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This article is about the character. For this character's Stand, see Foo Fighters (Stand).
Jolyne... I want to protect you. (徐倫…あたしはあんたを守りたい, Jorin... Atashi wa anta o mamoritai.)

Foo Fighters (フー・ファイターズ, Fū Faitāzu), commonly referred to as F.F. (F・F, Efu Efu), is a primary ally featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

A self-maintained colony of intelligent plankton that serves as her own Stand, F.F. initially serves Enrico Pucci as a guard for the priest's DISC collection. However, she soon allies herself with Jolyne Cujoh out of gratitude, taking the form of a deceased prisoner named Atroe to protect her.


Love Liner x JOJO Stone Ocean F.F.png

F.F. can change her appearance at any time. However, her habitual appearance is that of the deceased prisoner Atroe, a young woman of average height and slim build with a cap/hair styled with serrated edges at the ends on her head. In the anime, the spikes on the ends of F.F.'s cap/hair jut out more compared to Atroe's, which are kept closer to her neck.

F.F. is commonly shown carrying a 32 oz. cup of water when she is not near a water source.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, green lipstick)
Cap/Hair(Lime Green)
Eyes(Burnt Orange)
(Teal overalls with blue-gray soles and sky blue wristband)
Skin(Fair, golden-yellow lipstick.)
(Teal overalls with gold buttons, sky blue wristband.)


SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.

F.F. is originally portrayed as an obedient minion whose sole purpose was to fulfill Pucci's orders. After meeting Jolyne, she begins to grow a sense of individuality throughout the story.

F.F. making a discourse on how plankton can become intelligent

F.F.'s personality is centered around the fact that she possesses "intellect" but little life experience. During her introductory arc, her only goal was to obey Whitesnake's instructions to guard the DISCs.[5] As their guardian, F.F. ruthlessly attacks and kills anyone who approaches the DISCs' hiding place, regardless of their threat level. Being an intellectual being, F.F. places great importance in herself and implores her enemies to recognize her as sentient by calling her by her name.[6] She also quotes the astronomer Fred Hoyle to claim an "intellect" is guiding the universe, even predating it, to make the point that even insignificant beings like plankton are capable of possessing intelligence.[7]

When Jolyne shows mercy toward her and saves her from dehydration, F.F. discovers a new outlook on life and grows interested in her, pledging to protect Jolyne and accompany her in disguise as the prisoner Atroe.[8]

F.F. is shown not to have much of an eye for detail prior to meeting Jolyne and Ermes, lamenting her existence when expecting death after being defeated by the two. When Jolyne saves her, however, F.F. immediately begins to notice more details around herself and comes to perceive the world around them as being more colorful. As a result of experiencing this whole new environment, she becomes extremely curious about everything around her, constantly asking questions to people and experimenting with the world, such as when she tries to do the opposite of what Atroe would have done.[9] While she gets along with others, F.F. has the strongest affinity for Jolyne for giving them freedom and "intellect," of which losing is her greatest fear.

F.F. can't live without drinking constantly

Because of her great dependency on water, F.F. is obsessed with it and goes to great lengths to constantly hydrate herself. F.F. carries a cup of water and will fight anyone over it, as well as drink any liquid as long as it contains water, be it blood or spit. Being a mass of plankton with no experience of society, she isn't disturbed by any of this.[10][11]

F.F. eventually comes to accumulate enough positive memories of her companions that she comes to value them over her own safety, eventually sacrificing herself to close Anasui's wounds with her plankton. Jolyne meets her ghost for a short time as she happily contemplates her spirit form, a final confirmation that she was truly intelligent and alive.[12]



Main article: Foo Fighters (Stand)

In short, F.F. is her own Stand, her very existence relying upon the Stand DISC inserted into her. Her unique nature allows her to freely manipulate a number of corpses as hosts, fill and heal the wounds of others with her plankton, project her flesh as bullets, and even divide herself into multiple sub-bodies.

