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Locations in Morioh

Episodes by Animation Quality

  • 0% = Consistent animation quality, clear visual direction, characters are on model, no obvious errors.
  • 100% = Inconsistent animation, messy visual direction, character are off model, obvious errors, out of place use of CGI.
# Episode Name % Outsourced? IMDb
1 Dio the Invader 17% No ★7.4
2 A Letter from the Past 54% No ★7.4
3 Youth with Dio 21% No ★7.9
1 A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit 8% No ★8.0
2 Who Will Be the Judge?! 13% No ★7.7
3 DIO's Curse 17% No ★7.6
4 Tower of Gray 29% No ★7.4
5 Silver Chariot 13% No ★7.7
8 Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1 29% No ★7.4
9 Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2 46% Yes ★7.7
20 Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella 63% Yes ★7.3
21 Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1 183% Yes ★8.8
26 Rock-Paper-Scissors Kid Is Coming! 142% Yes ★6.3
32 Green Day and Oasis, Part 3 54% No ★8.6
1 Stone Ocean 83% No ★8.2
2 Stone Free 125% No ★8.3
3 The Visitor, Part 1 133% No ★8.5

Phantom Blood (film)

Note: Due to lack of details, the events written here may not be in accurate order.

The story opens in the Tibetan mountains with monks chanting inside a temple. On the edge of a cliff near the temple, a young Zeppeli asks Tonpetty to read his destiny by holding his hand. As soon as their hands connect, a giant burst of yellow light appears and encompasses the mountains, causing the skies to clear and turn blue. Tonpetty then sternly reveals to Zeppeli his fate, which is that if he continues down the path he has chosen, he will be met with a gruesome death.[1]

In England, Dario Brando walks at night accompanied by a young woman in the pouring rain. The woman expresses concern that his son must worried by his drinking habits,[1] and as the two continue down a muddy road, Dario spots the wreckage of a carriage that had crashed. Dario smerks and decides to loot the carriage for valuables, only to find a strange Stone Mask. Dario then goes to rob the corpse of a well-dressed gentleman, only him to wake up. The man mistakes Dario for having saved his life and asks him if his wife and son are still alive. Upon learning that his son was the only one to survive the crash, he closes his eyes again in relief. Years later, in 1880, Dio Brando is seen standing in front of the grave of his late father, Dario Brando, spitting on it before leaving. Dio then travels by carriage to the house of George Joestar, the gentleman whose life his father saved. To repay the debt to his father, George offered to adopt Dio and accept him into his home. As the carriage draws closer, George's son Jonathan can be seen playing with his dog, Danny. Once the carriage stops, Dio bursts out and locks eyes with Jonathan as the two stare back at each other. The two promptly introduce themselves, however, Dio loses his temper as Jonathan tries to help him carry his bags. Dio then proceeds to walk away, right before kicking Danny in the face much to Jonathan's dismay.

In the entrance of the mansion, Dio is lovingly welcomed into the family by his adopted father, George, alongside his servants. In the reading room, Jonathan meets with Dio again and tries to make amends with him by shaking his hand. Just as he reaches his arm out, Dio grabs it and angrily tells Jonathan never to look down upon him, before elbowing him in the stomach. Somewhere outside the mansion, Jonathan goes to talk to his friends, however, they suspiciously ignore him and walk away. Jonathan confronts them, but is pushed away. Returning home, he finds that his room as been ransacked and that the pocket watch he kept in his drawer is missing. He also finds a memento of his late mother, Mary Joestar, smashed on the floor by Dio.[1] A sudden knock on the door reveals Dio, who is smugly holding the pocket watch in his hand, saying that he'll be borrowing it. Jonathan then follows Dio outside, angry at him for going into his drawer without permission. Dio responds by dropping the pocket watch on the floor and crushing it with his foot. That following night, Jonathan is pricked by a needle that Dio had hid under the pillow in his bed.[1][2] Inside the mansion, Dio spots the Stone Mask and takes it off the wall. George approaches Dio and tells him that the mask was excavated from Mexico.

