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And now, our fates have truly become one and the same... (そして今、ふたりの運命は完全にひとつとなった……)

The Final Ripple! (最後の波紋!, Saigo no Hamon!)[1] is the ninth episode of season one of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It is also the ninth and final episode of Phantom Blood. It covers the second half of Chapter 41 through Chapter 44 of the manga.

Jonathan is victorious against Dio, who is reduced to a head. Months later, Jonathan marries Erina Pendleton and goes on a cruise with his bride. However, Dio returns and plans on stealing Jonathan's body.


As Dio falls following his battle with Jonathan, he decapitates himself before the Ripple reaches his head, which is recovered by his zombie servant Wang Chan.

The narration then explains the aftermath of the battle of Windknight's Lot. Dozens of people were declared missing by the authorities and it is reported that a group of men were seen destroying clothings and a Stone Mask. Speedwagon, who has smashed the mask himself, declares victory.

Jonathan and Erina's wedding day

Months later, Jonathan marries Erina and they head off on a honeymoon to America on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. As they are seen off by every person they have met on their journey, a suspicious ornate and surprisingly long chest is loaded into the cruise ship Jonathan and Erina board. Nonetheless, everyone says good bye to the couple.

As Jonathan and Erina enjoy their cruise, Jonathan discovers that Wang Chan has sneaked aboard and suspects that Dio is still alive. In the haul of the ship, Jonathan meets with Dio's disembodied head. The Vampire acknowledges JoJo's valor and thus has decided to steal his body, the only one worthy of being his host. Erina arrives on the scene just as Jonathan receives a near-fatal attack to his neck, which prevents him from breathing. Meanwhile, the ship starts to run amok with zombies after Wang Chan has spread the infection. Using the last Ripple energy he has, Jonathan manages to decapitate an overconfident Wang Chan, forcing his body to obstruct a piece of the cruise ship's mechanism, setting the ship on a path to explode.

Jonathan's death

As Erina resolves to die by Jonathan's side, Jonathan tells her to live on so she can protect a baby whose mother was killed. As the ship starts to explode, Dio makes a last ditch attempt to take Jonathan's body, but Jonathan stops him, passing away with Dio's head in his arms whilst Erina and the baby hide in Dio's bomb-proof coffin to protect them from the explosion. Erina is eventually rescued near the Canary Islands a day later and vows to pass on the truth of what happened on that night, starting with the child she conceived with Jonathan before his untimely death.

The scene then changes to an ancient ruin in the jungles of Mexico, where a humanoid figure encased in stone is shown to be lightly breathing.


Wang Chan
Matthew Lindsay
(1st mentioned)
Father Styx
(1st appearance) (Death)
Lisa Lisa
(1st appearance)
George Joestar II
(1st mentioned)
George Joestar I
(1st appearance) (Stone)


Script (脚本)
小林 靖子
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
鈴木 健一
Episode Director (演出)
鈴木 健一
Animation Director (作画監督)
秋田 学
町田 真一
Animation Director Cooperation (作画監督協力)
亀井 隆広
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Tomoaki Kado
Yukitoshi Houtani
Akihide Muraji
Shin Hyung Woo
かど ともあき
宝谷 幸稔
村司 晃英
Shin Hyung Woo
Key Animation (原画)
Hideaki Matsuoka
Koji Maruoka
Miyuki Nakayama
Yukiko Watabe
Shinpei Koikawa
Shunichi Ishimoto
Manabu Akita
Gakushi Maeda
Yoshio Usuda
Kazunori Minagawa
Kazuhiko Shibuya
Yumiko Ishii
Masahiko Komino
Hiroshi Tatezaki
Tetsuya Masuda
Kodai Kitahara
Yoko Iizuka
Yoshinobu Ando
Yasufumi Soejima
松岡 秀明
丸岡 功治
中山 みゆき
渡部 由紀子
鯉川 慎平
石本 峻一
秋田 学
前田 学史
臼田 美夫
皆川 一徳
渋谷 一彦
石井 ゆみこ
小美野 雅彦
舘崎 大
増田 哲弥
北原 広大
飯塚 葉子
安藤 義信
ソエジマ ヤスフミ
White Line
Hwang Sung Won
Hwang Sung Won
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Megumi Itoi
Akihide Muraji
Shinichi Machida
Reiji Mitsusada
Aya Nishimura
糸井 恵
村司 晃英
町田 真一
光定 レイジ
西村 彩
White Line
Kang Sul A
Kwan Hyun Ae
Sim Myung Ju
Kang Sul A
Kwan Hyun Ae
Sim Myung Ju
In-between Animation (動画)
In-Between Animation Inspection
Kumiko Ohta
太田 久美子