Foo Fighters (フー・ファイターズ)Link to this section
Plankton Colony Form & Body Invasion



During his time at Green Dolphin Street Prison, Enrico Pucci had collected a number of Stand DISCs under the guise of his own Stand, Whitesnake. Seeking a hiding place for his collection, Pucci chose the prison's farm, a remote, untouched, and desolate area of the prison. The farm's distance from the main prison building necessitated a guardian for the DISCs, lest they fall into the hands of Pucci's enemies. Whitesnake picked a DISC from its collection and, along with a memory DISC, tossed it into the ocean. The DISCs landed in and inserted themselves into a colony of plankton, creating Foo Fighters.

Stone Ocean (2011-2012)

Guarding the Stand DISCs

Foo Fighters was told by Whitesnake to stay at the warehouse where he kept the DISCs, and to kill anyone other than him should they come close. Having no other purpose, she did as she was told, protecting the DISCs. At one point, Foo Fighters kills two inmates who venture inside of the warehouse and completely absorbs their bodies, making it appear that the inmates have disappeared. This prompts the formation of a search party for the missing prisoners, in which Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello take part.

Battle Against Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello
Foo Fighters's sub-body pursues Jolyne and Ermes

Seeing the search party, Foo Fighters splits herself to take them all out. First, she manages to discreetly take over the bodies of three of the prisoners, while creating a supplementary body from the two missing inmates. When the guard wanders into the water, Foo Fighters injures him, leaving him unconscious. A small part of Foo Fighters baits Ermes near a bucket and attacks, throwing the bucket onto her head and dragging her underwater. Although Ermes frees herself from the bucket, the portion of the colony in the water grows to a full-sized sub-body. Jolyne comes to fight it, but the sub-Stand proves to match its strength and speed. It seemingly punches Jolyne through the stomach, but she then reveals that she unraveled herself to immobilize its fist, using the resulting opening to kick it and pummel it. Jolyne and Ermes then try to pull themselves back to the land, but the sub-Stand pursues them. It manages to grab Jolyne's leg, but Ermes puts a sticker on its arm and kicks it off, damaging it and forcing it to let go.

Jolyne and Ermes then accuse one of the other prisoners of being the enemy. Foo Fighters plays along for a time, making the corpses accuse each other before deciding to ditch their bodies and confront her enemies directly. Reassembling herself, Foo Fighters presents herself to her foes and enacts her plan. As Foo Fighters's main form runs towards the barn to move the DISCs, her sub-body begins dragging the guard further into the water to move Jolyne and Ermes outside of their bracelets' safe zone, indirectly killing them.

Foo Fighters seemingly corners Jolyne

As Jolyne pursues Foo Fighters's main body, Ermes attacks its sub-body in the water with Kiss. The sub-Stand cuts Kiss's arm, but Ermes reveals that she created a decoy arm to occupy it while she took the guard back to dry land. Foo Fighters then splashes water on the land around Ermes, allowing the sub-Stand to pin Ermes to the ground. Ermes escapes by destroying one of the dried corpses Foo Fighters was possessing, sprinkling the sub-Stand with the dry dust and draining it of its moisture, killing it. Inside the barn, Jolyne confronts the Stand's main body. Having spilled water all over the floor, Foo Fighters gains the advantage in the ensuing close-quarters fight and grabs Jolyne by the throat. The plankton colony begins to invade her body, but Jolyne manages to start the tractor, making it move towards Ermes across dry land. In desperation, Foo Fighters lets go of Jolyne and chases the tractor across the soil, beginning to crumble and die in the process.

Alliance with Jolyne

Foo Fighters uses Atroe's corpse to accompany Jolyne

Ermes prepares to deal the finishing blow. However, Jolyne spares Foo Fighters and gives her some water, figuring that she didn't know any better and only wanted to survive. Touched by her compassion, Foo Fighters agrees to become Jolyne's ally and allows her to retrieve Jotaro's Stand DISC. Foo Fighters then takes over the corpse of a woman named Atroe, hoping to accompany Jolyne back to the prison and protect her. The trio make up a story about the guard being attacked by an alligator to keep suspicion off themselves as a group of guards arrives to investigate the situation.

