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Cioccolata appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure as the main enemy of Chapter 10-2, and as a supporting enemy in Chapter 10-1.

During Chapter 10-1, Green Day's mold manifests beneath the player character's feet as they move. If the player stops moving during the level, the player character will begin sinking and Green Day's mold will begin dealing steady damage. Once the player begins moving again, the mold will cease its attack.

In Chapter 10-2, the player fights Cioccolata directly. Cioccolata's Stand, Green Day, is always active and moves in straight lines independently of him, teleporting near the player every few seconds. If the player touches the mold Green Day leaves in its wake, the mold will grow on them; during the fifteen seconds the mold is active, the player character will take continuous damage and begin flinching. Cioccolata himself can attack the player character either by punching them or cutting them with a scalpel. He can also tear himself into pieces and attack the player as individually moving parts, with his arms grabbing the player character and his legs kicking them.

Cioccolata / Green Day
Normal Mode
PS Square.png
Normal Combo (2x)
Tackle (while moving)
PS Cross.png
Not so fast!
PS Circle.png
Decay them, my mold!
Green Day

Non-Playable Character

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