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Weiß Schwarz (ヴァイスシュヴァルツ, Vaisu Shuvarutsu), also spelled Weiss Schwarz, is a Japanese Collectible card game released by Bushiroad in collaboration with various other popular animation and video game companies. Series are divided into two sides: Weiß, German for "white," and Schwarz, German for "black."

A Golden Wind trial deck was released in Japan on June 14, 2019 with booster packs on September 29, 2019.[1] An English version was released on March 27, 2020.

Decks based on Stardust Crusaders and Stone Ocean were announced on March 21, 2023 and released on August 11, 2023.[2][3]

Rules & Information

Weiß_Schwarz Play Area

Deck Building

  1. A deck must contain exactly 50 cards.
  2. A deck can only have up to four cards of the same name unless otherwise stated.
  3. A deck can have up to a maximum of 8 Climax Cards.
  4. Decks benefit from cards with matching colors and series.

Card Types

Character Cards

Character Card

These cards feature unique characteristics and attributes based on the series they hail from and are the player's primary means of combat. Each player can place up to five Character Cards from their hand onto the Stage section of the field, three on Center Stage and two in the back. Characters in the Back Stage are invulnerable to direct combat but are also unable to attack, which benefits those who primarily provide buffs.

Power level determines the outcome of battles between two Center Stage Characters, soul points determine the damage dealt, and Level/Cost determines the cost required to summon the Character. During a turn, Characters will either be in upright 'Stand' state which allows them to attack, sideways 'Rest' state, which they are set to after attacking, or upside-down 'Reverse' state, which means they were defeated in battle.

Event Cards

These cards are typically used during the Main Phrase and can provide a number of different effects, such as changing the power of Characters, searching the deck, or removing cards from the Stage. Similar to Character Cards, a player can play as many Event Cards from their hand as they wish, provided they supply the appropriate cost stated on each card and have the right colors in their Level/Stock area. There is no designated area where an Event card should go, and once they are used they are placed into the Waiting Room unless otherwise stated.

Climax Card

Climax Cards

Similar to Event Cards, these cards provide various effects, but only 8 of them are allowed in a deck. Only one Climax Card may be used per turn and must be sent to the Waiting Room during the End Phase. Climax Card effects are either Automatic, which are invoked immediately, or Continuous, which continue to be active until they leave the field.


Set Up

At the start of the game, players shuffle their decks and place them face-down in the designated area. Players then choose who to go first through whatever means, and draw five cards. Starting with the player who goes first, each player can discard any number of cards in their hand to the Waiting Room and draw the same number of cards from their deck. The main objective of the game is to force your opponent to level up by inflicting seven cards of damage. Once a player hits level 4, they lose the game.


Stand, Draw, Clock Phase

At the start of a player's turn, all characters that are in the "rest" state are now turned right side up into "standing" state. The player then draws one card from the deck and places one card from their hand onto the Clock Area. They may also skip this clock portion to draw an extra card.

Main Phase

During the Main Phase, a player can perform any of the following given they pay the appropriate costs:

  1. Play an Event Card. After it's activated, the player places the card in the Waiting Room. There is no limit to the number of Event Cards that can be played during a turn.
  2. Play a Character Card. A player can place a card on the Stage standing up in any stage position of their choice. If a character already exists in a stage position, the existing card is placed in the Waiting Room. There is no limit to how many Character Cards can be played.
  3. Move a character. A player can freely change the stage position of a character or swap it with a character in another position. Character statuses can't be changed.
  4. Use a character's ability. A player can activate a character ability on Stage if it's marked with an "ACT" icon. The ability can be activated multiple times if the right costs are paid.

Climax Phase

The player can play a Climax Card from their hand and place it in the Climax Area. Climax Cards provide powerful effects that last for the rest of the turn.

Attack Phase

Players can choose to attack during this phase by switching characters on the stage to the "rest" position (Note: Only one attack can be made during the first turn). Players then select one of three attack types:

  • Frontal: Your character attacks the character directly in front of them.
  • Side: Your character attacks one of the opponent's other characters not in front of it, however, your character's soul points are reduced by the level of the target.
  • Direct: If no enemy character is present in front of yours, you can choose to attack the other player directly. Doing so increases their soul points by 1 for the duration of the turn.

The attacking player picks up the top card of their deck. They then unleash the effect represented on the Trigger Icon on the top right of the card and place the card face-down in the Stock. The player being attacked can counter-attack by using a special card or ability which is marked with a "BACKUP" icon.

The player who is attacked takes damage equal to the Souls Points of the attacking character. This is represented by the player picking up a number of cards from their deck equal to the soul points and placing them in the Clock Area. If a Climax Card is drawn, place all the cards drawn in the Waiting Room. Compare the Power of the two characters and change the card with more points to "rest" state and the losing card to "reverse" state. Players are free to repeat an attack with all Characters on their stage.

End Phase

Cards in the Climax area are sent to the Waiting Room. If there are eight or more cards in the player's hand, they must select and send cards to the Waiting Room until they have seven or less. All effects that were activated during the turn will end if they have the phrase "until end of turn" in their text.

Leveling System

Players that have 7 cards in their Clock Area level up by 1. When this happens, the player selects any 1 card from the top 7 cards in their Clock Area, places it in the Level Area, and discards the remaining 6 to the Waiting Room. All additional cards past the aforementioned top 7 (the 8th and beyond, before discarding) remain on the Clock Area unless the conditions for a subsequent Level Up are met. Note that outside Level 0 Characters and Event cards, most cards cannot be placed unless their level matches the players and their color matches one card in the player's Level or Clock Area. i.e, a Red Level 3 Character can only be placed on the Stage if the player has reached Level 3 and has at least one red card in their Level or Clock Area.

List of Cards




  • Trial decks have a chance of containing a signed card by the voice cast. Parallel cards are randomly sealed into decks, and every deck contains two shiny cards. In addition, every deck has a chance to contain one of the following: [RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (4 types) and [SP] Sign card of voice cast (1 type).



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