Battle Against Miraschon
Miraschon makes a bet against the heroes

After following Jolyne and Ermes back to the prison, F.F. is later seen playing catch with Ermes and Jolyne in the courtyard. Another inmate approaches and sips F.F.'s cup of water despite her protests, thinking that she is still the meek prisoner Atroe. In response, F.F. shoots her plankton into the inmate's mouth, causing him to throw up all of the water along with some bonus liquid. Being inexperienced in human life, F.F.'s throws are awkward, and she almost hits another prisoner named Miraschon before Jolyne narrowly catches the ball. Nonetheless, F.F. is excited to have completed 87 consecutive throws, prompting Miraschon to bet $100 that they can't get to 100. F.F. expects an easy victory, and Jolyne reluctantly agrees, in need of funds to sneak Jotaro's Stand DISC out of prison. The two complete 94 throws, but F.F. is distracted by Miraschon sitting near her cup, throwing too low and forcing Jolyne to dive to catch it. Still distracted, F.F. almost misses the ball as Jolyne throws it to her, then loses time while ordering Miraschon to get away from the water. F.F. throws just before the pair's ten-second time limit expires, but a basketball ball suddenly hits Jolyne from behind as she moves to catch it. Luckily, Jolyne manages to pull herself in the direction of the ball by tying her string to a bench, and the two complete the 100 throws. Jolyne then reminds Miraschon that she bet separately with F.F. and Jolyne, making it $200 to pay up.

However, Miraschon makes another bet that they cannot complete 100 throws again, this time for $1,000. The new bet entices Ermes to play with F.F. while Jolyne steps aside. However, the inmates' free time is almost over. Despite Ermes's bribe, a guard interferes by taking Ermes's glove, forcing Ermes to cheat. Her deception summons the enemy Stand Marilyn Manson, which proves impervious to Kiss and F.F.'s attacks as it steals Ermes's money and liver to pay her debt. Jolyne is forced to up the ante and participate in the game of catch to regain Ermes's liver.

F.F. and Jolyne work together to confront Miraschon

Though Jolyne and F.F. continue to play catch as they move back into the main building, the two plan to retire Miraschon before reaching 100 throws. Jolyne and F.F. follow Miraschon into the shower room, but Miraschon switches off the lights just as Jolyne makes a throw. The ball hits F.F. in the face, but she uses her plankton to catch it. Unable to determine the precise direction of Jolyne's voice, F.F. overhears Miraschon mumbling and shoots in her direction, hitting her arm and forcing her to open a door, which lights the room once more. Jolyne pursues Miraschon into another room, but realizes too late that it is a service lift. The lift's thick door and fenced gates close before F.F. can pass Jolyne the ball, but she uses her plankton to force the doors open just enough to throw the ball, allowing Stone Free to unravel it to pass it through the fence. As Jolyne corners Miraschon, F.F. notices that Ermes's liver has been returned and reports it to Jolyne, reassured. Marilyn Manson momentarily appears behind F.F. and grabs Jotaro's Stand DISC, but Jolyne defeats Miraschon before it can escape with its prize.

Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom

The information below derives from a source which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

One day, Fujiko Fujiyama approaches Jolyne, mentioning the time Jolyne was caught masturbating in her cell. Jolyne is shocked to hear that the prison guards know of the incident, but F.F. explains that she remembers Ermes gossiping about it. This makes Jolyne angry at Ermes.

Concludes non-canon section.

