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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Lisa Lisa.


Phantom Blood (1888-1889)

Elizabeth and Erina Pendleton

Elizabeth is born sometime in December 1888. On January 17, 1889, she is present as a baby on the cruise ship attacked by Dio Brando. Her mother is killed by a zombie during the attack and she falls into the engine room holding Elizabeth in her arms, near Jonathan Joestar and Erina.[1] Reminded of his own mother who died with him in her arms, Jonathan requests Erina to leave him and protect the baby. He shields them from an explosion and manages to trap Dio's head in his arms, allowing Erina and the baby to hide in the explosion-proof coffin.

Erina, Elizabeth, and the unborn George II are the only living survivors of the destruction of the boat and are eventually rescued near the Canary Islands two days later.[2]

Post-Phantom Blood (1889-1938)

Elizabeth is subsequently adopted by the Ripple user Straizo, and learns the art of Ripple from him until her 18th birthday. During this time, Straizo entrusts her with the Red Stone of Aja.[3]

Elizabeth with her family

As a young adult, Elizabeth eventually marries George II, and they have one son, Joseph. George, unfortunately, is not trained properly in the art of the Ripple, and is killed by his higher-ranking military official after discovering that he happened to be a zombie who had served Dio. Elizabeth murders her husband's killer, splitting his body in two with a Ripple-infused karate chop which destroys him. However, she is witnessed by another soldier. The military, unaware of such things as zombies, thinks that Elizabeth committed a simple murder and burned the commander's corpse. The army broadcasts news of Elizabeth's crime and she becomes a fugitive. She takes on the alias "Lisa Lisa" and hides in Air Supplena Island within Venice. The Speedwagon Foundation helps her to erase all evidence of her existence.[4]

Afterwards, Lisa Lisa collaborates with Mario Zeppeli in order to find a way to stop the Pillar Men, but Mario is killed by a trap. Incidentally, Mario had sacrificed himself for his own estranged son, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli. Caesar meets Lisa Lisa and undergoes Ripple training, becoming her student.[5]

Battle Tendency (1939)

Training Her Students

After the Pillar Men awaken on January 30, 1939, Joseph is defeated by Wamuu, but the latter lets him survive after Joseph bluffs his way into having a rematch in one month. To train Joseph, Caesar thus brings him to Venice to train under Lisa Lisa. Two days later, Lisa Lisa disguises as a gondola driver and crosses paths with Caesar and Joseph near the canals.[6] However, she fights her son to test his ability, hiding that she is his mother. Lisa Lisa easily wins and although she is impressed by Joseph's natural level, she notes his lack of skill and forces him to wear a special Ripple-breathing Mask to compel him to maintain his Ripple breathing continuously. Lisa Lisa then brings the two men to her island and immediately tosses them into the bottom of the Hell Climb Pillar to force them to surpass themselves.[7]

Lisa Lisa and her assistants

Watching them without pity, Lisa Lisa sees Joseph trying to climb with a rope and cuts it.[8] Lisa Lisa witnesses Joseph passing the trial in his own unique way and tolerates that Caesar helps him climb the last stretch of the pit.[9] Joseph initially seeks revenge but Lisa Lisa gives him an upside down glass of water which Joseph can contain without effort. Impressed, Joseph immediately accepts her as his master. Lisa Lisa then subjects her two students to a month of hellish training with the help of her assistants Loggins and Messina.[10]

Lisa Lisa demonstrating the power of the Super Aja to Joseph and Caesar

On February 25, 1939, Lisa Lisa heads to Piazza San Marco with Joseph and Caesar to go shopping, where she gets a drink at a café. A pickpocket attempts to steal her Red Stone of Aja, but Lisa Lisa grabs it back from him. The man points a knife below her armpit, but Lisa Lisa shrugs it off. Joseph then arrives and stops the tip of the man's knife with the Ripple before squeezing mustard all over his face.[10] Lisa Lisa explains to Joseph that their goal is to protect the Aja, and destroying it would make fighting the Pillar Men just that much more difficult hence why she keeps it on her person. On the boat ride back to the island, Lisa Lisa demonstrates the Aja's ability when it is pointed at sunlight, creating a beam that destroys a small part of their boat. She informs Joseph and Caesar that they will begin their final trial once they're back, believing their abilities to rival Loggins and Messina now.[11]

Search for the Red Stone of Aja

The next morning, Lisa Lisa's maid Suzi Q asks her which blouse she would like to wear. Lisa Lisa asks Suzi Q to pick for her, worrying about Joseph and Caesar's trials as she feels something ominous. She asks Suzi Q to bring Joseph and Caesar to her room once they return. Lisa Lisa takes a bubble bath while waiting for them, still feeling concerned.

Esidisi kills Loggins and hides on Joseph's back after their battle. Esidisi possesses Suzi Q when she sees Joseph and steals the Aja from Lisa Lisa while she's taking a bath, sending it away on a mail boat. He quickly returns back to Lisa Lisa's room and taunts her, declaring she'll have to kill Suzi Q in order to kill him.[12] Joseph and Caesar arrive, but Esidisi attacks Caesar and provokes them all to kill Suzi Q. Esidisi attempts to blow Suzi Q's body up, so Lisa Lisa desperately orders Joseph to send the Ripple into Suzi Q's body. Joseph and Caesar manage to send positive and negative Ripple through her body, canceling out the effects on her heart while simultaneously affecting Esidisi.[13] Esidisi leaves her body and is destroyed by the sunlight. Lisa Lisa manages to read Suzi Q's thoughts using hypnosis and discovers that Esidisi has sent the Red Stone of Aja to Switzerland. Lisa Lisa heads to St. Moritz by car along with Joseph, Caesar, and Messina.[14]

Switzerland Pursuit

When they're about an hour away from the border, they catch up to the train containing the mail. However, the Stone is intercepted by a squad of German soldiers and their mysterious commander invites the group to his chalet.[15] Around 10 PM that night, Kars infiltrates the chalet and almost manages to steal the Stone. However, Joseph gets it back while Kars falls off a cliff.[16]

By following the exact address of Esidisi's package, the group discovers the lair of the Pillar Men: an abandoned hotel. Eager to fight, Caesar goes to the hotel alone first, wanting to avenge his father and grandfather. Lisa Lisa and Joseph attempt to stop him, but he disobeys his master's order.[17] Messina decides to follow him,[18] while Lisa Lisa explains about Caesar's past to Joseph.[5] Joseph and Lisa Lisa follow them to the mansion afterward, finding Messina's severed arm on the way.[19] However, Wamuu manages to kill Caesar before they enter.[20]

Lisa Lisa and Joseph find Messina alive yet unconscious, so Lisa Lisa says she'll treat his wounds immediately. They then notice a bubble formed by blood and the Ripple with Caesar's headband inside it. As they look around, Lisa Lisa tries maintaining her composure, claiming that she won't let Joseph mourn for Caesar as she takes out a cigarette. Joseph realizes her act and points out that her cigarette is in her mouth backwards. Suddenly, they see that Caesar has been crushed by a rock, causing both of them to break down in tears.[21]

Lisa Lisa and Joseph decide to head further into the hotel and are attacked by a vampire named Wired Beck, but Lisa Lisa effortlessly kills him.[22] She and Joseph finally enter a large hall where Kars and an army of a hundred vampires wait for them. However, Lisa Lisa manages to bluff Kars by mentioning a time bomb that will explode the Red Stone if neither her nor Joseph return to it at a certain time. She negotiates a contest: two one-on-one battles for the fate of the Red Stone. Kars accepts and releases Joseph to bring the Stone to them.[23]

