis fight 2.jpg

Mista and Bucciarati eventually reach Rome, but soon discover that Cioccolata has followed them in a helicopter. Mista attempts to shoot at the helicopter, but his bullets are deflected by Secco, who then dives into the ground at a higher altitude. Giorno encourages Mista to fire at the helicopter again; although Mista's bullets don't reach far enough, Giorno transforms the bullets into branches that ensnare Cioccolata's helicopter at the top of a nearby building. Giorno, Mista, and Bucciarati split up, with Bucciarati handling Secco while Giorno and Mista defeat Cioccolata. The player controls Giorno, who must defeat Cioccolata and Green Day. As Giorno fights Cioccolata, Green Day roams around the arena, leaving a trail of mold. If Giorno touches this mold, his health begins draining temporarily and he is regularly forced to flinch. Moreover, Cioccolata can split himself into several body parts, which all begin to attack Giorno individually.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Attack Green Day. (グリーン・ディを攻撃)
    Stand Shooting Green Day rewards the player with +2, in addition to temporarily preventing the Stand from appearing.
  • 2. Shoot Cioccolata's split body parts. (分裂したチョコラータのパーツをシュート)
    When Cioccolata splits himself, Giorno must Stand Shoot any of Cioccolata's body parts. This rewards the player with another +2.
  • 3. Shoot Cioccolata's main body. (分裂したチョコラータの本体をシュート)
    The player must Stand Shoot Cioccolata's head and torso while he is disassembled. This rewards the player with another +2, and also activates the second Secret Factor if it is not yet completed.
  • 4. KO with a Lv.3 "Muda-muda!". (「無駄無駄ッ!」Lv3でKO)
    Finishing off Cioccolata with a fully-charged Stand Shoot from Gold Experience rewards the player with +4.
  • Although the fourth Secret Factor must be done at the end of the level, the rest can be done in any order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 3
(『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その③ "Gurīn Dei" to "Oashisu" Sono 3)
Green day and Oasis fight 3.jpg

Giorno rushes Cioccolata with Gold Experience and flings him into a garbage truck. Meanwhile, Bucciarati confronts Secco in front of the Colosseum. The player now controls Bucciarati and must defeat Secco. The fight is made difficult by Secco's ability to dive underground. If Bucciarati moves while Secco is underground, he can attack near-instantly. As the fight progresses, Secco will also chew up pavement and spit it out above Bucciarati, effectively creating a rain of stone.

  • There are three Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Discover Secco's sound detection. (セッコが音で探知している事を見破る)
    When Secco dives into the ground, Bucciarati must stand completely still. If he does so and is not in front of where Secco dived underground, Secco will emerge and look around confusedly. Stand Shooting him from behind while this happens will reward the player with +3.
  • 2. Puncture a car tire. (自動車のタイヤをパンクさせる)
    After the first Secret Factor is obtained, the player must destroy a car's tire. Doing so will reward the player with +2.
  • 3. Hit Secco with a tire's shockwave. (パンクの衝撃波をセッコに当てる)
    The player must destroy a tire while Secco is close to them while underground. This is made difficult by Secco's near-immediate emergence upon making any movement. If done successfully, a cutscene will activate where the sound of the tire popping damages Secco's ears. This rewards the player with +5, and also activates the second Secret Factor if it is not yet complete.
  • The first Secret Factor must be completed before the other two will become available. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the battle ends, Secco attempts to use a nearby youth as a hostage, only to be soundly defeated by Sticky Fingers's zippers. However, Bucciarati's life energy has begun to run out, leaving him deaf and blind. Unbeknownst to either party, the hostage has stuck around: it is none other than Doppio, who has followed the team to the Colosseum.
His Name Is Diavolo
(そいつの名はディアボロ Soitsu no Na wa Diaboro)
Polnareff vs Diavolo.jpg

