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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Enrico Pucci.


Pucci meets DIO

Pucci was born on June 5, 1972 to a wealthy family and lived a fairly normal childhood. He was born with a disfigured left foot, though this apparently did not hinder his ability to walk. Having descended from an influential Italian family, he grew up with a wealthy upbringing and was well-liked by everyone.

When Enrico was little, he visited the tomb of "Domenico Pucci" and asked who it was. He learned that Domenico was his twin brother, who died soon after childbirth. Shocked that he lived while his twin brother died, Enrico's mind trod on philosophical questions such as fate and inequality, hence his choice to become a priest. He was already on the path of priesthood at the age of fifteen, an action allowed by his parents due to his family's religious history.

One day while in an ossuary, he stumbled upon DIO's feet underneath a table. Curious, he allowed DIO to stay and conversed with him. Pucci was given the tip of an arrow and later noticed his foot had been healed.[1]

Pucci learns about Wes

A year later, when Pucci was cleaning the church, a woman, in tears, came to the confessional booth, pleading to be heard. Listening in the absent priest's place, he heard how this woman had switched her sickly baby with another family's fraternal twin. When he asked what the family name was, he was shocked to discover it was Pucci.[1]

Not long afterward, his sister, Perla, fell in love with a part-time worker named Wes Bluemarine. The man his sister was dating was actually his thought-to-be-dead twin brother. Despite his discovery, Pucci is unable to tell anyone due to his priestly obligation to preserve the privacy of confessions.[2]

The purpose of gravity and Pucci's new goal for heaven.

In order to protect his sister from knowing of the incest, Pucci secretly hired a P.I. group to force Wes and Perla to break up. However, he was unaware that the P.I. group held the beliefs of the KKK, who discovered that Wes's presumed father was an African American and proceeded to lynch Wes. Wes was shot and hung from a noose over a cliff while Perla was beaten.[2] The morning afterward, Pucci discovered Perla's corpse from her suicide and cradled her body in sadness. He noticed a DISC emerging from her head, due to DIO's influence with the Stand Arrow.

Pucci wanted to follow DIO, enticed by his words, but not before tying up all the loose ends to his past. He approaches the post-traumatic Wes, who was furious at Pucci's interference in his relationship with Perla, the two engage in battle and Pucci tells Wes that they were brothers before removing Wes's memory DISC from him.[3]

Pucci becomes DIO's disciple

Pucci formed a close friendship with DIO. From him, he learned the "ingredients" needed to formulate the "perfect world".[4] DIO grew to trust Pucci entirely, and gave him one of his foot bones as a remaining fragment should he die.[5]

One day Pucci asked DIO what he believed to be the weakest stand and DIO answered that it was Survivor believing that it only makes people angry, which would cause internal fights in a group with no benefit. Pucci then asked if he could have it, believing that it might be useful some day.[6]

The remaining years of Pucci's life were driven by his obsession with this promised land, and he waited for the preparation of the said day. To increase his mobility, he finished his priesthood and became a Father to those in need. He allied with Johngalli A. in a plan to avenge DIO by killing Jotaro and his daughter Jolyne and complete DIO's plans. Determined to fulfill DIO's prophecy, he secured a job at Green Dolphin Street Prison, where he spent the next 8 years as the head priest and had since then become the longest residing employee of the prison.[7]

In Green Dolphin Street, Pucci begins gathering Stand DISCs. He notably kills Emporio Alnino's mother.[8] He stashes his Stand DISCs inside a tractor[9] in the farmlands of Green Dolphin Street's island and creates Foo Fighters by tossing a DISC in the water, ordering it to guard the other DISCs.[10]

Stone Ocean (2011-2012)

The Way to Heaven

Framing Jolyne Cujoh

To fulfill DIO's secret plan, Pucci needs the hidden instructions contained within DIO's Diary, but Jotaro Kujo has burned it down. However, Pucci knows that Jotaro must have read the diary. To recover the instructions and avenge DIO, Pucci and Johngalli A. devise a plan to lure Jotaro into their prison. 