Battles at Skeleton Heel Stone

At midnight on February 28, the contest begins at the Skeleton Heel Stone, a large arena from ancient times. Joseph sees that Lisa Lisa has a photo with Straizo, Speedwagon, and Erina, questioning her about it when he returns.[24] Lisa Lisa explains how Erina saved her fifty years ago and that Straizo became her foster father, shocking Joseph about her true age.[3]

When Kars sends out vampire horses for Wamuu and Joseph to use in a deadly chariot race, Lisa Lisa tests his claim by seeing if they can truly control the horses with a little bit of the Ripple. She encourages Joseph to win, since they have no other option.[3] Lisa Lisa closely observes the race, commenting on their moves and praising Joseph.[25] After Joseph wins, the vampires mock Wamuu, disgusting Lisa Lisa.[26]

Lisa Lisa tricked and defeated by Kars

Lisa Lisa steps in for her battle against Kars. Some vampires ignore the rules, swarming Joseph and Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa easily handles one of them and threatens to smash the Red Stone if they disobey her. Kars kills the vampires instead, claiming that he'll honor her wishes. They fight at the Piz Berlina Ruins, the ruins of another arena. Kars offers her several weapons but Lisa Lisa is set on using her special scarf as her sole weapon. Kars disappears in a flash of light. When he reappears to attack, Lisa Lisa seemingly defeats him with a Ripple kick to the head, but it is revealed that it was merely a double; she is stabbed in the back from the real Kars' light blades and loses consciousness.[27]

Kars takes the Red Stone and sics his vampires on Joseph but the Speedwagon Foundation and Rudol von Stroheim's unit come to the rescue equipped with UV lights. Kars lifts Lisa Lisa's legs and strokes them like he's playing a guitar, provoking Joseph. He then suddenly stabs her feet with a blade and puts a rope in the holes, sewing her feet together. The rope wraps around the platform they're standing on as Kars kicks her body off the ledge. Joseph manages to grab the rope and protect Lisa Lisa. Meanwhile, Smokey, who arrived with Speedwagon, worries that Joseph still doesn't know that Lisa Lisa is his long-lost mother.[28]

Saved by Joseph

Kars cuts Lisa Lisa's rope, causing Joseph and Lisa Lisa to fall. However, Joseph had managed to tie the rope around Kars's leg and his own leg as well while he was jumping around. Joseph manages to leap back up using Kars's body as support.[29] He sends an Overdrive into Kars and takes the rope off Kars's leg, making him fall into spikes. Joseph is relieved that Lisa Lisa's vital organs seem to be okay. Kars then manages to combine the Red Stone with a Stone Mask and uses Stroheim's UV light to activate the Mask, transforming him into the Ultimate Thing.[4] Joseph hands Lisa Lisa over to Speedwagon, preparing for his final plan against Kars.[30]

Fake Funeral

Surprised to see Joseph alive

After Joseph fights and wins against Kars, he is thought to have died in a volcanic eruption. A funeral is organized for him mid-March and Lisa Lisa participates in it along with Speedwagon, Erina, Smokey, and Messina. Suddenly, Joseph arrives and reveals that he was alive all along. Suzi Q had forgotten to send a telegram which informed them of his survival and that Suzi Q is now his wife. Shocked, Lisa Lisa cries tears of joy upon reuniting with her son.[31]

Post-Battle Tendency

Lisa Lisa with her son and daughter-in-law

Lisa Lisa personally reveals to Joseph that she is his mother later after Joseph's "funeral". She eventually remarries a Hollywood screenwriter in 1948 when she is 60 years old.[31] Joseph talks to her about the Star Birthmark at some point.[32]


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Lisa Lisa is a primary ally in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. She is originally named Elizabeth Straizo (エリザベス・ストレイツォ, Erizabesu Sutoreitso) but also has the nickname of Lisa Lisa since she was a child.


Erina holding the baby Lisa Lisa

While she was a baby on a ship headed to America in 1889, the sudden zombie invasion and death of her parents led to Lisa Lisa naturally breathing in a special way to protect herself.[33] Erina saved the baby and escaped from the ship in Dio Brando's coffin. When Erina opened the lid while in the ocean, she found Dio's feet attached to the coffin. Dio managed to grab Lisa Lisa out of the coffin and cradled the baby by his chest, using her as a hostage. Dio offered to spare Lisa Lisa if Erina offered her blood to him. As Erina could not refuse, Dio handed back Lisa Lisa and drank a lot of blood from Erina without restraint. Dio cooked fish for Erina to keep her body healthy for blood, but Erina chewed the fish and let the baby Lisa Lisa eat it. Dio would also slip his fingers into Erina and Lisa Lisa's arms to inject water into their bodies.

A young Lisa Lisa and Erina

After Dio realized that Erina was attempting to trap him in the bottom compartment of the coffin, Dio pushed Erina into the bottom compartment instead and took Lisa Lisa with him into the top compartment, threatening to eat her if Erina tried something stupid. Later, Erina eventually managed to get Dio into the bottom compartment. Erina and Lisa Lisa are saved by a ship and live at the Canary Islands. She raises both Lisa Lisa and her son George Joestar II for the next eleven years.[34]

While in school, George was constantly bullied by Antonio Torres and his gang of friends. Lisa Lisa would severely beat them up each time but Antonio started getting used to it and continued, making fun of George even more for relying on a girl to save him.[33]

Lisa Lisa's Youth (1900-1905)

Childhood in La Palma

Worried about George

One day in 1900, Antonio tries shoving dog waste into George's mouth but Lisa Lisa beats the bully up like usual. When George starts crying, Lisa Lisa is furious with George, lecturing him not to be so pathetic. She goes back home by herself and cries in her room, worried about George. Erina gives George a stern talk, letting him know that Lisa Lisa will be leaving them to go live in Italy with her adopted father Straizo, when she turns twelve. While George refuses to accept it at first, a strong speech from Erina and seeing Lisa Lisa cry for the first time convinces him to be brave. The next day, Antonio is found murdered and his friend, Julio Gonzales, accuses either George or Lisa Lisa as the culprit since they both left home early and Lisa Lisa wasn't at school yet.

About to attack Alejandro

Meanwhile, Tsukumojuku Kato, George's classmate, finds "Antonio" standing at the door. However, it is actually Lisa Lisa who was hiding inside the boy's skin in order to lure out the real murderer. Lisa Lisa steps out of Antonio's skin and introduces herself to the class. She describes four rules that George's classmates must follow in order to stay safe, warning them that they must be home before sundown, and need to stay there with their doors and windows shut until sunrise. Tsukumojuku then states that Lisa Lisa's plan had worked, and the sunlight-hating killer was already in the school. George notices that the hallway had turned dark and gloomy. Lisa Lisa, George, and Tsukumojuku walk down the hall and are confronted by a man who looks like Antonio, standing on the ceiling. The man's name is Alejandro Torres, and he asks if they've seen his son. Alejandro had already eaten Antonio in the morning but then heard he went to school afterwards. Lisa Lisa argues with the vampire and he decides to kill her, but is destroyed by Lisa Lisa's Indigo Blue Overdrive. As an attempt to be brave, George unexpectedly runs in front of her at that moment to Lisa Lisa's surprise, and is also knocked out by the attack.

