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A summary of Foo Fighters' history and movesets in video games.

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Miscellaneous Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

F.F. appears on the PS3 title as a support character for the Campaign Mode, where she appears and gives the player two choices; either inflict 150 HP to any boss or gain 1 energy bar of health. F.F. is also the only ally-character from Part 6 who does not appear on any interactive form on the match (both Anasui and Ermes are playable characters and Weather Report and Emporio appear in stages).

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

F.F. appears in a support card, having one voice line performed by Ryoko Shiraishi. She says, "It's your immune system that needs to completely heal you! OK? (完全に治すのは自分の治療力! OK?, Kanzen ni Naosu no wa Jibun no Chiryōryoku! OK?)". When applied to the player's team, their members have their HP gradually restored over the course of the fight.

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