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Dear customers, I believe you already know what's going on. I do very much hope you'll take these words to heart... There's still time. I'm showing the two of you respect.

An unnamed watch salesman who appears as a tertiary character featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

Working as a luxury watch salesman at Diamotch, he approaches Dragona and Usagi when they enter the shop, allowing Dragona to try on high-class watches.


The watch salesman has a dark Fu Manchu mustache and short light-colored hair combed to the side. He is impeccably dressed in a tailored suit with a distinctive spotty pattern on his tie.


The watch salesman is initially introduced as a warm and welcoming host, politely welcoming Dragona and Usagi and offering to showcase them a selection of high-class watches. The clerk demonstrates a sales acumen, seizing opportunities to upsell and elaborately describe the exclusivity and value of the store's items. He only starts to take a keen interest in the pair after he notices a large diamond in Dragona's possession. He leads them to a private room in the back and goes above and beyond by offering to serve them beverages and alcohol to please them.

The salesman apologizing profusely

He is also an observant man, as he notices Dragona and Usagi's nervousness and begins to suspect them, but still acts patiently to correct Usagi's misunderstandings. He shows his assertive and meticulous side when he notices that one of the watches on the table is missing. His gracious demeanor shifts into a stern and watchful gaze, discreetly signaling security and warning the two that there are surveillance cameras watching them. Despite thinking that they're thieves, the clerk initially still speaks respectfully toward them.[1] However, he has a no-nonsense attitude and quickly gets agitated, insulting them as petty crooks and threatening to call the police.[2]

The clerk is diligent, having a strong sense of responsibility toward both his family and his company's reputation. Upon realizing he wrongfully accused his customers, he profoundly apologizes and feels shameful for his mistake.[2]


The JOJOLands

The salesman greeting Dragona and Usagi

The watch salesman greets Dragona and Usagi when they enter Diamotch, asking if he can assist them with anything. Dragona acts nervously and says there's nothing they need help with, but Usagi worsens the situation by asking if there are digital "Polex" watches around instead of "Rolex", which makes the clerk suspect them. Usagi attempts to wander to the back room, but the clerk tells him there is no reason to go there.

Dragona takes off a bracelet from their wrist and puts it into their wallet so that the clerk can see the large diamond, tricking him into believing that they're rich. He agrees to let Dragona try on watches, bringing both of them to the back room. He compliments Dragona and offers them various drinks to make them comfortable. As Dragona tries on different fashionable watches, the clerk describes how much the items cost, ranging from $40,000 to $80,000. Noticing one of the watches went missing, the clerk suddenly brings over a security guard and points the camera to Dragona and Usagi. The salesman respectfully asks them to place the missing watch back on the table, assuming they stole it.[1]

The missing watch on the salesman's shoelaces

The staff searches the sofa but finds nothing, thus the salesman decides to call the police. However, Usagi and Dragona loudly protest, and threaten to accuse him of illegally detaining minors despite having no proof of them having done anything wrong. Dissuaded, the salesman decides to check the security camera footage first to prove they are guilty. The first footage is rendered useless because he is in the way the moment the wristwatch disappears. However, he sees the wristwatch under Dragona's wrist. Believed that Dragona tried to sneakily hook a watch under their bracelet, the salesman orders the security personnel to conduct a body search on them. Not only do they find nothing on Dragona, but Usagi spots the watch on the salesman's shoe. Startled, the salesman shakes his foot, making the precious watch slide out of the room. He becomes nervous as the watch approaches an elevator shaft and orders the guards to carefully pick it up. The salesman profusely apologizes for what he thinks is a mere misunderstanding, pretending that the wristband's quality somehow made the thing slippery. Humorously, the watch slips out of its tray again, forcing the staff to run after it. They also let Dragona and Usagi go free.[2]


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  • Dear customers, I believe you already know what's going on. I do very much hope you'll take these words to heart... There's still time. I'm showing the two of you respect.



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