As the one known criminal, Johngalli A. openly acts by ordering thugs to throw a hitchhiker into the car Romeo Jisso and Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro's daughter, were riding in. Johngalli A. then directly hired a corrupt lawyer to protect Romeo and frame Jolyne for manslaughter with aggravating circumstances which would guarantee her transfer to Green Dolphin Street Prison. That way, Jotaro would investigate the circumstances and try to meet Jolyne in prison.[11]

Battle Against Jotaro Kujo & Jolyne Cujoh

Whitesnake steals Jotaro's memories and Stand
When Jotaro eventually visits Jolyne, Pucci cooperates with Johngalli A. to eliminate him. In the visiting room, Pucci has Whitesnake trap the two inside a delusional combat scenario, from which both of them eventually escape. The family freeing themselves from Whitesnake's spell is unexpected but, at a corridor, Johngalli A. and Whitesnake manage to surround Jotaro and force him to protect his daughter.[12] It is this moment that Whitesnake steals two DISCs from Jotaro. To read DIO's plan to go to Heaven, Pucci takes Jotaro's memory DISC; to avenge his friend, he also steals Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum. Whitesnake then quickly disappears, leaving Johngalli A. alone to be defeated by Jolyne.[13]

Pucci then has Whitesnake finish off the sniper with his own gun so his secret identity won't be found.[8]

With Jolyne Cujoh being thrown into solitary confinement, Pucci has several weeks of free move. During that time, he looks into Jotaro's memories to discover DIO's plan. Moreover, having no use for Jotaro's Star Platinum DISC, he stores it in his secret stash in the farm fields. He also gives Thunder McQueen a Stand, Highway to Hell.[9]

Attempts to Eliminate Jolyne Cujoh

After the battle between Jolyne, Ermes Costello and Foo Fighters, Pucci participates in the search for the missing prisoners who were killed during said battle and notes that his whole stash of DISCs has been taken and there is no sign of Foo Fighters. He concludes that Jolyne is a more dangerous foe than he previously thought and that she's gathered allies.[14]

Pucci gives Miraschon a DISC

Later, Pucci meets with a prisoner named Miraschon who expresses contrition for her crimes. Pucci discusses the difference between animals and men and states that the core difference between the two is that people seek "Heaven" and sees it as what is beautiful about humans. Incidentally, he also eats a cherry whole and manages to tie its stem with his tongue. Pucci promises Miraschon to put a good word about her to the parole committee, making her happy, but then suddenly slams her face on the corner of the table as she's stolen a jeweled cross. To assassinate Jolyne and her allies, he decides to use her and implants a Stand that will suit her personality: Marilyn Manson.[15] However, Miraschon is soon defeated, with no casualty on the heroes' side.[16]

Pucci later dispatches Lang Rangler to kill Jolyne and retrieve the Stand DISC.[17] Moreover, Pucci also intercepts Jolyne's phone call to the Speedwagon Foundation and knows that she intends to deliver the Star Platinum DISC to the courtyard.[18] He thus begins to head to the factory. As a precaution, he brainwashes a guard into standing post in the courtyard. However, Lang is defeated.[19]

Pucci trapped in the rain of frogs

When Pucci arrives at the factory he stumbles upon Jolyne. He rushes for the alarm but Jolyne stops him and tries to persuade him to let her pass, since she is not aware of Pucci's true nature. Suspecting that there is an ally of Jolyne nearby, Pucci holds the masquerade and lets her go, letting the guard take care of her while he watches.[20] Suddenly, a rain of poisonous rainforest frogs happens and covers the courtyard.[4] Pucci loses his pass card because of the frogs and is cornered. He realizes that Weather Report is here. The guard comes to him and Pucci tells him to give him his card, but the guard succumbs before he can reach Pucci and his pass is buried under the frogs as well. He calls for help and a guard arrives, but the guard hesitates and gives himself an excuse to flee. In return, Pucci kicks a frog at the guard's face, making it explode and blinding the guard; this way he forces him to obey his instructions.[21] Pucci escapes the rain and when it finishes, he sends Whitesnake to retrieve Jotaro's DISC.

Jolyne, who was seemingly covered in frogs, reveals herself to be alive thanks to the net she's made to cushion the frog's fall and protect herself. She snatches the DISC and gives it to a special messenger pigeon sent by the Speedwagon Foundation. Whitesnake tries to use a gun but it is empty and Whitesnake can only spitefully go back to its user. Pucci finds a string attached to Whitesnake but cuts it. His plans have not yet been altered since he still has Jotaro's memories.[22]

Birth of the Green Baby

Pucci tells Maxx via Whitesnake to revive DIO's Bone

Pucci then carries on to his original plan and meets Sports Maxx at the chapel. He then asks Maxx to revive DIO's Bone with his powers, which results in the bone's disappearance. After a short moment of panic, Pucci understands that the plan is being carried out and resolves to wait for the bone to reappear of its own volition. However, Sports Maxx reveals that he senses the bone's presence in the Ultra Security House Unit.[23]

After Ermes's battle against Sports Maxx, Jolyne is thrown into the Ultra Security House Unit. Pucci decides to send in four assassins to kill the isolated Jolyne before she retrieves the bone.[24]

