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"Alien"? Yes, that is the term. I'm an Alien!
—Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 379: I'm an Alien, Part 2

Mikitaka Hazekura (支倉 未起隆 Hazekura Mikitaka), also self-proclaimed as Nu Mikitakazo Nshi (ヌ・ミキタカゾ・ンシ), is a secondary ally featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable, specifically in the "I'm an Alien" and "Let's Live on a Transmission Tower" story arcs.

A self-proclaimed alien, Mikitaka roams around Morioh to find a new home. He utilizes a shapeshiftng, Stand-like power, named Earth Wind and Fire.


Mikitaka Apperarance.png

Mikitaka appears to have the physique of a teenage boy of average height. He bears a few odd facial features, like pointed ears and multiple irises, along with long, straight light hair flowing back over his head. His physical appearance strongly fits the description of a Nordic alien.

Mikitaka wears a modified school uniform decorated with astronomical and alien-themed symbols, including ringed planets either side of his collar, and in a column on his torso two flying saucers, two stars, and an infinity symbol (∞) with a crescent moon and sun in either loop. The "E.T." motif on his uniform is a reference to the film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Navy uniform with gold accessories and indigo belts.)

Hair(Platinum Blond)
Eyes(Light Green)
(Navy uniform with dark gold accessories and purple belts and shoes.)


"As I told you before... I've come from the Magellanic Clouds to find a new home on this planet."
—Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1
Mikitaka mistaking tissues for Earth food

In either an elaborate prolonged charade or a stark extended close encounter, Mikitaka claims to be a 216-year-old extraterrestrial. He exhibits great curiosity in human culture, though seemingly doesn't understand it, as such he acts often bizarrely in an attempt to fit into Morioh: eating a hankerchief when offered, handing out ice-cream in plastic bags, and mimicking Okuyasu picking his nose. This lack of awareness makes Mikitaka easy to fool, as Josuke takes advantage of his naviety to cheat in a dice game against Rohan.

He proclaims himself a peaceful individual, claiming to have left his weapons in his space shuttle as he did not come to fight and is self-prcolaimed to be an animal lover, even owning a pet mouse. He is nonetheless shown to be irritated when Okuyasu doesn't take him seriously.

Mikitaka is otherwise a calm and pleasant person, not hesitating to risk his life to save his friends and more than willing to return favors. His kindness is seen first when he thanks Okuyasu and Josuke for their handkerchiefs by giving them two ice-creams (fabricated with the flesh of his own hands).

Mikitaka has an odd quirk where he detests the sound of sirens. Hearing just one causes him to writhe in agony and his skin to turn red, while desperately trying to find some way to escape it.



Main article: Earth Wind and Fire

Designated as the effect of a Stand-like power named Earth, Wind and Fire; Mikitaka may transform any part of or his entire body into almost any object. The object cannot be too complex, create more power than Mikitaka could, or involve a human face because Mikitaka cannot impersonate a face, finding humans too similar between themselves to care.

Earth Wind and Fire (アース・ウインド・アンド・ファイヤー)Link to this section


Diamond is Unbreakable

Yoshikage Kira's New Situation

Mikitaka somehow resists the Arrow

While looking for more people to transform into Stand users in order to protect his son, Yoshihiro Kira was guided by the Arrow into piercing its sixth target Mikitaka. However, the Arrow didn't pierce him perfectly, bouncing off of his neck instead and leaving the boy with just a scratch.

I'm an Alien

Mikitaka explains he's an alien

The following morning, Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura discover a series of mystery circles in the middle of a crop field: half-buried in the crop of the larger central circle lies Mikitaka. He is woken up by Josuke and Okuyasu's arrival and his strange personality is immediately revealed: instead of introducing himself, he asks if he is currently on planet Earth and claims to be an alien. The protagonists think he's just kidding, but when he eats Josuke's handkerchiefs and pulls two frozen ice-creams out of his bag, they realize there's something strange about him.

He finally reveals his name to be Nu Mikitakazo Nshi (ヌ・ミキタカゾ・ンシ), a 216-year-old space pilot. He says his planet lies within the Magellanic clouds and is slowly dying, and that he came to Earth to see if it was a nice planet and if its inhabitants were friendly. As a fire truck passes by, its noise causes Mikitaka to experience a violent skin reaction. He begs Josuke to take him away, revealing his transformation power for the first time.

Josuke demands a favor

Josuke, now believing Mikitaka to be an alien, asks him to return the favor, by exploiting the alien's ability and making him assume the shape of three dice. The two new friends then play dice with Rohan Kishibe in order to cheat some free cash out of him. Despite the mangaka's suspicions and Mikitaka's discomfort, Rohan remains unable to figure out Josuke's trickery as the game is slowly ending. Only then sirens start ringing nearby, which immediately sends both Josuke and Mikitaka into a panic as the latter begins to disorientate due to his circumstance. It was found out that the sirens are in fact triggered by the fire at Rohan's house, as it is started by the magnifying glass he had carelessly tossed away earlier after examining the dice. This creates a distraction which Josuke uses to withdraw from the match and run away, bringing Mikitaka along with him, thus leaving the game unfinished.

Later on when they are running (away from Rohan), Mikitaka asks Josuke about whether or not he was able to be help of him during the game, to which Josuke, out of frustration, responds by telling him to shut up.

