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Illuso appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure as the enemy character faced in all three stages of Chapter 4. Illuso's attack pattern uses mirrors to move between the normal world and the mirror world, which is depicted as teleporting from mirror to mirror. Other than using Man in the Mirror to deliver punches, his main form of attack is to slash or throw mirror shards at the player. Illuso's most powerful attack utilizes Man in the Mirror to grab the player from behind and slit their throat, dealing substantial damage; this attack may be activated from any range, though it cannot be used while Illuso is in the normal world.

Illuso / Man in the Mirror
Normal Mode
PS Square.png
I'll cut you up! (2x)
Tackle (while moving)
Stand Rush (Stand Mode)
PS Square.png (Heavy)
Tackle (while moving)
Heavy Punch
PS Cross.png
This changes nothing!
I'll end you now! (Near mirror)
PS Triangle.png (Near Mirror)
Only I can move in
and out of the mirror!
I can move freely within the mirror! (While moving)
PS R1.png
Slice 'em up, Man in the Mirror!
Man in the Mirror! (Stand Mode)

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