Nonetheless, three of the assassins are dispatched and only D an G is left. When Pucci arrives at the Ultra Security House Unit, the whole population has been transformed into a giant tree, with only D an G and Guccio still alive, but injured. Meanwhile, Jolyne and Narciso Anasui have escaped into the swamp. Seeing that he is getting closer to Heaven, Pucci finds Guccio's corpse and celebrates the coming of heaven by listening to Handel's Messiah by using Guccio as a loudspeaker. Pucci plans on interrogating D an G about the bone, but his plans are thrown into disarray.[25]

Pucci vs Foo Fighters

Pucci sees a disguised F.F. approaching D an G to assassinate him. Worried, Pucci throws a DISC at a guard to control him to prevent F.F. from shooting D an G in the head. Pucci confronts F.F. openly and gives it a choice between killing him or D an G first.[25] F.F. hesitates, allowing Whitesnake to infiltrate the ambulance and protect D an G. Whitesnake then chops F.F.'s head, aiming to take the Stand DISC. F.F. shoots itself in the head, dispersing the plankton on D an G and decapitating from the inside. It recomposes itself in the driver's cabin and seeks another faucet.[26] However, Whitesnake enters the cabin and takes the advantage in the close quarters fight. Desperate, F.F. shoots the door and flees. Pucci tries to interrogate F.F. about the life form that was created but realizes that the Stand DISC is in F.F.'s legs which are running towards the faucet. Whitesnake inserts a water boiling Stand in F.F.'s secondary part, causing the primary part to expose itself to scalding water, killing most of the colony.[27] However, bits of Foo Fighters reach a radio and call Weather Report, who makes it rain and fog. F.F. regenerates.[28]

Battle Against Jolyne Cujoh

Pucci fights Jolyne
Pucci fuses with the Green Baby

Nonetheless, Pucci disguises Whitesnake as Weather Report and fools Foo Fighters, who brings him to Jolyne and The Green Baby. Whitesnake impales Anasui and Foo Fighters,[29] but Jolyne cuffs herself to Pucci.[30] Pucci has an advantage in that he merely needs to extract Jolyne's Stand or memory DISC to win, but he is overwhelmed and must use Jotaro's memory DISC. He throws the DISC into Anasui's dying corpse,[5] forcing her to try to save him while Pucci finally rejoins the Green Baby. Pucci tells the baby The 14 Phrases which results in their fusion.[31] Pucci has now entered DIO's world. Having no more need for the prison, Pucci leaves for Cape Canaveral where the next stage of his plan will be set in motion.[32]

Leaving for Cape Canaveral

The Children of DIO

Pucci must now reach Cape Canaveral and await the new moon, which will enable Pucci to fulfill the next part of DIO's plan. On the way to Cape Canaveral, Pucci fatefully meets three young men: Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus. All three were brought to a hospital, near which Pucci is taken hostage by Ungalo.[33] However, Pucci ultimately sways Ungalo to his side and then makes all three men realize that they are the sons of DIO, and helps them awaken and master their respective Stands.[34] Pucci spends the next three days waiting with the bedridden Donatello while Ungalo and Rikiel go confront the Joestar Group.

Three days before the new moon, Jolyne and Ermes manage to reach the hospital.[35] Donatello then awakens Under World and lures the two into a cavern where a fight ensues. During the battle, Pucci stays passive and counsels Donatello, who grows increasingly frustrated at Pucci's perceived scorn.[36] Donatello uses Under World to find Weather Report's memory DISC on Pucci and reads it.[37] When he is defeated, he gives it to Weather who was near the hospital, angering Pucci.[38]

Heavy Weather Unleashed

Heavy Weather's power begins to wreak havoc in Orlando as Weather's Memory DISC was returned to him by Donatello Versus's Under World.[39] Pucci thus leaves the hospital and begins chasing Weather. Knowing about the subliminal power of Heavy Weather, Pucci hides in ambush under a mass of snails. He manages to cut off Weather's right leg during a surprise attack.[40] When Anasui tries to rush toward Pucci to attack him, several snails lunge toward him, infecting him as well. Pucci declares himself victorious and turns his back to the duo, but Weather suddenly jumps to him, his right leg replaced with that of Diver Down. A close quarter fight ensues, but Weather Report is more powerful and its ability to manipulate gusts of winds violently propel Pucci toward a car. Weather closes in and uses a karate chop on Pucci, but the priest decides to reflect the sun's rays with a wing mirror. Anasui's transformation is drastically accelerated and Diver Down is disabled, crippling Weather again.[41]

