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SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.
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Enrico Pucci fusing with the Green Baby, SO Chapter 95

The Green Baby (緑色の赤ちゃん Midori-iro no Aka-chan) is a tertiary antagonist and key character featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, specifically the "Awaken" story arc.

The Green Baby is a creature born from a combination of DIO's Bone and the souls of criminals within the prison. The baby's birth is part of the plan created by DIO and put into action by his ally, Enrico Pucci. The baby is a Stand user, automatically protected by Green, Green Grass of Home.

Following DIO's plan, Pucci manages to merge with the infant, creating C-Moon.


The Green Baby is an infant child with green skin, large, pointy ears and a veiny body. The baby's eyelids protrude out like leafs, along with a leaf-shaped mark on its forehead and cheeks. The baby's spine noticeably sticks out and it bears the Joestar Birthmark on its neck.

The baby initially rested in a shell-like structure that allowed it to feed on the criminals within the prison.

Color Schemes

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Skin(Green, maroon birthmark.)


Green Baby eating dirt

The Green Baby largely behaves as a normal infant would, showcasing a general curiosity to its surroundings and a habit of chewing on things like Anasui's hair. It will also has a tendency to fall asleep frequently and eat dirt (which Jolyne surmises is due to it being a plant). However, it has a particular interest in the Joestar birthmark and is drawn even more abruptly by audible incitement of the 14 phrases and DIO's bone.[3]



Main article: Green, Green Grass of Home

Green, Green Grass of Home causes the size of perceived threats who approach it to proportionally shrink the closer they get to the Green Baby. This effect can continue endlessly, even to the point where the target will seemingly vanish from existence.

The Stand will also physically attack those who are near the Green Baby after they have been shrunken down.

Green, Green Grass of Home (グリーン・グリーン・グラス・オブ・ホーム)Link to this section
Proportional Shrinking


Jolyne acquires an egg

A strange creature, the Green Baby was born from DIO's bone after it absorbed the souls of thirty-six convicts.

DIO's bone began by infecting convicts by touching them. Those infected sought out the sun and slowly germinated into plants. Thirty six people in total were infected.

It was during this time that the gang: composed of Jolyne, Anasui and Foo Fighters, came across the bone. When Jolyne tried to stop the bone carrier, a random infected person, she herself became infected.

After being exposed to sunlight, Anasui concluded that the plant must only bloom in sunlight. Jolyne, knowing this, still jumped in to grab the newly forming Green Baby. Soon after, D an G's invincible automatic Stand Yo-Yo Ma swallowed the shell containing the Green Baby, forcing Jolyne and Anasui to accompany Yo-Yo Ma while Foo Fighters hunted down D an G.

After D an G was killed, the Green Baby hatched, removing Jolyne's plant infection due to no longer needing the plants to grow. Anasui and Jolyne then hunt down the Green Baby as it wanders away. Unfortunately they discover that the Green Baby has a Stand which shrinks anything that approaches it. As Jolyne attempts to foil the ability, Green, Green Grass of Home appears to defend the Green Baby and reduce all threats to nothing.

Pucci fuses with the Green Baby

After a long fight, Anasui manages to trap the Stand within a bottle, using Diver Down to help him and Jolyne escape the bottle. Unfortunately, while they are still diminished in size, the Green Baby kicks the bottle towards the two, nearly crushing Anasui, before Jolyne breaks the bottle and the baby cancels its ability due to a newly found interest in Jolyne and her Joestar family birthmark.

Shortly after this, they are tailed by Pucci, whom eliminates Foo Fighters and incapacitates Anasui. Jolyne sets out to fight Pucci and stop him, but Pucci tosses Jotaro's memory disc into a dying Anasui, which leaves Jolyne with the threat that Jotaro's disc will be lost with Anasui. Jolyne goes after the disc, to Pucci's joy, which allows him to utter the fourteen words to the Green Baby. The baby quickly reacts and rips at Pucci's arm, dragging him into the bushes violently to fuse with him.

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