Baoh the Visitor - Chapter 1

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Baoh, the Ultimate Weapon (最終兵器バオー Saishū Heiki Baō) is the first chapter of Baoh the Visitor.


The story begins on the following incident: one day, the mangled corpse of a woman washes up on a northeastern shore of Honshū, in Nikuru. The dead woman is revealed to have been on a certain train several days earlier.

On said train, Dr. Kasuminome (霞の目博士 Kasuminome-hakase, Pr. Hazyeye in the English translation) of the Dress Secret Organization (秘密組織ドレス Himitsu Soshiki Doresu, Judas in the English translation), a covert government group responsible for creating secret weapons, escorts one of his latest creations, Baoh (バオー Baō), kept dormant in a tank. Meanwhile, a little psychic girl named Sumire (スミレ lit. "Violet"), who was kidnapped to be studied, escapes from her room and during her escape releases Baoh, revealed to be a young man with superhuman abilities. Baoh and Sumire subsequently escape the train, Kasuminome worried that he might have unleashed a terrible weapon.


Ikuro Hashizawa
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance)
Sunny Stefen Nozzo
(1st appearance)
Dr. Kasuminome
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(1st appearance) (Death)

Author's Comment

The goal here is to write a thrilling story that'll make your hair stand on end. I'll do my best, but please tell me what you think.




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