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Prosciutto appears in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure during Chapter 5-1 of Super Story Mode as the main enemy, and during Chapter 5-2 as one of only two supporting enemies in the game (the other being Cioccolata in Chapter 10-1). Though Prosciutto can attack normally, all of his special attacks require Grateful Dead to be active; as a matter of fact, Prosciutto cannot withdraw Grateful Dead unless a Stand Break is triggered. Throughout the fight, the player character's health will slowly drain as long as Grateful Dead is active, and the effect can only be deactivated via either triggering a Stand Break on Prosciutto or attacking the ice dispenser in the stage. Grateful Dead can accelerate the aging process either by using more power, requiring it to stand still, or by grabbing the player directly.

In Chapter 5-2, a dying Prosciutto will activate Grateful Dead thirty seconds into the battle. Unlike in Chapter 5-1, Grateful Dead does not physically appear, and the only way to deactivate the effect is to Stand Shoot Prosciutto, putting him out of commission permanently.

Prosciutto / Grateful Dead
Normal Mode
Stand Mode
PS Square.png
Normal Punch Attack (3x)
Tackle (while moving)
Too slow!
You can't escape! (Moving left)
PS Cross.png

Grow old!
Directly is fastest! (Moving left)

Non-Playable Character

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