Highway Star

Mikitaka and his (possible) mother

The following day, Josuke meets Mikitaka's supposed mother, who reveals that they had to move from Tokyo because of her son's obsession with aliens. Mikitaka, on the other hand, explains to Josuke that his "mother" is just a human woman he hypnotized to make her believe he is her son. He then departs with his mother to do the paperwork for his school transfer, leaving Josuke and Yoshihiro Kira, who is observing nearby, extremely confused about Mikitaka's real identity.

Let's Live on a Transmission Tower

Later in the story, Josuke and Okuyasu meet Mikitaka again, staring at an abandoned electic pylon while assuming the form of a pair of binoculars. After a short exchange of words, Mikitaka expresses that he found the tower unnatural and was waiting there in order to show them, which upon closer inspection it turns out to be true as there is smoke coming out from it. Mikitaka then returns into this binoculars form to help Josuke and Okuyasu investigate the tower, only to find out there is actually a person living up there in a seemingly self-sustainable fashion complete with various furniture, a set of essential installments and a farm field for herbs and vegetables.

Mikitaka helping in the fight against Toyohiro

The mysterious person notices the three and introduces himself as the tower's legal owner, stating that he has been living on it the past 3 years as his home. Although initially approaching the tower with suspicion, Josuke drops his guard down upon seeing Yoshihiro Kira there and recklessly enters the tower despite Okuyasu and even the tower's owner, Toyohiro Kanedaichi's warning. It is then quickly revealed that Toyohiro and Yoshihiro are in fact, allied in a scheme of bringing Josuke into Super Fly's prison and Toyohiro's previous attitude was all an act. The tower's owner immediately makes his escape through climbing the unused electrical cable, but thanks to Mikitaka, who transformed into the cable, secretly replaces the one which Toyohiro is climbing and thus, he is able to stop the tower owner's "Old Maid" plan and bring him back into the tower, freeing Josuke.

However, Toyohiro exploits his Stand's property of force reflection to trap and pinning Mikitaka onto the tower, thus resuming his escape. Josuke attempts to help but is stopped by Mikitaka, saying that he is fine with being left there as he wishes to repay for accidentally dragging the duo with him into this situation by asking them to investigate the tower in the first place. Nevertheless, Josuke enters and challenges Toyohiro in a duel.

After a fierce battle, Toyohiro is defeated. He confesses that he really meant no ill will as he really just desires to get out of the prison his own Stand locks him into, which leads him to be easily manipulated into cooperation by Yoshihiro Kira. Toyohiro has since then changed his mind and decided to not leave the tower ever again, releasing the three as well as offers them wound treatment and food.

Goodbye, Morioh Town

Mikitaka sees Reimi off

After Toyohiro's defeat, Mikitaka only reappears at the end of Part 4 with the other protagonists to say goodbye to Reimi.

(The information below derives from the TV Anime. As such, it may or may not be considered ​canonW​.)
After the final battle with Yoshikage Kira, he is seen talking to Toyohiro on the tower and keeping him company.

Major Battles

Stand User or Alien?

Mikitaka's powers seem more likely to be the result of a Stand ability bound to his body (like Yellow Temperance or Khnum) than an alien nature, but behaving as if he has always possessed them, doubt is cast on the otherwise reliable touch of the Arrow. An enigmatic character, Mikitaka's true nature is never revealed by Araki, and evidence exists for both an alien and human nature.

Known Information

  • He is chosen by the Arrow to become a Stand user, but for some reason it fails to pierce him perfectly, scratching his neck before bouncing away. Describing events after this, Mikitaka claims to have felt sick and fallen asleep for thirteen hours, suggesting that the Arrow had some kind of effect.
  • He appears to be ignorant of normal human knowledge and behavior, like eating a box of tissues and not knowing what money and dice are.
  • His appearance differs somewhat from a normal human because of his pointy ears, though this is shared with other characters in the series.
  • When Josuke and Okuyasu find him, he is sleeping in the middle of a crop circle.
  • When he hears the sound of a siren he suffers a violently adverse reaction, screaming and sweating, with blisters emerging all over his skin.
  • As tested once by Josuke, he seems unable to see other people's Stands.
  • He claims that he can't mimic a human appearance when morphing because all humans look the same to him, although he successfully mimics, albeit not fully identical, the appearance of Natsume Sōseki from a 1000 yen banknote.
  • Within the worldview of JoJo, aliens are just barely acceptable.[2]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Oh! Could it be that you wish to engage in introductions! Of course! How rude of me! My name is Nu Mikitakazzo N'shi. I have lived 216 of your earth years. I am employed as an intergalactic pilot. My hobbies include caring for animals.
    —Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1
  • "Alien"? Yes, that is the term. I'm an Alien!
    —Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1

Video Games

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! (Android/iOS)


MikitakaPPP.png MikitakaStandPPP.png

Shapeshifting Alien? ver.
Rarity: PPPSR.png
Max Power: 1160 (Lvl 50) / 2390 (Lvl 80)
Skill: Earth Wind and Fire
Replaces random Mikitaka panels with either Box panels or Enhanced panels. He'll only replace with 1 type each time. The number of enhanced panels is x2 the number of Boxes he can make
Skill Lv 1
Replaced Boxes: 1
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 2
Replaced Boxes: 2
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 3
Replaced Boxes: 2
Cooldown: 75
Skill Lv 4
Replaced Boxes: 3
Cooldown: 75
Skill Lv 5
Replaced Boxes: 3
Cooldown: 70




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