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Black Sabbath makes its first video game appearance in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, as a non-playable enemy character in Chapter 2-1. The player has two minutes to defeat Sabbath: if they fail to do so, the sun will set over the stage, and Sabbath will fatally stab the player character with its Stand Arrow. All of Black Sabbath's moves serve as means to grab the player character or their Stand. If the player is in the shadow, Sabbath can simply lunge at them; if the player is in the sunlight, the Stand must rely on moving crows to reach them. If Sabbath succeeds, it will stab the player's Stand with the Stand Arrow; the player will begin taking damage and must use the control stick and buttons on the controller to break loose.

Black Sabbath
Normal Mode
PS LS.png (In shadow)
Shadow Movement
PS Square.png
You! You reignited it!
PS Circle.png
Caught you!
PS Triangle.png
You! Did you reignite it?

Non-Playable Character

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