Battle Against Sports Maxx
F.F. and Jolyne face an invisible alligator

F.F. notices that her host is not welcome in the prison and decides to change her habits. Using Atroe's impulses, F.F. begins to do the opposite of what her host instinctively wants, hoping to gain appreciation among the other inmates. Her efforts meet with limited success. When Jolyne notes that she hasn't seen Ermes in a while, Foo Fighters reveals that a gangster named Sports Maxx killed Ermes's sister, Gloria, Atroe having heard of it from a newspaper. The two race to find her and see her following Maxx to the workshop. Assuming that she is merely observing Maxx at the moment, the two begin to leave. However, they soon change their mind and trail her once more, finding her just outside the workshop. At that moment, F.F.'s leg is bitten off an invisible zombie alligator. Jolyne tries to fight the alligator, but is overpowered. Instead, F.F. lets it bite into her arm, allowing her to fire from within the alligator's mouth and send it back to the grave. However, Foo Fighters is left temporarily unable to fight due to her wounds, forcing Jolyne and Ermes to pursue and defeat Sports Maxx themselves. Afterward, she reunites with the two and tends to Ermes's wounds.

The Ultra Security House Unit

Anasui agrees to help Jolyne

A few days after Ermes gets her revenge, F.F. meets with Emporio. Worried about Jolyne, who has let herself be taken to the Ultra Security House Unit alone, F.F. plans to sneak into the building to help her. With Weather Report still in the medical wing, F.F. considers allying with Burning Down the House's other resident, Narciso Anasui. Emporio warns her that Anasui is a convicted murderer, but F.F. plans to force him to cooperate nonetheless. However, Anasui immediately accepts the offer and promises to help protect Jolyne, claiming that he is in love with and plans to eventually marry her. The two immediately depart for the Ultra Security House Unit.

After reaching the building, F.F. hides inside a corpse to ambush the assassin Kenzou. The old man sees through her hiding place, however, and kicks away the corpse she's hiding in. F.F. jumps out of the corpse to shoot Kenzou, but the corpse's leg twitches, coincidentally protecting the old man.

Battle Against Kenzou
F.F. fires at Kenzou, to no avail

Kenzou and Foo Fighters properly engage each other. The old man summons Dragon's Dream and uses it to locate a "lucky spot" where he is immune to attack. Moving into the lucky spot, he effortlessly avoids F.F.'s shots and drives his fist inside of her throat, attacking her vertebrae to trigger a secretion of mucus from the adrenal gland and a subsequent death by internal drowning. After delivering the strike, Kenzou turns to face Jolyne, but F.F. pierces its own throat to release the mucus and fires again. Having moved out of his lucky spot, Kenzou barely manages to avoid the attack and tries to kick F.F. against a handrail, but she contorts her own body to move out of the way between its bars.

As Kenzou summons Dragon's Dream again, F.F. sees it hovering behind her. She attacks the enemy Stand, but its neutrality renders it immune to attack. After another exchange of blows with F.F., Kenzou reaches Dragon's Dream, sending his arm flying into F.F.'s unlucky spot. Though F.F. blocks the fist by dislocating her own shoulder, a series of coincidences causes a pair of glasses to pierce F.F.'s face. She opens her mouth in shock, prompting Kenzou to rush in and attack, but she dodges in the nick of time. As Dragon's Dream indicates another unlucky spot for F.F., Kenzou rushes toward her. F.F. attempts a kick, but Kenzou grabs her leg; she attempts to retaliate with a chop, only to receive a punch in the throat. Kenzou then shoves his fist in F.F.'s throat to use his drowning technique once more, but F.F. simply bites down on Kenzou's fingers. In pain, the old man strikes F.F.'s liver and pushes her towards Dragon's Dream. F.F.'s arm enters the dragon and punches a corpse, which causes another series of coincidences that cause a piece of a ceiling fan to fall off and slice through F.F.'s head. Though the attack would be fatal for an ordinary human, the real danger for F.F. is the loss of blood, as she is now dangerously low on water.