Leaving to Italy

Christmas arrives and Straizo and the other Ripple warriors go to Erina's house for dinner. Lisa Lisa and George are emotionally uninterested in the party. They talk to each other and she jokes about marrying George with both of them declaring they love each other. The next day, Lisa Lisa leaves with Straizo, Messina, and the others, saying goodbye to George and Erina.[33]

Training with Straizo

Jorge 3-02.jpg

Throughout the years, Lisa Lisa trains with Straizo and travels with him and the other Ripple warriors to kill monsters. She stays in contact with Erina. In 1904, Erina tells Lisa Lisa that a girl named Penelope de la Rosa moved in with them.[35] At some point, Lisa Lisa goes to England researching about Dio Brando's life. She goes to the remains of the Joestar mansion and talks to people in town, who tell her about Jonathan, Erina, and Dio. To Lisa Lisa's surprise, Dio is the most popular person in town and half of the town's citizens still believe that he is innocent. They also believe that Dio never had a girlfriend despite being popular with the ladies because he loved Erina.[34]

Arguing with Penelope

After investigating reports of a Mothman sighted in the Canary Islands, Lisa Lisa heads back there with Straizo. She coincidentally finds George in the hospital with stab wounds on his stomach and worriedly asks if he's still being bullied. She doesn't believe that George would do it to himself but Penelope says that it's her fault, apologizing once more. The two women get off on bad terms after Lisa Lisa tries introducing herself, leading to George interrupting before Penelope could summon a clown and entrap Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa changes the subject and asks the doctor whether he's had any patients claiming to see a man like a moth. The doctor says several patients have been having nervous breakdowns and while at first he thought it was an illusion or some sort of mass hysteria, he then saw the man with black wings as well. Lisa Lisa warns the doctor not to do what the man says and to lock himself in his house that night.

Events on the Coffin

Lisa Lisa with Penelope, Erina, and George

The three walk back home and find Straizo and Erina inside sipping tea. Lisa Lisa tells Erina that it's time to tell George the truth about his father. Erina then describes the life of Jonathan and Dio Brando, leading to Jonathan's eventual death on their honeymoon. Straizo and Lisa Lisa wonder if there is a Stone Mask on the island because it's the second incident of something supernatural occurring. Lisa Lisa explains that she and Straizo had spoken to the fisherman that rescued Erina and the baby Lisa Lisa from the coffin years ago. It was a large coffin designed to shield the occupant from external blows and the fisherman witnessed Erina also holding something else, about the size of a human head, wrapped in a bundle of fabric made from the hem of Erina's dress. Lisa Lisa questions if Erina had actually brought Dio Brando's head to the island. Although George says Lisa Lisa is being ridiculous, Erina breaks her silence by saying it wasn't Dio's head but rather her husband's, Jonathan's.[35]

Learning about Erina's past

Erina takes Lisa Lisa and the others to a secret room in the basement, showing them Jonathan's head. Despite being a baby at the time she was carried by Erina in the coffin, Lisa Lisa has memories of a fearsome man who was in the coffin with them. Erina has Straizo and Penelope go upstairs so she can tell the story of how she survived after the ship's explosion. Before Erina could begin, Lisa Lisa grows impatient and asks Erina if she saved Dio back then. Lisa Lisa suggests that Erina may have been in love with Dio. Erina emotionally scolds Lisa Lisa, saying that a little sixteen year old girl like her should never attempt to speak about matters such as love as if she could understand. She quickly calms down, realizing Lisa Lisa couldn't understand since Erina hasn't told them anything yet. Erina finally begins telling her story, describing Dio's vile personality and everything he did to Jonathan and herself as children, as well as what happened to her and Lisa Lisa in the coffin.

After the story, Lisa Lisa explains that the power Dio had sounded like a Stand, which she learned that some people have while she was training with the Ripple masters. Erina decides it's time for her and George to get off the island and move to England. They take Penelope with them when they move, and Lisa Lisa goes back to Italy with Straizo.[34]

Roman Temple Adventure

Surprised to see George

In 1905, Lisa Lisa and the Ripple warriors head to an underground temple in Rome where nobody had set foot in for over a thousand years, trying to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja. However, Lisa Lisa gets separated from Straizo and the others. Suddenly, George mysteriously teleports to Lisa Lisa's side, holding her hand. Lisa Lisa and George talk about George's new life in England and she hopes he isn't being bullied again. After talking about airplanes and how much fun George was having, Lisa Lisa went quiet. Suddenly, they hear a strange noise behind them like a monstrous creature moving against the ground. George realizes that Tsukumojuku brought George there because Lisa Lisa needed him, as she was afraid. George describes the creature as a Gorilla Spider, as if twenty gorillas were fused into one. George realizes that the monster was formed from Lisa Lisa's emotions and tries to calm her down. She wonders if George is actually real or if she is just imagining him as well and then kisses him, but accidentally uses the Ripple on her lips. George is shocked but is relieved that the gorilla spider had gone away.

With the Red Stone of Aja

In the darkness, Lisa Lisa feels the terrain with her Ripple and helps George walk through the temple. The two laugh at each other and kiss again. Eventually, they find a torch in a giant treasure chamber, filled with massive jewels, armor, and weapons. Lisa Lisa finds the Aja affixed to a pendant and has George put it around her neck. She tells George to promise not to tell anyone that she has it, as she has to protect the stone with her life. She hides the pendant inside her clothes and they leave. Finally, the couple exits the temple and reunite with Straizo. Straizo and the others are all shocked to see George and Lisa Lisa lies to them about being unable to find the Aja.

They all head back to the secret base of the Ripple warriors, where George calls home. Penelope answers and tells him that his new friend, Kenton Motorize, is dead. George's airplane was at the scene and Kenton had told her brother, Steven, that George invited her to the cliff beforehand. Shocked, George wonders if it was an accident. However, Erina fights back her tears to explain that Kenton was found with several stab wounds from a knife that bore the Joestar crest, and asks if George could explain what happened to the police and Steven.[36]

George in Prison

Hiding in George's cell

George is instantly arrested when he goes back home, but Lisa Lisa secretly hides in his prison cell to keep him company. After the guard brings George back to his cell, Lisa Lisa transmits her Ripple through the ground, inhibiting the guard's thoughts. The guard ends up following his normal routine of putting George back into the cell, locking the door, and then leaving, but his mind couldn't comprehend seeing Lisa Lisa or why there was a refrigerator in the cell. George was unaffected by the Ripple because Lisa Lisa gave him socks made from Satiporoja Beetles. She brings George food, cleans the place, and teaches him things. Lisa Lisa leaves when it's night, thinking it would be improper to be alone with a boy. Six days later, George is visited by Steven. George is worried to see him but Lisa Lisa convinces him to go. After the police finish their report, George is allowed to return home and wait for the court trials. Lisa Lisa and George say their goodbyes to each other, as she has to head back to Straizo for work.[37]

Talented Ripple Warrior (1912-1915)

The Gremlins

In France, Steven and his father, Ben Motorize, find the group of Ripple warriors while researching methods on how to revive Kenton. After talking to Steven's sister, Darlington, George contacts Lisa Lisa to inform her of Steven and Ben's plans. Lisa Lisa convinces him that the Motorize men are being watched so everything will be fine, and Steven having his own airplane design will come in handy for the upcoming war. She shows Steven and Ben a real zombie and they change their minds about reviving Kenton.

