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Animedia (アニメディア, Animedia) is a monthly anime and manga magazine that has been published in Japan since 1981.


Animedia was first published on June 9, 1981 with its "July 1981" issue by Gakken Holdings, formerly known as Gakken Kenkyusha. The magazine provides news and information on the anime industry, including cast and staff listings, broadcast schedules, and exclusive features and interviews. Along with Animage and Newtype, it is one of the top three anime magazines in Japan. In 2019, it was announced that IID would be acquiring Animedia and all of its sister magazines.[3]

In 2004, it launched a sister magazine named Seiyu Animedia, which provided news on the voice acting industry and focuses primarily on anime and video games. Megami Magazine, another sister magazine, first published in 1999, provided similar information except primarily focused on "male-targeted" anime, and is notable for its exclusive cover and pin-up art of anime characters.


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1 Animedia Feb 2007.jpg
Link to this sectionAnimedia (February 2007)
Cover Date: February 2007
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1 Animeda March 2007 Cover.jpg
Link to this sectionAnimedia (March 2007)
Cover Date: March 2007
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Animedia July 2015.png
Link to this sectionAnimedia (July 2015)
Cover Date: July 2015
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Animedia Oct 2016.jpg
Link to this sectionAnimedia (October 2016)
Cover Date: October 2016
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Animedia 01-2016.png
Link to this sectionAnimedia (January 2017)
Cover Date: January 2017
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Animedia Dec 2018.jpg
Link to this sectionAnimedia (December 2018)
Cover Date: December 2018
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Animedia Feb 2020.png
Link to this sectionAnimedia (February 2020)
Cover Date: February 2020
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