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I'm Frizzle. I like to type anything in general with my handy six-year-old laptop, so editing on the Wiki of one of my favorite manga(s) of all time is quite therapeutic. I simply edit and/or add pictures, which are the least I could do for the Wiki.

I'm a retired superhero who spends most of their time being conscious about grammar eating dogs and forgetting commas. I also do art sometimes.

Stuff About Me


I'm fairly new to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom in particular and the Golden Wind anime memes were my first exposure to it (I smuggle memes), but hopefully it's not too late to join in. Right now I'm doing my best to expand and clean up the Wiki with my current knowledge of the franchise.

Anasui and Gyro both tie for my favorite JoJo characters, with Hato in second.

My other favorite anime/manga franchises are Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Bungou Stray Dogs. I have also edited pages on plenty of Wikia/Fandoms such as Narutopedia, YuYu Hakusho Wiki, and The Mediator Wiki, but unfortunately I have forgotten the username and password of the accounts I used to edit those pages with.

Stuff of Favorites

...without listing all of them and in no particular order.

Favorite JoJo Parts

Stuff I Do

  • Add captions to anime episode pages' screenshots - DONE
  • Add infoboxes to story arcs - DONE
  • Expand Stone Ocean's story arc summaries
  • Create Relationships sections
  • Add necessary redirect links
  • Add more GIFs/images to pages that need them
  • Miscellaneous
    • Update images if needed
    • Add categories to images
    • Fix grammar mistakes (my favorite)
    • Fix formatting errors

...and plenty more things that I forgot or didn't bother to import from my Excel.

Stuffed Turkey

  1. I ran this through Google Translate. I can't actually read Japanese. *laughs menacingly*