Saving George

In 1915, George's plane gets damaged by a Gremlin and he has to make an emergency landing in the North Sea. While he's stranded there, Lisa Lisa soon arrives along with Steven. She leaps down from Steven's Motorizing plane, running across the water to ask if George is okay. Lisa Lisa hugs George, explaining that the Ripple master Tonpetty predicted George would crash in the morning and told her the location of where he would be stranded. Steven was the only pilot nearby who could fly her there so they rushed to find him. George suddenly becomes jealous of the thought of Lisa Lisa and Steven getting close, but Lisa Lisa reassures him with a kiss on the cheek.

The trio climb into the Motorizing and head to France. Steven flies the plane, while George sits behind him with Lisa Lisa on his lap. Although the two are embarrassed, they start talking to distract themselves. George tells them about the rumors of the gremlins and how the Motorize family's butler, Faraday, had seen one in 1905, just before Kenton was murdered. Lisa Lisa realizes that it must have followed George from the Canary Islands. They finally reach France and the Ripple masters take the trio to their secret underground lair.

Showing a photo of the gremlin

Lisa Lisa realizes that Antonio's discarded skin had lived on as a zombie. Since fifteen years have passed, she calculates that there must be 16,384 (2¹⁴) clones of Antonio by now if all of them constantly cloned themselves every year. They also determine that not all of the gremlins that pilots have reported seeing were Antonio, since their descriptions didn't fully match up. Some descriptions of gremlins were short whereas others had different features. They were making up stories based on their fear and then their planes would get damaged just like they imagined, like how Lisa Lisa previously imagined the Gorilla Spider in Rome's temple. They recall how the Mothman incident was a similar occurrence of mass hysteria.[38]

Battle in London

Running with George
Killing Antonio

George and Lisa Lisa theorize about Antonio Torres and how he could operate in daylight by hiding inside human bodies. They worry about his capability of quickly creating zombies all over the world. Straizo asks how they can fight zombies inside fighter planes, but Lisa Lisa assures him that George will shoot all the zombies down. Just then, a Ripple warrior informs them that English zombies are attacking their base. Steven leads George and Lisa Lisa to two of his Motorizing planes. They get into one and Steven hops into the other. As they fly out of the cave, they notice at least a dozen English Air Force planes flying above them, dropping bombs onto the base. George and Steven engage in aerial warfare with the zombies, shooting them all down with their plane's machine guns. As Lisa Lisa praises George's skills, another Antonio appears, angry that George grew up into an adult before he did. Lisa Lisa suddenly declares that she and George should get married after this war, before grabbing Antonio and turning him into dust.

Killing zombies mid-air
Hugging George

As they fly toward London, Lisa Lisa asks George for a quick rundown on how to fly planes. About an hour later, she gets the hang of it and pushes the flight stick to have their plane be directly in front of Steven's. She then jumps out of the cockpit and lands onto Steven's plane. She taps Steven's shoulder and uses the Ripple to extract his wings out of his back, as she thought it would be useful for him. Lisa Lisa then heads back to George's plane as the war continues. They promise each other that they'll both live and get married. George and Steven admire Lisa Lisa's fighting skills, as she jumps from plane to plane frying each zombie pilot with her powers. Lisa Lisa destroys the last zombie in the sky and jumps into George's plane, hugging him.

The Ripple warriors begin investigating England and institute a national health exam to make sure there are no zombies hiding inside citizens. Lisa Lisa travels with them and George continues fighting in the World War.[39]

Engagement and Marriage (1918-1920)

Reuniting with George

Tonpetty prophesies that George would die around the time he gets married with Lisa Lisa. Worried, Lisa Lisa starts distancing herself from George and they don't see each other or even contact each other in three years. In 1918 when the war concludes, George realizes that they were only together for two weeks in the last seventeen years, but it felt like they spent a lot more time together. Determined to revitalize his relationship, George heads to Switzerland after Erina tells him where Lisa Lisa currently is located.

As soon as George finds Lisa Lisa, he asks why Lisa Lisa wanted to marry him if she doesn't love him. He becomes speechless after realizing what he said sounded like an immature toddler, but Lisa Lisa just laughs and assures him of her genuine love for him. Lisa Lisa apologizes about not going to see George, revealing Tonpetty's prophecy. She starts crying but George promises that he won't die and leave her alone. After speaking with Tonpetty, the Ripple master suddenly claims that there is a god looking out for George and if George believes in this power, then he won't die. On the other hand, if he can't put his faith in it, he'll be brutally murdered by something terrifying. George realizes that he must believe in Beyond, which Tsukumojuku had told him about.

George and Lisa Lisa's engagement
Lisa Lisa pregnant

George and Lisa Lisa head back home and announce their engagement, while also planning for their wedding. George is relieved to see how happy Penelope is since she and Lisa Lisa disliked each other when they were younger. Penelope insists that if it was anyone else she would be jealous, but she's glad that George is marrying Lisa Lisa. After hearing that Lisa Lisa is pregnant, Erina, Penelope, and Speedwagon, are extremely happy. She decides not to tell Straizo just yet until things have settled down. Speedwagon starts sending them numerous baby gifts for both genders until the baby is born. They name their son Joseph Joestar and even as a baby, the boy inherited Lisa Lisa's Ripple talents. George would get shocked every time he tried holding him or changing his diaper, so Lisa Lisa gave him a scarf made of the Satiporoja beetle's thread. They set their wedding date at the end of the year so that Joseph would be big enough.

Wedding dress

On the day of their wedding, November 11, 1920, George notices that Steven hasn't arrived yet despite being his best man. Thus, George goes to the Motorize home to investigate. After not hearing from George, Lisa Lisa and Penelope arrive at the Motorize residence and cry, assuming that George had died due to the shredded pieces of his uniform on the ground. Lisa Lisa tearfully kills Antonio and the body of William Cardinal he was possessing. Furious at George's supposed death, Penelope accidentally creates a locked room made from the 920,000 Antonios and torn up bits of them. The giant locked room surrounds the whole world, swallowing everything up.[39]

Final Battle

Jorge hands her his business card

Dio Brando fights Kars in the skies of London, after both traveled back in time from the future through Cube House. Lisa Lisa sees a boy enjoying himself in Penelope's embrace and slaps his head, assuming that he's a pervert. Jorge Joestar introduces himself as a detective, handing over his business card. Lisa Lisa's ability to fluently speak Japanese impresses the boy. Although he decides not to tell Lisa Lisa about Kars in case it causes a time paradox, Penelope does so anyways. Penelope declares her resolve to Lisa Lisa that she will find George and bring him back. Meanwhile, Jorge is jealous that the other George has beautiful women who care for him. Noticing that the sun is setting, Lisa Lisa thinks that Dio has a strategy in mind and must be buying time for it.

About to attack Antonio

Funny Valentine flings a cape around Jorge but before it could cover him, Lisa Lisa punches Funny's cheek with the Ripple. However, the cape falls onto Jorge anyways and he is teleported to a parallel world along with Funny.

Later, the giant Antonio surrounding the country tries to save Dio. Lisa Lisa runs across Antonio's body upside down and dodges his giant punches. She places the Red Stone of Aja on Antonio's stomach and uses her technique, Sunset Orange Overdrive. Antonio shrieks from the Ripple traveling throughout his body and starts crumbling. Kars tells Lisa Lisa, Jorge, and Narancia Ghirga to stop killing the giant Antonio or they won't be able to return England back to its original timeline, so Lisa Lisa temporarily uses the opposite type of Ripple on his body to slow down the effects of her original attack.

