Baoh the Visitor - Chapter 8

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Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel Dordo (サイボーグ・ドルド中佐, Saibōgu Dorudo-chūsa), originally Demon Walken (魔人ウォーケン, Majin Wōken) in the WSJ release, is the eighth chapter of Baoh the Visitor. The chapter was originally published in WSJ as the twelfth chapter.


Humiliated by his hierarchy, Dordo goes out to snipe Ikuro Hashizawa himself, but his attempt is foiled thanks to Ikuro activating his super senses and strength to evade the bullets. Meanwhile, Sumire is experimented on, but the scientists cannot make her cooperate. Sumire then sees a hulking man, Walken, and is terrified. Walken is one of the most dangerous men in the world, gifted with extraordinary psychic powers and demonstrating it by willing a coffee cup into boiling.


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Author's Comment

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I've been told recently that I resemble Nozzo. Not saying I disagree, but...
最近ノッツオに似ているといわれる。 自分としては納得しないんだけど…



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