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This page is currently being worked on. (@JOJO) is a Japanese fan site for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Hirohiko Araki that was active from 2003 to 2017. The site was created by SHATO (シャト) and is notable for being the first and longest running news site dedicated to the series.


"" as of 2021.

In 2003, SHATO created the site as a way to gather information about the series online for himself and other core fans. SHATO expected the site to quickly run out of new content with the ending of Stone Ocean, but it soon grew larger and larger, lasting for almost 14 years. As other sites such as Comic Natlie and begun appearing, SHATO felt less the need to keep updating the site. Unable to keep up with overwhelming amount of content that was brought about with the new anime, SHATO decided to cease all activities on the site, posting a farewell message on February 16, 2017.

As of 2021, the site still remains open, serving as an archive for all previous posts.


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"" as a JoJo news comprehensive site will temporarily suspend activity from here on.

In 2003, when news about JoJo wasn't posted at all online, I created this site as a way to gather information for my own personal "understanding" and for other core JoJo fans, thinking it would eventually run out of content. Instead, thanks to the help of JoJo fans, it has become much bigger than I expected, and I was able to continue running the site for a long time.

However, even if I had stopped posting 5 or 6 years ago, there are now official JoJo websites, and as time goes on, I feel less and less the need to keep making updates. As many other sites such as Comic Natalie also now post the news. Since this is just a personal site, I can't consider it an official source (which is frustrating). Even so, I would take the time to add my own flair to each post, but due work and having to raise two children, I don't have the time to sit at my PC and do that anymore. If I can't write things in a timely manner, then it would make the posts useless. It also takes more time as I usually try to dig up info on previous articles unique to this site and try to interconnect them together into one big story. In the first place, there has been way too much information to keep track of since the release of the anime. Most of it being related to merch which I'm not honestly not interested in, meaning I can't cover everything and this website only functions half-way as a news site. My pride won't allow me to sort news from left to right.

It lasted nearly 14 years like a life work, but now it's half-way even if I wanted to give people "understanding" as my top priority, and I can't see a future for it. I may choose to start up the current site again while "wandering" through life, but as of now I don't feel the need to continue it. The official JoJo website is also well managed, and Shueisha is also taking JoJo more seriously. It's exciting to see all the anime, games, and live-action films. If any interesting topics pop up, I'll make sure to quickly post it on Twitter without introduction.

Then, I guess this is time to say goodbye.

Di Molto Grazie! Until now, I've just seen this site as a mass of my personal interests. Site activity will stop, but all sites will remain, including the previous posts. Besides, if I quit, then I quit. If that happens I'll announce it here. As a JoJo-loving dad, I think Twitter is the most appropriate place to write my thoughts. (@SHATO)

"I mean it. Thanks... That's all I can think of to say..."

Well then,


Arrivederci! (Farewell)
 茨の冠をした人に囁かれたわけではないですが、心の迷いが晴れないので、ここらで一旦、ジョジョ情報総合サイトとしての「@JOJO アットマーク・ジョジョ」は、活動を休止します。

 ネットでのジョジョ情報が全然纏まってなかった2003年、自分自身の「納得」とコアなジョジョ好きだけに向けた、情報サイト風ネタサイトとして始めた当サイトも、ジョジョ好きのお陰でネタが尽きず、思いの外に大きくなり、長く続けることができました。フジCS番組への荒木先生の出演、海外ファンからも情報を頂いたパリ個展、アナログカメラの現像代が結構ヘヴィだったジョジョ立ちオフ、待ちに待った7部SBRの開始、まさかのウルジャン移籍、生の荒木先生を初めて見た東海学園の荒木先生の講演、盛大にコケたアニメ映画だったけど、それを機会に活性化した超像ジョジョフィギュアやグッズ展開、全てが初立体化だった第4部一番くじ、原作絵の魅力を活かしたBEAMSやultra BRANDのアパレル、科学誌の表紙を飾った荒木先生のイラスト、やたらと凝っていた文庫版の特設サイト、5年待った乙一先生の小説、ルールも分からず集めたトレーディングカード、生まれて初めて行った仙台とジョジョ展、まさか!って感じのルーヴル美術館やグッチとの世界的コラボ、究極のジョジョゲーになるはずだったジョジョASB、完全版、TVアニメ化、スマホゲーム化、etc、etc…








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