Lisa Lisa arrives with Joseph

Lisa Lisa follows Jorge and the others to Trinity Church in the second universe, where they confront Dio one last time. Erina shows herself to Dio first, fueling his anger. Next, Lisa Lisa steps out of the darkness holding Joseph in her arms. Dio roars with confusion as to why Lisa Lisa would bring her baby to a battle zone. Erina then calls for Jorge to show himself, surprising Dio even more. Jorge's plan of catching Dio off guard was working. Jorge eventually gets to the Saint's Corpse before him, which is actually Jonathan's body since Dio had previously split into nine parts during his battle with Kars. Jorge places Jonathan's head on the body and he revives thanks to Jorge's Beyond. Dissatisfied with his constant losses, Dio declares he does not want to associate with the Joestars anymore and vanishes into the darkness of the stairs behind him.

Shocking George and Jorge
Family reunion

Erina and Jonathan have a tearful reunion. Erina hesitates mentioning what happened to their son, George II, and Jonathan looks confused. He had figured out that George was hiding inside a parallel world within the body of the 37th universe's Jorge. George leaps out of the parallel world, causing Jorge to fall down. They start arguing with each other so Lisa Lisa shocks them with the Ripple. She happily reunites with George and gives him a kiss, accidentally using the Ripple again. They join Erina and Jonathan in a family group hug.

Kars takes everybody back to their respective universes and timelines. However, Lisa Lisa and George stay separated because she is afraid of losing him again. The other Jorge assumes that she actually just went off on a big adventure with Joseph which she hadn't told George about. Since George is legally dead in England, he moves to America and becomes a screenwriter in Hollywood using the pen name "Motorize Jump", waiting for Lisa Lisa to come back to him.[40]

El Aleph

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Background (1948-1972)

Lisa Lisa takes her second husband's surname, Greenberg, after marrying him.[41] She travels with him around the world, carrying out philanthropic and humanitarian work. They would hear about countless wars breaking out in the Asian peninsula and human rights issues around the world.[42] However, Greenberg eventually falls ill and undergoes chemotherapy. Lisa Lisa cares for him every night until he passes away while she is in her mid-seventies.[41] After becoming a widow again, Lisa Lisa returns to battling and investigating supernatural issues.[43]

She works for the Speedwagon Foundation as the head of the Paranormal Phenomena Section after being a special advisor for many years.[44] In 1966, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake strikes Peru. A research organization carries out a geographical investigation east of Lima and Pucallpa, discovering a strange mineral which afflicted them with an unknown virus. Lisa Lisa learns that in the distant past, there were cases of people finding and harvesting the same mineral in regions other than Peru for their own purposes. The ore was carved to make Arrows, which spread to South America and other regions.[45]

Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa trains Sasha Loggins and Gustave Shaulo Messina, the grandchildren of Loggins and Messina respectively, to be her successors in the Ripple.[42][43] They eventually discover that a man named Fernando Alhorn has an Arrow and that he is based in Lima, Peru. Lisa Lisa, Sasha, and Gustave head to Peru several times to try investigating him.[46] Around November 1972, she dispatches a team of investigators led by J.D. Hernández to Antigua, Guatemala, to capture a serial killer with supernatural powers. Hernández sends Lisa Lisa a report on the team's findings, where he predicts that the killer will strike during the biggest parade of the year on April 20, 1973, the Semana Santa.[44]

Guatemala Arc (1973)

Battling the Monstruo of Antigua

Lisa Lisa couldn't ignore J.D.'s report and secretly flies off to Guatemala herself. During the festival, she disguises herself as a homeless lady. While the killer, Fabio Ubuh, starts attacking, Lisa Lisa reveals herself and creates a massive electrified dome using the Ripple on leaves, flowers, and dyed sawdust from rugs. Dubbed "Thousand-Color Overdrive", the technique manages to stop all of the flies that Fabio was controlling via a strange ability. Fabio attempts to summon another horde of flies from his throat but Lisa Lisa redirects them using her muffler. She grabs Fabio by the throat and fills his body with the Ripple, rendering him unconscious. She confirms that Fabio's ability is not the Ripple, but something else.[44]

Meeting the Orphans

Lisa Lisa listens to Hernández's report while walking through a market. She admires seeing the local workers and women cooking. Two local orphan helpers that were enlisted during Hernández's investigation, Octavio Luna Kan and Joaquín Ruiz-Jorruda, request to speak with Lisa Lisa. She agrees and visits them at the Foundation's medical facility. Octavio speaks disrespectfully to Lisa Lisa, surprised to see that an old woman is the boss of Hernández and the others. Nonetheless, he begs her to employ them as official members of the Foundation. She initially denies their request since the Foundation doesn't recruit local hires like that, but decides to give them a chance. She gives them a challenge to complete before she can grant their request.[47]

The pair of orphans succeed, giving Lisa Lisa their report at her dormitory. She then describes the role of the Foundation's investigators, asking if that's truly what they desire to become. As one last challenge, she questions what the biggest lie they've ever told was. Octavio states that he hates lying and has done some violent things to avoid it, while Joaquín writes down that saying he hasn't lied is the biggest lie he's ever told. Lisa Lisa likes Joaquín's answer and hires both of them.

A Game of Hopscotch

Octavio and Joaquín detailed in their report that Fabio's strange power is connected to a group of human traffickers, and they discovered the general location of one of the gangs. Lisa Lisa gives them a thorough rundown of the Foundation's philosophy and rules. They all leave together to drive to the countryside to a small settlement where the human traffickers are rumored to be. Lisa Lisa notices Mayan ruins while in the car and gives them a brief history lesson. Eventually, they arrive at the village. A phenomenon later dubbed "Hopscotch" attacks the members by creating holes on the ground. Lisa Lisa stays behind in the car, but the ground below the car even collapses into a hole. Lisa Lisa escapes by using her Snake Muffler technique to make herself a spring and leap out of the hole. Lisa Lisa tells them that there's no need to retreat, since the user of the ability should be nearby. The group finds the culprit, an exhausted young girl named Izahela Mena-Mena who had obtained her ability after being shot with an Arrow. Her whole family was shot but she was the only survivor, and was kidnapped and enslaved afterwards. The culprits left her behind in the village and had her hide in a water tank to serve as a security system, trapping any investigators.

In the group's briefing room, Lisa Lisa reveals that she's been investigating these supernatural powers for years. She declares that their goal is to capture the leader of the traffickers, a man named Fernando Alhorn, and to recover any Arrows he possesses.[45]

Peru Arc (1974)

Briefing on Alhorn

Lisa Lisa stations Octavio and Joaquín in Peru to gather rumors and testimony from the locals about Alhorn. Later, she arrives at the Foundation's base in Lima, Peru to begin a briefing of everything they learned in the past year. Welmer Domingo explains what they learned about the supernatural abilities, while Hernández reports about Fabio's power. Lisa Lisa questions the authenticity of Fabio's visions, suggesting they might be hallucinations or results of certain syndromes. She shifts the discussion to Izahela Mena-Mena, who claimed she could summon a magical chalk. Like Fabio, she too saw a vision that others couldn't perceive. Aki Marcela de la Vega shows them a photo of Alhorn. Seeing how he looks like, Lisa Lisa describes Alhorn as a hollow, frivolous individual and likens him to a hellish entity. Aki Marcela plays a recorded interrogation of Alhorn, where he describes a shadowy figure that he believed emanated from within him.

