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Fugo makes his first video game appearance in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure. He is voiced by Hiroaki Miura.

Fugo's regular moveset consists of lightweight attacks; in addition, he can use a special move that disperses the virus in a circle around Fugo, though this does not deplete Purple Haze's capsules. However, using the "Numbskull!" move causes Fugo to become enraged, changing his Normal Mode moveset entirely: Fugo uses heavier attacks, and his special move now disperses the virus in a straight line in front of him. Using the "Numbskull!" move again will restore Fugo's regular moveset.

Like Narancia, Fugo cannot move while in Stand Mode: the player takes direct control of Purple Haze. At the bottom right corner of the screen, Purple Haze's virus capsules are displayed, showing how many times Purple Haze can use the virus before he must use his refill ability. Purple Haze possesses powerful attacks, as well as a special move that allows it to throw a virus capsule at the enemy. If Purple Haze strays too far from its user, its compulsive tendency to clean itself will take over, and the Stand will be unable to move until it is recalled.

Pannacotta Fugo / Purple Haze
Normal Mode
Stand Mode
PS Square.png
Normal Combo (3x)
Heavy Combo (2x) (Enraged)
Stand Rush (2x)
PS Square.png (Heavy)
Tackle (while moving)
Heavy Punch
PS Cross.png
A homicidal virus!
The virus capsule!
PS Triangle.png
Capsule Reload
PS R1.png
Purple Haze!

Available Stages: Chapters 4-1, 4-3
  • Another Story Mode: Chapters 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 5-2, 6-2, 7-2, 11-2

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