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Ashes to ashes... dust to dust.

Walken (ウォーケン Wōken) is a minor antagonist featured in Baoh: The Visitor.

He's an assassin working for Dress and is the last known member of the Native American Skookum Tribe.


Walken is a tall, heavily built Native-American with long unkempt dark hair. He constantly bears a severe and angry look on his face, enhanced by his thick and spiky eyebrows and sharp teeth. Walken has plain trousers, but wears a pelt jacket leaving his muscled chest and stomach exposed, and wears arm guards.

He wears a device on his head that resembles earphones that regulates his psychic power.


As a member of the Skookum Tribe, he is a warrior by blood and thinks that he must seek worthy opponents, taking Baoh as one of them. If his opponent wins his respect, he carves a marking in his chest with his finger to denote so. As a willing agent of Dress, Walken is also ruthless and didn't hesitate to gruesomely execute the assassin Dordo for his failures, making every molecule of his body shake

When his full power is released, he becomes extremely violent, killing everyone around him and only seeks revenge against Ikuro.


Walken annihilating civilians

Walken is recognized as the most powerful psychic on Earth as his psychic powers are so powerful they allow him to manipulate matter at the molecular level but also on a large scale. He possesses the following psychic abilities.

  • Psychokinesis: He can manipulate matter with his mind and use it to liquify and disintegrate matter by vibrating molecules. Walken thus possesses a powerful defensive technique against projectiles he can see coming but also a powerful offensive technique allowing to mold anything he touches at will.
  • Molecular Air-Motion Wave (分子空動波 Bunshi Kūdō Ha): He creates a sphere of vibrating air molecules and throws it at his opponent to disintegrate them.
  • Molecular Seismic Wave (分子地動波 Bunshi Chidō Ha): He liquifies the ground beneath him to trap his opponent. He can also do this with walls. This powerful ability allowed him to carve a pit 1 km deep through solid rock
  • Clairvoyance: He can foresee the location of any person, which he can use to locate enemies of Doress.

Walken also possesses athletic abilities beyond the range of normal human beings. He was able to withstand Baoh's Dark Thunder and also live through one of Baoh's arm blade planting itself in his skull, although with some brain damage in the process.



Walken is the last surviving member of a now defunct American Indian tribe. At one point, he accepts to work for the Doress organization.


Walken first appears to a terrified Sumire who can sense his power. He demonstrates it by willing a coffee cup into boiling. When Dordo is taken back to the Dress organization's headquarters, he is executed by Walken for his failure and is atomized into dust. Baoh eventually arrives at the headquarter and fights his way inside until Walken appears. Walken scars himself to pay his respect to a powerful fighter, and attacks. He sends a ball of destructive energy at Baoh, who narrowly avoids it and tries to shoot with his hair needles. However, Walken atomizes the needles with a thought. He wills the metal of the floor into boiling and Baoh tries to escape through a hole in the wall that Walken created. However, Walken makes the wall boil and closes the hole on Baoh's arm. Baoh uses his Dark Thunder technique to shock Walken. While he's immobilized, the Indian withstands the shocks. Nonetheless, Baoh manages to stab inside Walken's brain by launching one of his arm blades and Walken collapses.

Walken eventually wakes up, still alive despite his injury, and seeks Baoh for revenge. As the headgear restricting his psychic powers was destroyed by Baoh's attack, the full strength of Walken's abilities causes an earthquake inside the facility. As Sumire awakens, Walken finds them and destroys the floor. All of them, as well as Dr. Kasuminome who tried to escape in a pod, find themselves in a cavern. Baoh uses one of the lasers to kill Walken for good, unintentionally fatally wounding Kasuminome in the process. The facility then self destructs, causing the cavern to collapse.


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