Lisa Lisa divulges that her special investigators, Sasha and Gustave, had been in proximity to Alhorn. However, the two ceased communication with the Foundation, raising concerns about their safety. Lisa Lisa believed that Alhorn's actions were a direct threat to her, as the investigators were also responsible for her security. The investigation team grows increasingly anxious as days pass without any news of the special investigators' whereabouts. Lisa Lisa remains steadfast in her belief that the duo is still alive. She questions Aki Marcela about their last known location, which is identified as a "barriada" - a term used locally to describe a rundown, lawless area. Sasha and Gustave believed that Alhorn was operating from one of these barriadas, which were notorious for criminal activities and were heavily guarded. Lisa Lisa emphasizes the importance of these two individuals to the Speedwagon Foundation and the future, urging the team to prioritize finding them and ensuring their safety.[46]

La Casa Verde

After Octavio and Joaquín go missing and cease communications, the Foundation searches for them all night. They find Alhorn's citadel at San Juan de Lurigancho thanks to signals that Joaquín left behind. They arrive at the citadel in several cars. As Lisa Lisa ascends the slope, she recognizes Sasha entangled among roots from Dos Santos's ability, La Casa Verde. She feels regretful for letting the granddaughter of Loggins be involved in such a dangerous battle. Using binoculars, Hernández tells Lisa Lisa that Octavio is also there, clinging to the mastermind's back.

Sasha spots Lisa Lisa below and shouts to inform her that she can suddenly control birds, a manifestation of her new ability after being struck by the Arrow. Lisa Lisa communicates with Sasha through Hernández shouting for her, urging Sasha to use the Ripple to intervene. However, Sasha is unsure if she could reach the height where Octavio and Dos Santos are locked in their deadly embrace. Sasha then notices a bird tugging at the braided cord wrapped around her arm. Two fledgling birds, which had grown rapidly, take the braid's ends and fly in opposite directions. One end is directed towards Lisa Lisa, and the other towards Octavio. Lisa Lisa could not see the birds, but notices the braided cord floating. She grabs onto it, understanding its significance. Using her binoculars, Lisa Lisa confirms the braided cord is around Octavio and channels her Ripple through the braid. Sasha also transfers as much Ripple energy as she could. The Ripple surges through Octavio harmlessly and transfers into Dos Santos, incapacitating him. The aggressive growth of the forest ceases as they finally defeated him. Octavio had passed out from exhaustion while strangling Dos Santos, so Joaquín carries him on his back.

Lisa Lisa calls Joaquín over and he worries about whether they'll be punished for infiltrating Alhorn's base without permission. However, a sudden intense pain engulfs Joaquín. Turning around, he spots Alhorn in a distant truck, holding a crossbow. Both Joaquín and Octavio had been shot by the Arrow, causing excruciating pain. As Alhorn and his underlings speed away, Lisa Lisa, J.D., and Sasha rush towards the orphans.[43]


The Foundation rescues the hostages who Alhorn shot with the Arrow, bringing them back to their base for recovery and research. Lisa Lisa visits Joaquín, advising him to rest and sharing stories of her past upon his request. She speaks of the challenges she faced throughout her life, and how she is determined to leave a legacy for the next generation. Joaquín realizes how him and Octavio are now a part of her story, and she is a part of theirs.

Lisa Lisa reveals the grim news about Octavio. He had contracted a severe infection from the Arrow wound, leading to gangrene in his left thigh. To save his life, the Foundation had no choice but to amputate his leg. Meanwhile, Joaquín manifests a new power, later dubbed El Aleph, which turns his surroundings into perpetual night. This power is uncontrollable and affects everyone around him, making them lethargic and sleepy. Deciding that staying at the Foundation would be detrimental to their mission and could potentially harm others, Joaquín leaves with Octavio.[42]

Final Arc (1986)


Throughout the years, Lisa Lisa's biggest regrets are letting Alhorn escape and losing Octavio and Joaquín. The duo reminded her of Joseph and Caesar. Sasha and Hernández conduct extensive searches but they remain untraceable. As she ages, Lisa Lisa retires from being the head of the investigators in the Speedwagon Foundation. Nonetheless, she keeps tabs on the Foundation's activities, secretly getting reports mailed to her like a newspaper subscription. She meets with Joseph and his family only a few times a year since he's busy with his real estate business, cherishing the dinners and parties she can spend with them. Her family worries about her health and urges her to fully retire from the Foundation's activities, which irks her.

In 1986, Lisa Lisa feels that even if her end is near, she should have a little more time to fulfill her last regrets. She reads the Foundation's latest report, detailing the wicked deeds of the Selva Cartel and the Amazon rainforest they operate in where it is eternally night. Coming up with a plan, Lisa Lisa decides to travel to the Andes in a train.[41]

Researching at Lake Titicaca

Lisa Lisa finds herself momentarily disoriented upon waking from a nap on the train, quickly remembering she is on a journey. She notices indigenous vendors on the train, selling mirrors, woven fabrics, and carved wooden jewelry boxes in baskets. She calls one over, purchasing jacquard knitted dolls of a boy and girl as souvenirs. Out of concern for her age, the vendor's daughter asks her if she's traveling alone. She also asks for her name, leading Lisa Lisa to reflect on the many names she has been known by over the years; her surnames changing from Straizo to Joestar, and then to Greenberg. She personally prefers to use the name "Lisa Lisa".

Upon arriving at the terminal station, she is met by Hernández and other Foundation members, including medical staff. Hernández reveals that Joseph had asked him to keep an eye on her, so they followed her on another train. Lisa Lisa senses that her continued involvement with the Foundation might be causing concern or annoyance among the active investigators. Although her hair is white and thinning, and her weakened knees and joints makes it difficult to walk, she is determined to complete her unfinished matters.

As they travel in a car arranged by the Foundation, Hernández brings up the latest report, which Lisa Lisa admits to having read. He is curious about her thoughts on the Selva Cartel and the peculiar phenomenon in the Amazon. He believes that the Selva Cartel's boss might be Alhorn, lamenting how powerless they are to battle superpowered users. Lisa Lisa believes that the Foundation has done the best they could, and insists on her capability to contribute despite her age.

Their journey brings them to Lake Titicaca, visiting the Uru people who inhabit the unique floating islands constructed from totora reeds. Despite Hernández's concerns over her direct involvement, given her retirement and advanced age, Lisa Lisa is adamant that her presence is crucial beyond mere data collection. They learn that the man they are looking for, named Pisco, lives in seclusion on a solitary island. They sail to his island, but Pisco is reluctant to see them, mistaking them for medics sent by his relatives. Lisa Lisa clarifies they are not medics and have previously encountered Pisco when he was a young boy pierced by Alhorn's Arrow in Peru. Pisco cautiously emerges from his shelter, recognizing them as members of the Foundation. Yet, Pisco doubts they could be of any help once he learns that Lisa Lisa could not see the manifestation of his ability. Nonetheless, he reluctantly permits them onto his island.