Pucci almost dies but luckily escapes

Pucci cuts off Weather's remaining leg, shocking Anasui who attacks the priest. Angry, Pucci punches Anasui with Whitesnake and almost finishes him off. However, Pucci suddenly impales his foot on an ice spike, and finds himself unable to move without risking impalement. Weather used his Stand to freeze his blood which has splattered all over the place and trap Pucci in a maze of spikes, cornering him. Weather crawls toward Pucci to attack him while he's immobilized, but Pucci plunges Whitesnake's hand into Anasui's head to brainwash him, forcing him to reveal the positions of the spikes and escape. However, Anasui notices too late that a spike has formed on Pucci's chest, menacing to impale the latter's head.[42] Moreover, Weather uses the air pressure to disequilibrate him, but Pucci is determined to avoid the attack; he breaks several spikes, throwing them at Weather in the hopes that Weather tries to protect himself and weakens his attack. However, Weather calmly suffers being impaled by the spikes thanks to his death wish, only freezing the blood further to tie Pucci. Now in range, Weather Report punches Pucci and immobilizes him to the ground. Pucci tries to beg Weather, but he shuts him up, declaring that Pucci is an evil oblivious of his evilness, and goes for a finishing punch.[43]

Suddenly, a car crashes next to them, causing chaos and separating the twin brothers. It was Versus, who rode alongside Jolyne, Ermes and Emporio but crashed, unable to control the car after Weather unwittingly created a cloud of dust. Jolyne feels that Pucci is nearby, but the priest has already punched through Weather's chest, supposedly aided by Fate.[43] Pucci then departs for the Kennedy Space Center.

Countdown to Heaven

C-MOON Awakened

Fighting Jolyne with C-MOON

In Cape Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center, Pucci begins to feel his Stand turning into something else entirely. He eventually awakens C-MOON, which manipulates the surrounding gravity, and Pucci becomes the center of a gravitational anomaly.[44] When the Joestar Group and Ermes arrive at Cape Canaveral, Pucci hides and sends C-MOON to battle them. Although C-MOON proves to be dangerous, Jolyne's experience allows her to take advantage.[45] Pucci is forced to reveal himself and personally pilot it.[46] Using himself, he puts Jolyne at a disadvantage and has C-MOON strike Jolyne at the heart. Jolyne "falls" away from him, and Pucci is sure of his victory.[47]

However, Jolyne survived thanks to Stone Free and continues to battle him.[48] Pucci grabs a gun, but Jotaro Kujo freezes time and uses his stand to punch Pucci. Jotaro and Ermes have rejoined with the group and Pucci finds himself cornered.[49]

Made in Heaven Awakened

Pucci and Made in Heaven

At this moment, he realizes that his condition allows him to recreate the exact environmental conditions needed to awaken the ultimate power.[49] Pucci gravitates to a space shuttle, even avoiding a spear thrown by Jotaro, thanks to a lingering ability to move in the time-stop, and subsequently evolves his Stand further.[50] The priest now commands Made in Heaven and begins the next step of his plan. Pucci accelerates time, causing chaos across the earth as all living beings are left lagging behind.[51]

Pucci's time acceleration gives him a great edge in battle, but Star Platinum's time stop still represents a danger, despite Pucci's time acceleration being able to cancel Jotaro's time stop early.[52] Pucci carefully corners the group on a roof[53] but his attempt to slit Jotaro's throat is thwarted by Anasui's Diver Down which takes the brunt of the damage.[54] The group then goes into the sea, where Pucci would be easily seen. However, time starts to accelerate even more, throwing a wrench in their plan. Pucci grabs Stone Free's hand and uses it to attack Anasui.[55] He also brings down knives upon the group, forcing Jotaro into another dilemma and then kills him by splitting his face in two, bisecting his head. A knife falling down hits Jolyne and then Pucci chops Ermes's left arm off. Believing Emporio to be the only left alive, Pucci offers him a chance to shoot him and die as a martyr.[56] Pucci dodges the bullets, but then he's surprised by Emporio seemingly hovering over the water and moving away, Pucci then notices that Jolyne isn't dead and gets attacked by her as she ties Emporio onto a dolphin and sacrifices herself for him to escape.[57] Time proceeds to accelerate even more leading to a new universe to be created.[58]

A New Universe

Battle against Emporio

Pucci recreating the Universe.