Using his spiritual energy, Diavolo tricks a blind Bucciarati into believing that Doppio is Trish. The two enter the Colosseum to meet the mysterious ally, who is suspicious of Doppio. Although Bucciarati attempts to introduce "Trish" to the ally, Doppio sees the Arrow in the ally's hand, confirming his suspicion of their identity. Diavolo abandons Bucciarati and reveals himself, addressing Jean Pierre Polnareff by name. Diavolo questions why Polnareff brought the Arrow, but intends to put an end to him regardless. The player controls Polnareff in his wheelchair and must attack Diavolo until he has lost enough health to end the level. However, Diavolo can erase time with King Crimson, causing Polnareff's movements to be slowed while Diavolo's remain at full speed. Diavolo can also blind the player with blood and create a shockwave that covers the whole stage.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot King Crimson. (キング・クリムゾンをシュート)
    If the player Stand Shoots King Crimson while it is not defending Diavolo, they will be rewarded with +3.
  • 2. Shoot Diavolo. (ディアボロをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Diavolo rewards the player with +7.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
The Requiem Quietly Plays
(鎮魂歌は静かに奏でられる Chinkonka wa Shizuka ni Kanaderareru)
GioGio 11-2 Gameplay.png

Although Diavolo succeeds in killing Polnareff, the latter pricks Silver Chariot with the Arrow as a last-ditch gambit in his final moments. Diavolo claims the Arrow, but a black figure appears near him. Diavolo tries to threaten the figure, but finds himself gradually falling asleep. Meanwhile, Giorno and the others have entered the Colosseum, only to fall asleep themselves. After waking up, they realize that their souls have switched bodies. Polnareff, now in the turtle's body, addresses the group, stating that the newly-formed Chariot Requiem is neutral and must be defeated to claim the Arrow and defeat King Crimson. The group spots Chariot Requiem, but Diavolo's body gets to it first and summons Sticky Fingers to attack. The team cheers on Bucciarati, now in Diavolo's body, as he attempts to obtain the Arrow. The player controls Bucciarati in Diavolo's body and must defeat Chariot Requiem. However, Chariot Requiem can summon his own version of Sticky Fingers that can move freely and attack Bucciarati. Moreover, Chariot Requiem continuously walks forward toward the exit of the Colosseum. If Requiem exits the Colosseum, the fight is lost.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Sticky Fingers. (S・フィンガーズをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Requiem's Sticky Fingers rewards the player with +6.
  • 2. Shoot Requiem. (レクイエムをシュート)
    The player must Stand Shoot Chariot Requiem. This rewards the player with +4.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
King of Kings
(王の中の王 Ō no Naka no Ō)
GioGio 11-3 Gameplay.png

Bucciarati is unable to kill Chariot Requiem, who exits the Colosseum with the Arrow in tow. The Sex Pistols warn the group that Bucciarati's body is waking up, and Mista (in Trish's body) shoots at Bucciarati's command. However, time suddenly skips once more. When the group turns to Narancia to check Aerosmith's radar, they find him impaled upon the metal bars of an arch. Although Giorno is able to heal Narancia's body, his soul is already gone, and Giorno's soul can do nothing but slip back inside his own body. Polnareff comes to the conclusion that the boss has two personalities, and that Diavolo is hiding inside the body of one of the team members. The group races after Chariot once more as Doppio dies in Bucciarati's body. As they catch up to Requiem, Diavolo takes control of Mista's body and weakens Requiem. However, Bucciarati figures out Requiem's secret and destroys it completely, reversing the soul swap and sealing his fate. Bucciarati bids farewell to Giorno, who grabs the Arrow and pierces himself with it as Diavolo wakes up, unlocking Gold Experience Requiem. The player controls Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem, and must defeat Diavolo. Diavolo can still erase time, but Gold Experience Requiem is unaffected. When Diavolo's health bar is emptied, he releases a nondamaging shockwave and regenerates a portion of his health; once this health is depleted, the fight is won.