Kenzou kicks F.F. into the electric chair

F.F. shoots Kenzou, who has barely left his lucky spot, but the old man escapes despite being wounded. Realizing his method of attack, F.F. plans to trick Kenzou into misreading Dragon's Dream's directions with a mirror made out of water after using it to sustain herself. F.F. runs towards a nearby fire extinguisher hose, with Kenzou in hot pursuit. F.F. searches for the faucet, but Dragon's Dream appears and warns F.F. that she is in an unlucky spot as Kenzou attacks. Instead of protecting herself as per the Stand's advice, F.F. decides to shove her own arms into Dragon's Dream and force her way into the hose itself. F.F. manages to break the faucet open, but her arms knock her away from the water before she can touch it. F.F. is knocked down to an execution room and caught on an electric chair, and the hose coincidentally activates a countdown timer for its activation. As F.F. struggles to free herself from the chair, Kenzou follows her down to the killing floor. F.F. shoots at him in hopes of obtaining water dripping from the ceiling, but narrowly misses him once more, only succeeding in breaking Kenzou's jewelry. As she passes Kenzou, she trips on the fallen jewelry and falls back into the electric chair. F.F. desperately attempts to kick Kenzou, but the old man blocks the attack and kicks F.F. in place as the electric chair activates.

F.F. shares the electrocution with Kenzou

As F.F. is electrocuted, Dragon's Dream reveals that she was able to collect Kenzou's sweat and form a mirror from it. Kenzou barely has time to realize that he is in an unsafe spot before he is grabbed by F.F., causing him to be electrocuted as well. Jolyne realizes that Kenzou has survived the attack, and approaches him despite her own injuries. Jolyne uses her string to deliver the part of F.F. that has survived within the mirror to Atroe's body, allowing her to reconstitute herself after the battle. F.F. then heals Jolyne's wounds, aside from a group of cuts on her right arm inherited from her father.

Birth of the Green Baby

As the three leave the execution room via the stairs, Anasui asks F.F. to trip Jolyne so he can catch her. F.F. reluctantly does so, but Jolyne notices a prisoner holding the bone she seeks and uses her string to chase after him, missing Anasui entirely. The three corner the prisoner, but discover to their horror that he is being turned into a plant alongside the rest of the inmates, Jolyne included. Anasui realizes that the transformation is triggered by sunlight, but Jolyne nonetheless exposes herself to sunlight to retrieve the bone. However, she instead discovers a green baby gestating in a translucid egg, which she abducts in hopes of confronting Whitesnake. The group leaves the building through a window, but F.F. hardly has time to think before a Stand named Yo-Yo Ma appears and swallows the baby. Yo-Yo Ma proves itself invulnerable to all attacks but acts servile toward the group. When Jolyne and Anasui turn away to discuss the group's next course of action, Yo-Yo Ma uses its acidic saliva to dissolve F.F.'s jaw. Realizing Yo-Yo Ma's true danger, F.F. stays behind to assassinate the Stand's user, D an G, praying that Anasui and Jolyne don't allow it to attack them.

Battle Against Whitesnake

F.F. desperately attempts to escape Whitesnake

F.F. finds D an G just as a group of paramedics reach him, and notices a priest staring at the assassin. Undeterred, she disguises herself as one of the paramedics and prepares to shoot D an G as he is being loaded into an ambulance. However, her assassination attempt is stopped by another paramedic, who grabs her arm under orders from a thrown DISC. After knocking out the other paramedic, F.F. is confronted by Pucci, and finally realizes that he is Whitesnake's user. Unsure of which enemy to tackle first, F.F. hesitates before turning to kill D an G, allowing Whitesnake to infiltrate the ambulance and protect him. Whitesnake then chops F.F.'s head and attempts to take her Stand DISC. Remembering her time with Jolyne, F.F. works up the courage to shoot herself in the head, dispersing some of her plankton on D an G and decapitating him from the inside. Her main body reassembles in the driver's cabin and seeks another faucet. However, Whitesnake enters the cabin and takes the advantage in the close-quarters fight. Desperate, F.F. shoots open the door and flees. Hiding her Stand DISC in her legs, F.F.'s upper body stalls for time as Pucci interrogates her about the Green Baby. F.F.'s legs run outside and manage to reach the faucet, allowing F.F. to regenerate, but Whitesnake inserts a Stand that boils water into F.F.'s other part. F.F.'s main body cannot withstand the scalding water and disintegrates, killing most of the colony. However, some of her plankton manage to reach a radio and call Weather Report, who manipulates the weather to create rain and fog for her. F.F. regenerates as she escapes, and eventually manages to meet with Weather himself.

