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Secco appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure as the main enemy of Chapters 10-1 and 10-3.

During Chapter 10-1, Secco will appear at fixed points in the stage to attack the player. Secco can punch, kick, or dive at the player, as well as create ripples in the ground to stun them. Secco can also slide at the player, following the slide up with a punching barrage if it connects. Secco's most dangerous technique requires the player to sink into the ground low enough for Secco to grab them and drag them into the floor; when this happens, Secco will throw the player out of a wall at a lower point, dealing heavy damage and setting the player back some distance. Secco cannot be defeated in Chapter 10-1, as he has no health bar; the player can only claim victory by reaching the exit ramp.

Secco is faced again in Chapter 10-3, in front of the Colosseum in Rome. Secco frequently dives underground during the battle, requiring the player to stand completely still to avoid being heard and attacked. Secco retains all of his moves from 10-1 except his grab attack. Instead, after taking a certain amount of damage, he gains the ability to spit mud into the air, which then rains back down as solid spikes in either a random formation or a straight line toward the player character.

Secco / Oasis
Normal Mode
PS Square.png
You're a nuisance! (3x)
PS Square.png + PS LS.png Up
You're so annoying! (4x)
PS Cross.png
PS Triangle.png
Let's go!
PS Triangle.png (Underground)
Here it is!
PS Triangle.png + PS LS.png Up
I'll mess-mess-mess you up!
PS Cross.png + PS LS.png Up
Eat these! Concrete spears!
PS Cross.png + PS LS.png Down
Go ahead and try it if you can!
PS Cross.png (Underground)
I hear your echoes!

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