  • There are three Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    The first Secret Factor will activate immediately when the level starts and reward the player with +5.
  • 2. Attack with a scorpion. (サソリをヒットさせる)
    Shooting Diavolo with Gold Experience Requiem's scorpion attack rewards the player with +2.
  • 3. Survive erased time without being hurt. (時間消去攻撃をノーダメージで切りぬける)
    Enduring a period of erased time without taking damage rewards the player with +3.
  • When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
GioGio Ending.png
After the fight, Gold Experience Requiem pummels Diavolo, tossing him into a river. Although Trish still senses Diavolo's spirit, Giorno declares that everything is already over. Diavolo tries to flee through a sewer, having seemingly survived the fight, but is fatally stabbed by a homeless man. Diavolo then wakes up in a city, only to trip and fall in front of a moving car. Diavolo now realizes Gold Experience Requiem's power has denied him death; when he wakes up before a little girl, all he can do is desperately warn her to stay away. Mista and Trish, now assured of their victory, head to the Colosseum to heal Bucciarati's body, unaware that he is dead. Giorno, uncertain of what to do with the Arrow, hears Bucciarati's spirit reassure him that setting fate free constitutes a complete victory. The trio encounter Polnareff, who managed to cling to the turtle's Stand during Chariot Requiem's defeat and intends to remain in the turtle for some time. Giorno decides not to destroy the Arrow, and he and Polnareff agree to store it within the turtle. The final scene sees Mista open a window for Giorno as he accepts vows of allegiance, having become the new boss of Passione.

Gallery Mode Unlockables

GioGio Points
Stage Concept Art #1-3: Funicular Interior, Naples Plaza, Naples Middle High School
Chapter 1 Stage Test: Funicular Interior, Naples Plaza
Chapter 2 Stage Test: Naples Middle High School
Story Drama 3: Sex Pistols Appears
Chapter 3 Stage Test: Downtown Naples
Stage Concept Art #4-6: Downtown Naples, Pompeii Ruins, Pompeii Ruins ~Dog Mosaic~
Chapter 4 Stage Test: Pompeii Ruins, Pompeii Ruins ~Dog Mosaic~
Team Giorno Model Set 1: Giorno, Bucciarati, Abbacchio, Fugo
Story Drama 4: Conceive! Baby Face
Chapter 5 Stage Test: Express Train to Florence, Outside the Express Train
Illustration Collection: Giorno Giovanna
Stage Concept Art #7-9: Express Train to Florence, Outside the Express Train, Santa Lucia Station
La Squadra Esecuzioni Model Set 1: Formaggio, Illuso, Pesci, Prosciutto
Chapter 6 Stage Test: Santa Lucia Station
Sound Test: Background Music
Illustration Collection: Bruno Bucciarati
Passione Model Set 1: Black Sabbath, Doppio, Shadow Diavolo, Pericolo
Story Drama 5: Clash and Talking Head
Chapter 7 Stage Test: Church Basement
Illustration Collection: Guido Mista
La Squadra Esecuzioni Model Set 2: Ghiaccio, Risotto, Shadow Prosciutto
Sound Test: Sound Effects
Chapter 8 Stage Test: Airplane Interior
Illustration Collection: Narancia Ghirga
Stage Concept Art #14-17: Outside the Colosseum, Colosseum Interior, Colosseum Entrance, Near Tiber River
Naples Citizen Model Set: Naples Boy, Naples Leather Jacket Man, Naples Sweater Man, Naples Gentleman
Chapter 10 Stage Test: Roman Fishing Village, Roman City Rooftop, Outside the Colosseum
Newly-Drawn Illustrations
Team Giorno Model Set 2: Mista, Narancia, Trish, Silver Chariot
Illustration Collection: Leone Abbacchio
Super-Rare Model Set: Zucchero, Leaky-Eye Luca, Aged Passenger
Chapter 11 Stage Test: Colosseum Interior, Colosseum Entrance, Near Tiber River
Passione Model Set 2: Diavolo, Squalo, Tizzano, Cioccolata, Secco
Story Drama 1: Sleeping Slaves
Sound Test: Voice Clips
Illustration Collection: Trish Una
Secret-Rare Model Set: Gold Experience Requiem, Mafioso

Other Characters

A handful of characters do not appear in the main gameplay of Super Story Mode; instead, they appear as part of the Story Dramas, during cutscenes, or simply as character models within Gallery Mode.

