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Ghiaccio appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure as the enemy character faced in Chapters 6-1 and 6-2 of Super Story Mode.

Chapter 6-1 tasks the player with defending the car Giorno is driving from Ghiaccio for two minutes. The player must keep Ghiaccio from coming too close, as he will charge at the car to deal damage.

During Chapter 6-2, the player faces Ghiaccio in a traditional battle. Most attacks toward Ghiaccio will be blocked from the front, requiring the player to deliver them from behind him. Due to his skates, Ghiaccio cannot make slight turns and instead must turn in a wide trajectory to face his target: when his trajectory lines up with the player, Ghiaccio will charge at them. In addition, Ghiaccio can freeze the ground to create ice crystals, either as a short-range attack in six directions or as a long-range homing attack in one direction. Both of these attacks leave Ghiaccio open for a counterattack, unless Ghiaccio activates White Album Gently Weeps: while Gently Weeps is active, Ghiaccio can reflect bullets shot at him from any direction. Gently Weeps does not reflect Purple Haze's thrown capsules, Polnareff's sword launch attack, or any non-projectile attacks.

Ghiaccio / White Album
Stand Mode
PS Square.png (While skating)
Your attacks are useless!
PS Cross.png
Cryogenic temperature is a world of stillness!
PS Cross.png (Moving left)
Cryogenic temperatures freeze everything!
PS Triangle.png
White Album Gently Weeps!

Non-Playable Character

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