Baoh the Visitor - Chapter 4

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Evil Beast Martin (凶獣マーチン, Kyōjū Māchin) is the fourth chapter of Baoh the Visitor. The chapter was originally published in WSJ as the sixth and seventh chapters of the series, titled Evil Beast Martin (凶獣マーチン, Kyōjū Māchin) and Artificial Evolution (人工進化, Jinkō Shinka) respectively.


Ikuro senses an assassin, who reveals himself as a beastmaster commanding a heavily modfied giant mandrill named Martin. Due to its strength and many weapons hidden inside his body, Martin is more than a match for Baoh. Sumire, having sensed that Ikuro's humanity is still intact inside of Baoh, tries to stop the assassin from controlling Martin, only to be hurt. Enraged, Baoh finally overpowers Martin and kills both the beast and his master, healing and turning back into Ikuro.


Dr. Kasuminome
(1st appearance) (Death)

Author's Comment

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Whenever I write the "Baru Baru Baru" battlecry, I'll always say it out loud. (It's really fun!)
“バルバルバル” いつも擬音を発しながら執筆!絶好調(ゼッコーチョー)

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I'm addicted to country music! I have to listen to it once a day.



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