Koichi's luggage as seen in Chapter 8-2
Koichi's luggage shown in the manga
  • Polpo, like in canon, does not appear in any battle, only appearing in manga-style cutscenes.
  • Notorious B.I.G's user, Carne, does not appear in the game or in Story Dramas, though he is mentioned in Chapter 8-1's intro cutscenes.
  • Mario Zucchero appears in Story Drama 2, which adapts the latter half of Moody Blues's Retaliation. His model can be seen in the Model Viewer.
  • Sale appears in Story Drama 3, during the final showdown of Enter Sex Pistols.
  • Melone appears in Story Drama 4, an excerpt of Baby Face.
  • Squalo and Tizzano appear in Story Drama 5, adapting a scene from Clash and Talking Head. They also appear in one of the Audio Dramas featured on the game's soundtrack. In addition, their models can be seen in the Model Viewer.
  • Scolippi appears in Story Drama 1, which adapts the interrogation scene from Sleeping Slaves.
  • Risotto Nero appears during a manga-style cutscene in Chapter 9-1, where he is found dead by Bucciarati and Narancia. He also features in an Audio Drama on the game's soundtrack, and his model can be seen in the Model Viewer.
  • Leaky-Eye Luca appears in one of the opening cutscenes, reprising his role from the manga: he attempts to take money from Giorno, only to be swiftly defeated. His model can be seen in the Model Viewer.
  • Coco Jumbo appears during cutscenes, reprising its role in the original story. It can be seen in Chapter 5-1, though it functions as a prop and does not affect either combatant.
  • Koichi Hirose is completely removed from the story. Footage from early builds of the game feature him and Echoes ACT3 as full 3D models, but he was cut when the developers decided to focus on the conflict of Team Bucciarati vs. Diavolo. Koichi does feature in an Audio Drama on the game's soundtrack, however. His luggage is included as one of the falling props in Chapter 8-2, as an Easter egg.
  • Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata, and an elderly Joseph Joestar appear in the game's demo cutscene as images above Giorno, representing the Joestar bloodline and how Giorno takes after them. They also appear in the game's prologue, in panels from the manga. Furthermore, Jotaro Kujo features in an Audio Drama on the game's soundtrack.
  • DIO appears in the game's demo cutscene in a photograph inside Giorno's wallet. He also appears in the game's prologue.
  • Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Mark, Wamuu, Esidisi, Kars, Muhammad Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Iggy, Okuyasu Nijimura, Hayato Kawajiri, and Yoshikage Kira make brief appearances in the game's prologue, as part of panels taken from the manga. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, Lisa Lisa, and Holy Kujo are also mentioned in the prologue. Technically, the prologue cutscene marks the video game debuts of Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Mark, Wamuu, Kars, Okuyasu, Hayato, and Kira.


The development of a Part 5 JoJo game for the PlayStation 2, known as "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 5 (tentative)" (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第5部 (仮称)), was first announced at TGS 2001 on March 30, 2001. During the event, a short clip showing an early version of the game's models and stages was presented. Notably, the clip featured Koichi Hirose, who was later cut from the game. Unlike the other games on display at Capcom's PlayStation 2 booth, JoJo was one of the only one not to feature gameplay of any sort.[3]

News about the game's development would later resurface when it was re-announced at a Capcom vs. SNK 2 tournament on January 13, 2002, in Takeshiba, Tokyo. At the tournament, a video message from Hirohiko Araki was played, where he announced "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Whirlwind" (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の旋風, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Ōgon no Kaze) and "Auto Modellista," which were both scheduled to be released in 2002. Along with the new title, a video showing a more complete version of the game was demonstrated, featuring models and assets closer to the ones found in the final game. In the video, Araki also remarked on the amazing expressiveness of 3D, saying that, "Thanks to how easy it handles and the dedication of Capcom's development team, I'm looking forward to being able to play this game again."

The second game that Araki announced, Auto Modellista, was a racing game being developed by Capcom on the same engine as Golden Whirlwind, sharing similar cel-shaded graphics and visuals. At the end of the video, Araki also said, "Capcom is very particular about their work, so I'm expecting great things from them. This game will make you feel as if you were traveling alongside JoJo. You never know what will happen next."[4][5]

International Release

The game was set to be released worldwide on October 2002 and was presented at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2002, titled simply as GioGio's Bizarre Adventure. The release was eventually canceled due to unknown reasons.

It would not be until All-Star Battle from CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco that another JoJo game would see an international release, the first being Heritage for the Future, also a Capcom product.


On release, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 31 out of 40.



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