Baoh Volume 2

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Demon Walken (魔人ウォーケン Majin Wōken) is the second volume of the manga series, Baoh the Visitor.


Ikuro Hashizawa and Sumire are still on the run, but Dress' assassins are becoming more ruthless and powerful. Will Ikuro be able to master his power and the savagery that reside inside him in time ?


Author's Note

Araki Baoh Vol 2 Note.png

I love almond-shaped eyes; they feel mysterious with an intense ghostly air and loneliness to them.

The eyes of Sting (the musician), Madonna, Nastassja Kinski, Joe Asakura, and Kamui are full of mystery and that's why I love them. They're all very attractive!

...With that in mind, please enjoy volume two of Baoh the Visitor. Ikuro's eyes are also full of loneliness...




週刊少年ジャンプ・S60 年1・2 号~




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