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Best villain.

About Me

Hello guys and gals, I'm a very big JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan since 2012. I pretty much loves all of it and particularly how Araki makes every personality unforgettable. Currently up to date with Jojolion.

Otherwise, I'm fan of One Piece, Sun Ken Rock, Berserk... a lot of manga/comics/movies but not so much on the videogame side of things.

My favorite pages

First every personality section I've made significant contributions to.


  • Complete individual Stand, Vampires, Pillar Men, Hamon pages with pictures and gifs
    • Strange Powers (Part 1-4 DONE)
    • Stands (Part 5 DONE)
  • Complete chapters pages with B&W images.
    • Characters definitely not done
  • Adding images to Episodes Season 4 DONE
  • Quotes everywhere:
    • Maybe add quotes in quotes section (AFAIAC Part 1 8 DONE)
  • Sourcing articles, for now, Stands.
    • Personality sections, maybe History sections AFAIAC Part 1-7 DONE Part 8 LACKS SOME
    • Actually detail the sources
  • Complete French chapters page
    • JJL VOL 16 done, wait for further vols
  • Add intro summaries to story arc pages.
    • JJL to update
  • OST For Stardust Crusaders ( Done)
  • OST For Diamond is Unbreakable ( )
  • Complete the main page links
  • Standardize the history sections
  • Complete the template MainPage/ContentsB
  • I'll update some stuff of the main page each 01 & 15 of the month

Useful links



>Current status... recently, I've fallen in love with attending parties. I'm not sure why, though. I'm just in that mood. On the other hand, I don't like travelling because it's seriously so much effort. I'm just in that mood, too. >When I was young, it was the opposite. I longed for other countries, and I even wanted to go to places I didn't have to. >Even though weird people used to exist and still exist, I used to hate going to parties. Is there some causative relationship here? If I'm invited to a party in another country, what should I do?"

-Translated by Daxing Dan

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