Baoh the Visitor - Chapter 7

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Come Out, Baoh (怪物(バオー)よ出でよ, Baō yo Ide yo) is the seventh chapter of Baoh the Visitor. The chapter was originally published in WSJ as the eleventh chapter.


Going away on a motorcycle given by the old couple, Ikuro deems it necessary to learn to control his power first to have a chance to save Sumire. Meanwhile, Dr. Kasuminome chastises Dordo for his perceived failure and the danger of letting Baoh time to grow stronger. Kasuminome then mentions a mysterious Walken who wants to fight Baoh. Meanwhile, Ikuro is forced to save a trapped girl from a speeding train and is pushed into managing to activate his acid touch without fully transforming.


(1st appearance) (Silhouette)
Aya (Baoh)
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I wish I could skate, but I'm really bad at it. I'm just too busy to learn, y'know?



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