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Pesci appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure as the enemy faced in Chapter 5-2, though he also appears unconscious as a prop in Chapter 5-1. In Super Story Mode, Pesci's first move once the battle begins is to hook Bucciarati before he or the player can react; this does not occur in Another Story Mode. Aside from a single melee attack if the player gets too close, Pesci's moveset relies upon him gaining distance between himself and the player in order to use Beach Boy. Pesci can send Beach Boy's lure through the ground to knock the player down, or send it through the air in either a straight line or a figure-eight shape to hook them instead. If caught, the player character will begin taking damage; the player must hold the left stick in the opposite direction of Beach Boy, to avoid Pesci knocking the player down and dealing heavy damage. If Pesci reels the player character close enough to him, he will perform a kick, dealing damage but also freeing them from the line.

Pesci / Beach Boy
Normal Mode
Stand Mode
PS Square.png
I'll make you atone!
I'll make you atone!
PS Cross.png
Something's biting!
Something's biting!
PS R1.png
I understand through your spirit!
I'm gonna reel you in!

Non-Playable Character

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