White Line
Kim Jong Kyu
Ku Ja Chun
Kim Yun Hui
Park Jin Hee
Park Hee Joung
Byun Jin Sun
Sin Jin Eun
Yang Hyo Jung
Lee Hye Kyoung
Jung A Yung
Cha Hyun Ju
Chae Youn Kyung
Kim Jong Kyu
Ku Ja Chun
Kim Yun Hui
Park Jin Hee
Park Hee Joung
Byun Jin Sun
Sin Jin Eun
Yang Hyo Jung
Lee Hye Kyoung
Jung A Young
Cha Hyun Ju
Chae Youn Kyung
david production
Shuhei Fukuda
Sae Akama
Takahiro Okawa
Kirara Kikui
Aya Nishimura
福田 周平
赤間 紗枝
大川 貴大
菊井 きらら
西村 彩

Kumiko Ohta
太田 久美子
David Production
Kayo Kudou
工藤 かよ

Akiko Morinaka
森中 亮子
3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
Takehito Kobayashi
小林 武人
Momomo Works (もももワークス)
Motonobu Kawashima
Naoyuki Seki
Hiroka Fujita
川島 基展
関 直幸
藤田 広香
Betop Japan (Betop Japan株式会社)
Liu Jiaming
Wong Wai
劉 佳銘
王 偉
David Production
Masato Hira
平 将人
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
亀井 隆広
工藤 かよ
Puavaranukroh Taweeporn
Screen Setting (画面設計)
Kiyotoshi Aoi
青井 清年


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 9: The Final Ripple!
Start End Title OST Description

Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Dio decapitates himself to survive
Stone Mask ~The Secret~
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Aftermath of the battle
JoJo ~The Fate of That Blood~
JoJo ~The Fate of That Blood~
A Moment's Happiness
Phantom Blood (Future)
Jonathan and Erina are married.
Love, Lively
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Leaving on a honeymoon
Silent Horizon
Phantom Blood (Future)
Erina happy to be with Jonathan
Joestar Family
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Restaurant music
Hidden Feelings
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Jonathan sees Wang Chan
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Dio shoots JoJo in the throat
A Superhuman Reborn
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Ship invaded by Zombies
Persistence ~Innocent Scream~
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Jonathan's last Ripple to sabotage the ship
With Humanity, Affection, and Nobility
Phantom Blood (Future)
Erina wants to die with Jonathan/Saving a baby
Parting Regrets
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Jonathan Joestar's death
Phantom Blood (Future)
The story of Jonathan Joestar
An ancient threat/Ending
Oh please...
Battle Tendency (Musik)
Next episode preview

Manga/Anime Differences

  • A scene of Jonathan and Erina's honeymoon setting sail while Jonathan's friends celebrate is added.
  • Father Styx's flashback to him being given orders to a missionary trip in Mexico are cut; instead, his superiors give him the orders in person before boarding the ship.
  • A few scenes depicting the vampiric infection onboard the ship are added.
  • An extra scene showing the mother protecting her baby before dying is added.
  • A scene foreshadowing Part 2 is added, of a man encased in stone somewhere in a Mexican jungle.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese 最後の波紋! The Final Ripple!
China Chinese 最後的波紋! The Final Ripple!
United States of America English The Final Ripple!
Spain Spanish ¡El último Hamon! The last Hamon!
Brazil Portuguese O Último Hamon The Last Hamon
France French La dernière onde ! The last wave!
Germany German Das letzte Hamon The last Hamon
Israel Hebrew האדווה האחרונה The Last Ripple
Flag of the Arab League Arabic الهامون الأخير ! The last Hamon!
Italy Italian L'ultima Onda! The last Wave!
Czech Republic Czech Konečná vlna! The Final wave!
Denmark Danish Den sidste krusning! The last ripple!
Poland Polish Finałowa fala! The Final wave!


Link to this sectionCommentary
The series's director Kenichi Suzuki was in charge of the storyboard in this episode. It was simply flawless, I really have nothing to say about it. If I must absolutely say something, I'll just say "It was very interesting." (laughs). The 2D animation is really perfected for this finale.

Erina is one of JoJo's rare female characters. Her face is always somewhat different from one episode to another, but she's always ravishing (laughs).

I will note the last scene where Erina holds Lisa Lisa in her arms. It's the perfect link between the violent struggle that just ended, and a vision focused on the future. The farewell between Erina and Jonathan are especially moving. Kazuyuki Okitsu, Jonathan's voice actor, even shed a tear during the recording. It's even more poignant since a few scenes earlier, they were peacefully sailing as a couple.



  • Newspapers.png
    A newspaper is shown during the narration detailing the aftermath of Jonathan's battle against Dio in Windknight's Lot. While the first part of the newspaper is a credible article reporting on the events of the story in English, another shown article is in fact a real-life article named "On Blackwall Pier" lifted from the newspapers East London Observer.[2]
  • Despite the official English localization of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure referring to the Ripple as "Hamon," this episode is still titled "The Final Ripple," in all English-language versions of the show.



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