F.F.'s spirit bids farewell to Jolyne

F.F. and Weather Report eventually reunite with Jolyne and Anasui in the swamp. After F.F. heals her wounds, Jolyne and Weather Report embrace each other; Anasui, feeling threatened, orders F.F. to break the two apart, but she hardly has time to decline before the embrace ends. Anasui then announces his intent to kill the inhuman Green Baby, making no attempt to hide his disdain and anger toward F.F. However, Weather suddenly impales Anasui through the chest and splits F.F.'s head open, stealing the latter's Stand DISC and revealing that he was Whitesnake all along, having disguised himself as Weather to reach the Green Baby. Jolyne enters a close-quarters fight with Whitesnake and Pucci, which eventually ends with Pucci throwing Jotaro's memory DISC into Anasui's body. As Foo Fighters disintegrates, Anasui begs her to take his body; instead, F.F. ejects the DISC by healing his wounds, accepting her own death in the process. As the last of the plankton colony dies out, Foo Fighters's spirit appears before Jolyne. She tells Jolyne that she has accepted her fate, content to have her existence and intellect recognized and thankful that she is able to say goodbye to her. Jolyne promises to bring her back by retrieving Foo Fighters's Stand DISC, but Foo Fighters rejects the possibility, imparting that the resulting entity would be a different Foo Fighters without her memories. At last, Foo Fighters bids farewell to Jolyne and ascends into the sky. Her fate later inspires her companions to break out of prison in order to defeat Pucci once and for all.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • This body of mine... was created from the bodies of the missing prisoners. My divided body is now whole again. (この「わたしの体」は…… 行方不明の囚人の肉体から作ったものだァ〜〜〜ッ 分かれてたわたしがひとつに戻った)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
  • For the sake of this ability and these memories, bestowed upon me by Whitesnake's DISC... I will protect myself, no matter what... (「ホワイトスネイク」のDISC(ディスク)が与えてくれた この「能力」と「記憶」のために わたしはなにがなんでも自分を守る…)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
  • Foo Fighters! If you're going to refer to me, call me by that name! (『フー・ファイターズ』!! わたしの事を呼ぶならそう呼べ!)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
  • An astronomer named Fred Hoyle once said, "It is wrong to assume, even statistically speaking, that organisms appeared on this Earth purely by chance... There is a pre-existing force in the universe that we call intellect, which is responsible for the development of life..." To put it another way, one could say that intellect precedes even the Big Bang, and that all life and matter is guided by and participates in that intellect. (フレッド・ホイルという天文物理学者は言った 『この自然界で確率的にも 生命が偶然誕生したと考えるのは間違っている…… この宇宙には「知性」という「力」がすでに存在していて「生命のもと(・・)」を形づくった…』………と つまり「知性」という力はビッグバンより先に存在していて全ての物質や生物は「知性」に導かれ その「知性」をすでに保有しているのだ)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
  • I thought I told you to call me Foo Fighters! It seems my intellect far surpasses the both of you! (『フー・ファイターズ』と呼べと言ったはずだッ!知性ならおまえたちより上だッ!)
    —Foo Fighters to Jolyne and Ermes, Stone Ocean Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
  • With a full understanding of my ability, I created an environment where I have no weakness... There is nothing more you can do. (わたしは 自分の能力を全て理解して弱点などない状況を作っている… 君にはもうどうすることもできない)
    —Foo Fighters to Jolyne, Stone Ocean Chapter 32: Foo Fighters, Part 2
