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דיבורים כמו חול ואין מה לאכול./Talking like sand and there's nothing left to eat
—Patrick Star's Hebrew Dub

Yo, I'm Minedor. I First watched the JoJo anime back in September 2019 after a friend of mine told me to watch it around 200 times, a day. (PS: JoJo was my first anime) After finishing the anime I decided to read the manga and now I patiently await the release the first chapter of JOJOLANDS. My main job on the wiki is fixing up images, infoboxes and updating the images with HQ versions.

I have made 642 edits on the wiki so far. (In reality the number is much higher and is over a 1,000, the counter is just broken lol)

Stuff About Me

Wu Tomoki is extremely underrated by the jojo fandom, he literally invaded Yasuho's *ahem*.

I'm sort of new to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom in particular, as mentioned earlier, I was forced to watch the show by a friend of mine and I got Hooked.

I watched Parts 1-5, and proceeded to read the manga for Parts 6-8. I fully caught up on the manga around the release of Chapters 96-97 of JoJolion.

Right now I'm doing my best to add images to the Wiki and update some articles that no one reads.

What is the Origin of the name "Minedor"/"Minedoctor Wu"?

Due to a lot of people inquiring about what my nickname, minedor, stands for, here's the full explanation: A few years back, when I was like, uhhhh, 12-13? I used to play minecraft a lot, you know, your typical minecraft kid, so one day when i was coming back from a pool, inspiration struck me, "Why not combine my real name with minecraft? and there i had it, as to explain what each part means, here you go:

Mine- Minecraft
Do- Part of my first name
R- Part of my last name

as for my nickname on the JJBE Discord server, Minedoctor Wu, the user TNM came up with it as a pun one day and i liked it so much that i decided to use it as one of my nicknames, it's pretty easy to understand, but it's just:

Doctor Wu- I think this one answers itself lol

And there you have it!

Stuff That Isn't JoJo

My other favorite anime/manga franchises are Shingeki No kyojin (Laugh all you want I don't care), Kimetsu no Yaiba (Didn't really like the story but mama mia the animation), and The Promised Neverland. I have also edited pages on the old Subnautica fandom wiki back in 2016.

Stuff I've Done

  • Update Images on the wiki with High Quality versions - Never Done
  • update Infobox images with transparent versions - also never truly Done
  • Update stuff on new JJL Chapters - DONE...?
  • Annoy everyone on the wiki Discord Server - Triple DONE.

...and not much else...

Countdowns and stuff

After waiting for 32 days, aKraa released Volumes 22-24 of JJL in color, see you in the next countdown!


  1. I ran this through Google Translate. I don't know Japanese.