Lisa Lisa and Hernández detect an intense heat emanating from him and observe his body covered in sweat and various nodules. Pisco abruptly experiences an involuntary urination, attributing it to a fish swimming inside him that is biting his bladder. He explains how any object that came into contact with his skin or blood would be recreated within his body at random points in time, such as a needle, stones, or fish. Pisco mentions that there is an evil spirit causing his power, suggesting that they bring an exorcist to heal him. Suddenly, Yawar Fiesta overtakes Pisco, dimming their surroundings and telepathically communicating with Lisa Lisa. It claims that it knew Lisa Lisa would arrive since she has gotten involved in the world of these entities, despite not being able to see them. It ominously predicts Lisa Lisa's demise at the hands of El Aleph, foretelling a solitary and agonizing end, followed by being eternally forgotten by her descendants. During this declaration, Pisco appears devoid of life, prompting Lisa Lisa to contemplate the grim prophecy on a totora seat. Once Yawar Fiesta recedes, an exhausted Pisco advises them to leave, doubting their capability to confront his affliction.

However, Lisa Lisa inspires Pisco, suggesting Yawar Fiesta is intertwined with himself. With determination, she believes he could harness his power, much like Sasha, Joseph, Caesar, and others had managed to get stronger through willpower. Although Pisco is frustrated by his lack of control, he listens as Lisa Lisa proposes mastering his power to create diamonds, envisioning a prosperous future for him. Employing the Ripple, Lisa Lisa aims to bolster his immune system and stimulate vital bodily functions, alleviating some discomfort and rejuvenating him. Pisco finds a moment of tranquility, allowing his desire for recovery to guide Yawar Fiesta's transformation. The ability reacts, expelling the foreign bodies from within him onto the totora. Lisa Lisa believes that he should be able to replicate this feat now after doing it once. She requests that he recreates the Arrow that had once struck him, intending to use it on herself. Despite reservations from Pisco and Hernández, Lisa Lisa insists. She refuses to run away any longer and doesn't care about staking her life since she is close to death regardless. Moved by her determination, Pisco succeeds in recreating it. The miracle Lisa Lisa wished for comes true, as she awakens a new power.[41]

Invading the Amazon

Near the end of autumn, Lisa Lisa embarks on her final journey into the perpetually dark Amazon rainforest together with Sasha, Hernández, and the Rueda Squad. The Foundation's team of archaeologists and geologists navigate the Amazon River, donned in safari attire. Establishing camps en route, they delve into the jungle after a week, speculating on the causes behind its eternal darkness. Upon entering the jungle, Lisa Lisa, Sasha, and their companions are vigilant about maintaining their health amidst altitude sickness and the jungle's teratogenic miasma. The medical staff frequently monitors Lisa Lisa's blood pressure and heart rate, causing her to joke that she is like a treasured taxidermy mount. She leverages the Ripple to sustain her vitality. Sasha calls back a bird from scouting and Lisa Lisa is glad that she can see how cute they are now. The bird indicates that the cartel's bodyguards have already sensed their intrusion. Despite this, the team ventures toward the commune, hoping for a peaceful entry.

After about an hour, the cartel's guards confront them, sarcastically asking if they're lost tourists. Some mock Lisa Lisa after noticing how old she is, wondering if they're planning on abandoning her there. Lisa Lisa claims to be familiar with their boss and attempts to negotiate a meeting, but the guards have strict orders to engage any intruders forcefully. Lisa Lisa feels that she is about to have a heart attack upon seeing the numerous Astrals summoned by the guards; multitudes of humanoid, mechanical, animal-like, and amorphous figures. Just before the intense battle ensues, Hernández and the Rueda Squad gather around Lisa Lisa in layers to protect her.

Despite their preparation, the Foundation's forces struggle against the Selva Cartel's onslaught. Undeterred, Sasha launches a counteroffensive with her birds, momentarily turning the tide by combining them into a giant bird and demanding an audience with the cartel's boss. However, the guards counterattack, injuring Sasha and diminishing their chances. Lisa Lisa's attempt to use the Ripple proves futile against the Astrals, as she cannot touch them with her body. Seeing their hopeless situation, Lisa Lisa tries to summon her own Astral. However, Sasha stops her, believing that it isn't time for that yet as she should conserve her energy until they reach the boss. Despite that, Lisa Lisa cannot bear seeing Sasha get hurt and tries summoning it again. Joaquín, bearing a dragon tattoo and braided hair, intervenes, his mere presence halting the conflict and revealing his significant standing within the cartel. Despite being questioned about his alignment with Alhorn's gang, he remains silent, only offering a subtle, empathetic smile. He demonstrates his power by releasing a black wave that spreads across the jungle floor, passing harmlessly through Lisa Lisa and her group but leaving a chilling effect. Thus, Lisa Lisa realizes that the unending night is Joaquín's power.[48]

Lisa Lisa contemplates their next move, focusing on neutralizing the Arrow's threat. Initially, her strategy centered on capturing the Selva Cartel's leader, but encountering Joaquín as one of their members complicated their situation. Joaquín leads Lisa Lisa, Sasha, and Hernández into the commune with their movement restricted. They witness a community thriving amidst the eternal night, structured around a temple-like building. Upon entering the temple's inner chamber, they are confronted by the unexpected sight of Octavio as the cartel's true leader. Octavio, now bearded and with long hair, casually dismisses their concerns over his actions, justifying them as necessary for his community's survival. His rationale and demeanor unsettles Lisa Lisa. Octavio flaunts his prosthetic leg, asking if they came to apologize or give him compensation for chopping off his leg without permission. He also confirms that he was the one who gathered all the ability users together for his army using the Arrow.

Octavio presents Alhorn's decapitated head in a birdcage, leaving Lisa Lisa and her companions speechless. Despite how it may seem, Octavio admits that he still feels gratitude toward the Foundation, as Hernández educated them and he thought Lisa Lisa was strong and cool. That's why he let them in to see him, but he demands that they leave and not meddle with his business. Octavio brings up how Joaquín's night ability is incredible, revealing that Alhorn named it El Aleph. He speaks to the head in the cage asking it to confirm, but it doesn't respond. Lisa Lisa is shocked upon hearing the name, recalling the prophecy she heard at the lake. Suddenly, Alhorn opens his eyes upon hearing the name, still semi-conscious despite only being a head. He grotesquely greets Lisa Lisa, then tells Octavio to ask Lisa Lisa to put him out of his misery. Octavio encourages Alhorn to narrate the events of their past encounter.[49]

The House of Earth vs. El Aleph

After hearing Alhorn's story, Hernández pleads for Octavio to give them the Arrow, but Octavio refuses. Sasha wonders if he'll subject them to the horrors of El Aleph if they refuse to leave. Joaquín becomes visibly tense upon hearing that, which Lisa Lisa notices. Lisa Lisa understands Octavio's desperation yet condemns his malevolent choices for power and control, drawing parallels to figures from her past, such as Straizo, Wamuu, and Kars. Octavio commands Joaquín to unleash El Aleph, but Joaquín hesitates. Despite Sasha and Hernández's attempts to persuade them towards a different path, Joaquín succumbs to pressure and unleashes a horde of nightmarish entities from a dark orb, engulfing the temple in chaos.

The creatures swarm the Foundation's members and Octavio's own allies, separating everyone. Lisa Lisa finds Octavio and Joaquín on the temple's rooftop, which is now half-destroyed and filled with debris from the rampage of the creatures. Octavio wonders why Lisa Lisa is going to such lengths to pursue him even though she looks like she's on her deathbed, but Lisa Lisa inquires about his future plans. Lisa Lisa divulges that she's the same as them, as her parents were killed when she was a baby. She connects with them through shared experiences of loneliness and the imaginative power of the night, but her words fail to sway Octavio.