  • Those feelings of yours... I can't quite say I understand them, but... all of a sudden, I don't feel like fighting you anymore. I suppose I've completely and utterly lost. (おまえの気持ち…… なんだが良く 理解できないが…… おまえらとはもう戦う気がしない そして…… わたしの負けだ………完璧に)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 32: Foo Fighters, Part 2
  • Hey, isn't that a window over there? If you jumped from up there, do you think it'd kill you? (ねえ…… あそこ明かり窓あるじゃん…… あそこから飛び降りたらさああ〜 死ぬと思う?)
    —Foo Fighters, Stone Ocean Chapter 33: Foo Fighters, Part 3
  • Hey, you! Don't you even think about going near my water! What are you up to, sitting down on that bench?! (おい!きさまッ! あたしの「水」に近づいてんじゃあねーーッ なに いまベンチに座ってんだよォーーーッ)
  • Right now, Jolyne's going it alone in there! It's because of Jolyne that I still exist, but I don't know what to do for her! I need your help! (あの場所でこのまま徐倫ひとりではやられる! 今のあたしが存在するのは徐倫のおかげなんだ でもあたしはどうしていいかわからない! あんたに助けてもらいたい!)
    —F.F. to Emporio, Stone Ocean Chapter 58: Ultra Security House Unit
  • I'm right on time. By the looks of things, it was a close call... I can treat those wounds of yours now, Jolyne. But first, I'll take care of this geezer! (間にあったぜ でもかなり危機一髪だったようだな…徐倫 今つめもの(・・・・)してやるよ…その負傷 だが その前に徐倫…… この じじいはあたしにまかせろォォーーーッ)
  • Now bite it already. The thing about far-distance autopilot-type Stand users is... they're completely defenseless against counterattacks! That's the risk to them! (くらいな 自動追跡型スタンドを持つ者は! 『逆襲される時は無防備』!それがリスクだッ!!)
  • When I think about Jolyne... I feel courage welling up inside me. This is what it means to have memories... This is intellect. (――――徐倫のことを考えると―――― 勇気がわいてくる これこそが「思い出」なんだ………… これが「知性」なんだ)
    —F.F., Stone Ocean Chapter 85: Awaken, Part 1
  • What's a priest like you doing in a prison like this? (神父のてめーこそ何をやっている?この刑務所でよォーーーーー)
    —F.F. to Pucci, Stone Ocean Chapter 90: Whitesnake - The Pursuer, Part 2
  • The thing I was most afraid of... was forgetting to say goodbye to my friends. But here, now, at the very end... I remembered that I had to do it. (あたしの一番怖い事は…………… 友達に「さよなら」を言う事すら考えられなくなら事だった でも…… 最後の最後に……… それを考える事ができた)
    —F.F., Stone Ocean Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest
  • Look at me, Jolyne. This is my spirit... This is my intellect... I was alive. (あたしを見て徐倫 これがあたしの「魂」……これが あたしの「知性」…… あたしは生きていた, Atashi o mite Jorīn. Kore ga atashi no 'tamashī'... Kore ga atashi no 'chisei'... Atashi wa ikiteita.)
    —F.F. to Jolyne, Stone Ocean Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest
  • That'd just be a different Foo Fighters. I don't think it'd be me... This is me, the me saying goodbye to you. (それは きっと別のフー・ファイターズ あたしじゃあないと思う これがあたしなの(・・・・・・・・) さよならを言うあたしなのよ(・・・・・・・・・・・・・), Sore wa kitto betsu no Fū Faitāzu. Atashi jā nai to omō. Kore ga atashi nano. Sayonara o iu atashi nano yo.)
    —F.F. responding to Jolyne's vow to regain her DISC, Stone Ocean Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest
  • I'm glad I got to say goodbye at the end, Jolyne. It's all right, Jolyne... It's all right. I'm glad we got the DISC back... (最後にさよならが言えて良かった…徐倫 これで(・・・)いい徐倫 これで…いいのよ DISC(ディスク)を取り戻せてよかった…)
    —F.F.'s last words, Stone Ocean Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest



  1. F.F. is referred to as "she (彼女, kanojo)" with a "(?)" beside it. — JOJOVELLER: STANDS, p.207
  2. The Netflix subtitles, English dub, and VIZ Media localization of the manga use "they/them" when referring to F.F.


  • In the original tankobon release of Stone Ocean Volume 4, F.F.'s criminal charge was listed as "murder by poison" in her privilege card. This was corrected in the bunkoban to "kidnapping" to match Atroe's backstory.


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