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Notorious B.I.G appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure in Chapters 8-1 and 8-2. In Chapter 8-1, Notorious B.I.G will move back and forth aimlessly until something moves, at which point the Stand will leap at and attack the source of the movement. The Stand only has one move against the player in this form: it will jump on the player's head before knocking them to the front of the plane. If one of the seats is attacked by the player, it will begin reclining, and Notorious B.I.G will begin tearing into it; if the attack that triggers it is a Stand Shoot from Spice Girl, B.I.G will be unable to destroy the seat.

Having eaten the airplane's engines, Notorious B.I.G grows to a gigantic size in Chapter 8-2, and continues growing during the fight. If B.I.G reaches the front of the plane, the player character will be crushed and die instantly. The player must attack B.I.G in order to set it back and stall it for two minutes. Notorious B.I.G will swipe at the player if they are too close, and stretch its arms in order to punch them from far away.

Both forms of Notorious B.I.G move and attack automatically, and even hacking the game to play as them will not allow the player to control them.

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