As Jonathan sits outside with Danny thinking about all the terrible things Dio has done to him, Erina appears to cheer him up. The two then romantically carve their names into the tree. However, after Jonathan leaves, Erina is suddenly ambushed by Dio, who teases Erina and asks if she’s done it with Jonathan yet before forcibly kissing her.[1] The camera circles around during the kiss, and Erina's cute demeanor suddenly shifts to pride.[3][4] A tearful Erina begins to wash her mouth out with muddy water as Dio looks on in disgust. Some time later, Jonathan meets up with Erina again. However, ashamed of what had happened, Erina bids him a final farewell before running off never to be seen again.[5] Upon learning of Dio's heinous act, Jonathan rushes back to the mansion in a blind fit of rage and demands an explanation from Dio for what he did to Erina.[4] But before Jonathan can strike, Dio elbows him directly in the face, knocking him down. Returning to his feet, Jonathan and Dio both enter combat stances. Dio, believing he has the upperhand, but is surprised when Jonathan is able to overwhelm him. Several days later, it's discovered that Danny had burned alive in the incinerator. Jonathan's father delivers the devastating news to him, and they both sorrowfully stand alongside other servants at Danny's burial. Jonathan feels ashamed for suspecting Dio.[1]

Seven years pass, with Jonathan and Dio's relationship remaining unchanged as they become young adults.[2] During this time, Jonathan's father is also revealed to have fallen ill and become bedridden. Jonathan continues to suspect Dio and confronts him, where he learns of his plan to kill his father by poisoning his medicine. Determined to protect his father, Jonathan sets out to find the oriental man who sold Dio the poison and prove his guilt once and for all. In Jonathan's absence, Dio is shown grinning as he pries open Jonathan's drawer, revealing the Stone Mask. While wondering the streets at night, Dio encounters a drunk vagrant who appears homeless and decides to use him to test the Stone Mask.[6][1] As Dio stabs the man in the neck and places the mask on him,[1] protruding spikes appear and dramatically pierce his skull as a flashing green light is emanated.[1] Dio then walks away, thinking that there's no way he could've survived the spikes piercing his brain.[1] However, Dio is caught off guard as the man suddenly rises from the dead with inhuman strength. The man attacks Dio but misses, shattering all the bones in his own hand. Despite his injuries, the man manages to grab Dio by the throat and begins draining his blood. As the man drains Dio's blood, his appearance becomes more youthful. Before Dio is killed, the sun rises and turns the vampire into dust, allowing him to survive knowledge of the mask's true power.

When Dio returns to the mansion, he is met by Jonathan and George, as well as several police officers who have come for his arrest. When Dio is questioned by Jonathan about his actions, he pulls out the Stone Mask and declares his intent to transcend humanity.[7] Dio attempts to stab Jonathan, but George steps in and is stabbed instead. In a last-ditch effort, Dio uses George's blood to activate the Stone Mask, causing a bright green light to emanate from it. However, the police officers open fire on Dio, causing his lifeless corpse to come crashing through the window into the pouring rain. As George lies bloody on the ground, Jonathan goes to comfort him. George tells his son that he continued to trust Dio's father, Dario, even after learning he was a thief.[1] With his hand on Jonathan's tearful face, he tells his son that it isn't so bad to die in his arms before passing away.[1]


Episode 1

Japanese Voice Cast Japan
Masashi Sugawara
Tadashi Miyazawa
Keiko Watanabe
Taira Kikumoto
Boy A
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Boy B
Ryota Asari
Eiji Takeuchi
Shinobu Komoto
Heckler A
Yusuke Kuwahata
Heckler B
Takahiro Miwa

Episode 2

Behind the Scenes

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Although JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is one of the largest series in Japan, it'd be quite some time before it received a full TV anime adaption. When Hiroyuki Omori, a producer at Warner Brothers Japan, was approached about making an anime for the series, he initially thought it too difficult of a task for any studio to pull off. However, after getting planning permission from Shueisha, Omori set out on finding a suitable studio for the project.[8]

Omori chose David Production as the studio to animate JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation because of their work on the series Tatakau Shisho, which showed "showed powerful linework and careful animation", and therefore convinced him they could adapt a series like JoJo. All three parts of the anime (including Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders) were greenlit simultaneously in 2011.[9] However, pre-production for the first season wouldn't start until March 2012.

With the success of the first season, the studio immediately begun work on the second season,Stardust Crusaders.

The fourth season of the anime, Golden Wind, was greenlit in January 2017. On July 25, 2017, the directors for the season went on a trip to Italy to begin location scouting, which lasted roughly eight to nine days.[10]

Takahiro Kishida, who had previously worked as an animator for OVAs was brought back as the character designer.

Production on the fifth series of anime started in March 2021, a month prior to it's announcement at JOESTAR The Inherited Soul.