Lisa Lisa challenges them to a match with her Astral, The House of Earth, declaring that she will use this ability only once in her life and against them. The House of Earth rushes at Octavio and Joaquín, delivering a punch that fractures the ground beneath them. Octavio is astonished at the strength Lisa Lisa wields, despite her age, to which she responds that it emanates from her soul. She also notes Octavio's ability to perceive The House of Earth, questioning how he can see it without being chosen by the Arrow. At the same time, creatures summoned by El Aleph gather beneath the rooftop's stone slabs, transforming the area into a makeshift arena. Lisa Lisa inquires whether Joaquín recalls any moment spent away from Octavio. She highlights the Foundation's ongoing discovery of diverse Astrals, including a cargo ship visible to ordinary people.

Frustrated, Octavio attempts to silence Lisa Lisa with a kick from his prosthetic leg. However, a flock of birds descends upon him, signaling the arrival of Sasha and Hernández. Sasha points out the vulnerability of El Aleph's creatures to the Ripple, which Lisa Lisa leverages by instructing The House of Earth to inhale deeply and release a powerful gust of wind. Octavio finds it difficult to maintain his grip, his face scorched by the wind. This force, powered by solar wind particles, is intensified by Lisa Lisa's Ripple Overdrive, effectively eradicating El Aleph's creatures in a purifying blaze. Despite the strain, Lisa Lisa channels all her energy into this effort. She could feel her blood surging at 100 degrees Celsius, threatening to rupture her lungs and organs if she continued fighting. She believes that The House of Earth's power is the culmination of the Ripple's legacy. She reminisces about the warriors she has known, including her son and her student Caesar, whose exploits with the Ripple are vivid in her memory.

Confronting Joaquín, Lisa Lisa reveals that he is not a human but rather Octavio's Astral manifestation. Lisa Lisa speculates that Octavio eventually uncovered the truth about his abilities, even if he was unaware during his youth. She suggests that his inherent power was to manifest a friend endowed with a distinct identity, physical form, and soul, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Joaquín, embodying both an Astral and human characteristics, is visible to everyone. Despite his autonomy, he closely aligns with Octavio's wishes, always ensuring his protection. Joaquín's realization of his own nature brings frustration and resentment towards Octavio for keeping him in the dark. Octavio insists that this revelation alters nothing in their relationship. However, Lisa Lisa believes in Joaquín's potential to change the world as a beacon of hope, given his previous acts of defiance against Octavio.

Ignoring Lisa Lisa's arguments, Octavio remains steadfast in pursuing his ambitions. Lisa Lisa wishes that when she passes away she could see the smiles of her loved ones, including Octavio and Joaquín, but she knows something like that can't happen anymore. Suddenly, a colossal crane-fly creature nearly causes Lisa Lisa and Octavio to fall off a cliff, but Joaquín swiftly intervenes to save Lisa Lisa. Octavio tries kicking Lisa Lisa back down the cliff with his prosthetic leg, but Joaquín pushes him away, defying his user once again. The House of Earth momentarily halts its attack to unleash a series of punches at Octavio, with Joaquín sacrificing himself to shield Octavio, leading both to plummet into the abyss. Their fate with the creatures below is uncertain, as Lisa Lisa doesn't know whether El Aleph's creatures would devour their own creators. Lisa Lisa uses her remaining strength to eradicate the last of the creatures on the rooftop with a final Ripple-enhanced blast. Exhausted, Lisa Lisa calls on Sasha and Hernández to ensure Octavio and Joaquín's safety. As she collapses, she witnesses a breathtaking aurora caused by The House of Earth's actions, signaling the end of El Aleph's perpetual darkness and the dawn's return to the jungle.[50]


Lisa Lisa's journey with the Speedwagon Foundation concludes in their records following her expedition to the Amazon, where she contracted malaria. She spends three days on the brink of life and death, surrounded by family and friends who come to visit, thinking these moments might be her last. However, she overcomes the illness and decides to reside in an elderly care facility atop a hill, cherishing the quietude and the natural scenery from her porch rocking chair. She stops going shopping and receives fewer visitors.

A few months into her stay at the elderly care facility, Joseph and Suzi Q come to visit her, brightening her spirits. They listen intently to her recounting tales of her adventures across Central and South America, a conversation that momentarily rekindles her vigor. Suzi Q is visibly concerned by Lisa Lisa's changed appearance and behavior, noting her conversations with herself, weight loss, and unkempt appearance. Joseph, however, remains optimistic about his mother's resilience, even if she can no longer use the Ripple. He asks her what happened to Octavio and Joaquín, but she vaguely responds that they visited her several times after that. It is unknown whether she means in dreams or reality, but Joseph doesn't press further. They discuss the emergence of new powers worldwide, including his own that has led him to discover DIO's resurgence. He speaks with Lisa Lisa about the Star Birthmark and all sorts of topics. She believes there is nothing she could do about DIO herself, as evil is something that will always regenerate with the course of the world.

Joseph asks what terminology they should use for these newfound abilities, since he doesn't like the terms "las Maravillas" or "Astrals". Lisa Lisa proposes "Friends" as a term, causing Joseph to laugh. When it's time for Joseph to leave, he is reluctant to say goodbye. He hugs Lisa Lisa tightly and leans his head on her shoulder while trembling. Lisa Lisa comforts him, gently rocking him for a while and reassuring him that it's okay. He is set to travel to Japan after sending his wife back home and Lisa Lisa doesn't want to hold him back.

Sitting in solitude, Lisa Lisa contemplates the dawn of a new era led by the younger generation, including her descendants. Unaware of what the future would have in store for Joseph, Lisa Lisa drifts into a peaceful sleep, softly closing her eyes.[51]

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Lisa Lisa is among the few characters who are initially rewritten by Heaven-Attained DIO and she becomes one of his minions.

Jotaro and Joseph arrive at Air Supplena Island in 1939, where the two meet Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli training alongside Joseph's younger self. Lisa Lisa and Rudol von Stroheim appear and, surprisingly, assault the two Ripple users. Stroheim flees after his defeat, but Jotaro succeeds in restoring Lisa Lisa, though she remains unconscious. As Caesar takes his master inside to rest, the two Josephs become acquainted with each other, despite the younger's disbelief in the group's time traveling abilities. Hol Horse then confronts Jotaro in search of the Saint's Corpse, but is defeated and disappears. As the younger Joseph explains the situation to Caesar, Esidisi, Wamuu and Kars suddenly appear, having tracked down the Red Stone of Aja. Despite sending vampires after Joseph and Caesar, Kars is eventually forced to grant Esidisi and Wamuu permission to battle the two Ripple users. The two heroes manage to overcome not only Esidisi and Wamuu, but Kars as well, though their Ripple is unable to destroy the Pillar Men. Lisa Lisa appears and announces her intent to fight off the Pillar Men, despite both Josephs knowing that she has not yet fully recovered. Despite Lisa Lisa's courage and Caesar's yearning to take revenge for his and Joseph's ancestors, the older Joseph calms the team and successfully bluffs Kars by claiming that the Red Stone of Aja is protected by a time bomb. The Pillar Men give Joseph and Caesar six days to prepare for their final battle before departing. The older Joseph then brings the group inside the turtle, where he explains the situation fully. Lisa Lisa then becomes a member of the party and fights alongside the heroes from other eras. Jotaro recovers the Corpse's ears and gives them to the younger Joseph.

Unfortunately, DIO springs a trap and Lisa Lisa is among the 36 souls that DIO absorbs to attain even greater power. Fortunately, Jotaro manages to defeat DIO once and for all, altering fate for the better.


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