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I occasionally do something.

Epic backstory

I was chilling in a discord server with a few people that would keep talking about JoJo so I got curious and watched the first half of Part 1, and I got a bit bored.

Then Part 5 anime came out and everyone was talking about it again, so I came back and watched everything up to the latest part 5 episode at that point; I didn't want to wait for new episodes so I read the manga up to the newest chapter in Part 8. And then part 8 ended. very cool


Notable pages

Polish manga releases

Polish Stardust Crusaders Volume 1 will come out in December (delayed 3 montsh already lmao)

After that the Next Volume will come out February 2022

Polish release up to Part 4 has been confirmed[1]

Pages with partial translation

Cool gallery to fill empty space

my man. rubber