A new universe is born in which every person has received precognitive abilities for the purpose of accepting their fate. However, the only obstacle that remains in Pucci's way is Emporio Alnino. Thus, Pucci stops the acceleration at the time of Jotaro's visit to the prison in order to prevent Emporio from interfering and eventually grow into yet another threat.[58] Chasing the child throughout the Green Dolphin Street Prison of his alternate universe, Pucci explains his beliefs and eventually corners him in his ghost room. However, when Emporio flees through the crack leading to the ghost room, Pucci inadvertently pushes the Weather Report DISC into Emporio who exploited the blind angle created when Jolyne cut his eye.[59]

Pucci's death at the hands of Weather Report

Now with Weather Report, Emporio has the power to fight Pucci. The priest accelerates time, but collapses to the ground; Weather Report has increased the oxygen level of the atmosphere and turned Pucci's power against him by accelerating his oxygen poisoning. Pucci angrily demands that Emporio stop Weather Report from killing him, pleading that humanity will not be able to make peace with their fates, only to be told by Emporio that he lost to fate before finally being beaten to death by Weather Report. The universe accelerates once more into another alternate timeline, in which Emporio meets with the reincarnated Jolyne and company by coincidence.[60] The fate of Pucci's soul remains unknown.

Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Enrico Pucci notices Fujiko Fujiyama's drawing skills and deems that she's compatible with the Stand Bad Romance. He thus grants her the Stand in hopes of eliminating Jolyne Cujoh. Pucci closely watches Fujiko approach Jolyne then give her a sketch, which is the trigger for the Stand. He follows Fujiko into the chapel and secretly watches Fujiko from the shadows. However, Pucci realizes that Fujiko is drawing "religious art" of Jolyne. Offended and fearing that Fujiko may grant Jolyne more spiritual strength via Bad Romance, Pucci rapidly takes the Bad Romance DISC from Fujiko, which knocks her out. Pucci realizes his mistake and erases Fujiko's memories of Jolyne.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality in other universes, Pucci is naturally recruited to his side. However, the heroes also become aware of the problem and also start to collect the pieces of the Saint's Corpse.

When the Jotaro Kujo from 1989 travels to Kennedy Space Center in 2011, Pucci appears before him and Jolyne, accompanied by Pet Shop. Pucci explains that "his friend" has shown him a greater truth than the path to Heaven he once sought, and that it is this truth he now strives to achieve. Despite Pucci's unsuccessful attack on the father-daughter duo, he announces his intent to guide the people of the world to eternal bliss through the true path to Heaven, which he dubs the "Eyes of Heaven." As he and Pet Shop depart, Pucci warns Jotaro that, once his group gathers the entire Saint's Corpse, "his friend" will draw open the curtains to Heaven himself.

Later, at the Joestar Mansion, Pucci informs DIO of the Joestar group's progress. DIO remains confident, however, believing that the Corpse parts are simply a means to an end. What is truly important, DIO states, are the 36 sinners' souls he seeks. The "criminals" who turned their backs on Heaven are influenced by the Joestar bloodline, and may eventually stand against him; thus, DIO must absorb these sinners' souls to achieve his ambition of conquering the world. Pucci then informs DIO that Valentine is among the sinners, and DIO promises to deal with him. As DIO begins to leave, Pucci asks him to let him defeat those whose souls are not worth sacrificing, which DIO grants. Now alone in the mansion, Pucci prays for deliverance from those who would hinder his and DIO's way to Heaven.

Eventually, Jotaro and Jolyne follow the last Corpse part to the Joestar Mansion, where Pucci awaits him. Pucci, aware of what Jotaro is about to ask, states that there is nothing they can do against DIO's power, and that those foolish enough to oppose him will face Heaven's judgement. The priest sends a horde of zombies after the two, but they are quickly wiped out.

The priest, preparing to face the Kujos directly, praises their location as a place of destiny, the place where DIO's path to Heaven began. Pucci claims that DIO has shown him his destiny: a higher path to Heaven to walk on and to guide people toward, the "Eyes of Heaven" that he believes will save mankind. Jotaro and Jolyne engage in battle with the priest, eventually defeating him completely. A defeated Pucci, knowing that the older Joseph can use Hermit Purple to extract DIO's secret from his memories, moves toward the railing of the mansion's second floor. Indeed, Pucci feels a strange tranquility, as DIO draws closer to his ultimate goal: the souls of the 36 sinners he requires are none other than those of the expanded Joestar group. Under normal conditions, a person can only bear one soul; Pucci admits to wondering what would happen if one could absorb the power of multiple souls, and to having wanted to witness the heights DIO would reach. Declaring his love for DIO one final time, Pucci throws himself from the second floor and impales himself on the Statue of the Goddess of Love, ending his life and preventing the group from uncovering DIO's weakness. Even with this setback, Jotaro retrieves the eyes of the Saint's Corpse.


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