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"Alien"? Yes, that is the term. I'm an Alien!
—Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 379: I'm an Alien, Part 2

Mikitaka Hazekura (支倉 未起隆, Hazekura Mikitaka), also self-proclaimed as Nu Mikitakazo Nshi (ヌ・ミキタカゾ・ンシ), is a secondary ally featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable, specifically in the "I'm an Alien" and "Let's Live on a Transmission Tower" story arcs.

A self-proclaimed alien, Mikitaka roams around Morioh to find a new home. He possesses a shapeshifting ability named Earth Wind and Fire, but it is intentionally not clear if it is an ability inherent to his extraterrestrial nature or if it is actually a Stand.


Mikitaka Apperarance.png

Mikitaka appears to have the physique of a teenage boy of average height. He bears a few odd facial features, like pointed ears and multiple irises. He has long, straight light hair. Mikitaka's physical appearance strongly fits the description of a Nordic alien.

Mikitaka wears a modified school uniform decorated with astronomical and alien-themed symbols. There are ringed planets on both sides of his collar. In a column on his torso, there are two flying saucers, two stars, and an infinity symbol (∞) with a crescent moon and sun in either loop. The stars have "E.T." engraved on them, which is a reference to the film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Navy uniform with gold accessories, indigo belts and shoes.)
Hair(Platinum Blond)
Eyes(Light Green)
(Navy uniform with dark gold and crimson accessories, purple belts and shoes.)


"As I told you before... I've come from the Magellanic Clouds to find a new home on this planet."
—Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1
Mikitaka mistaking tissues for Earth food

Whether it's an elaborate prolonged charade or the truth, Mikitaka claims to be a 216-year-old extraterrestrial and a professional spaceship pilot[3] who visited Earth to see if the planet is suitable for living on.[5] He has several odd quirks related to his claims. Mikitaka and his species detest the sound of sirens and are allergic to them as sirens have distressing wavelengths.[4] When he hears a siren, he writhes in agony and his skin turns red with a rash, while he desperately tries to find some way to escape it.[3] He also wakes up from his sleep by stiffly standing up without bending any of his joints.[3] When Okuyasu doubts his claims, Mikitaka starts talking strangely in an alien voice and communicates with his watch as if he is calling his spaceship.[6]

He exhibits great curiosity in human culture, though seemingly does not understand it. As such, Mikitaka often acts bizarrely in an attempt to fit into Morioh, such as eating a pack of tissues when offered,[5] handing out two ice cream cones from his bag, and mimicking Okuyasu picking his nose.[3] He misunderstands figures of speech, thinks all earthlings look alike, does not know what common objects like dice are,[4] and hasn't heard of games like Old Maid.[7] Mikitaka's lack of awareness makes him easy to fool, as Josuke takes advantage of his naïveté to cheat in a dice game against Rohan.[4] Although he unknowingly helps Josuke deceive Rohan, Mikitaka is against underhanded methods like Kanedaichi tricking Josuke to remain trapped in the Super Fly tower.[7]

Giving Josuke and Okuyasu ice creams

Mikitaka is a calm and pleasant person, more than willing to return favors. After Josuke takes him away from the sirens, Mikitaka offers to pay him back and helps him by transforming into dice as per Josuke's request.[4] Mikitaka proclaims to be a peaceful individual himself, mentioning that he left his weapons in his spacecraft as he did not come to fight. He also enjoys keeping pets and happens to have a pet mouse in his bag.[3] He first displays his kindness when he offers to give Okuyasu stomach medicine, misunderstanding Okuyasu's expression of laughing so hard that his stomach hurts.[5] He also thanks Josuke and Okuyasu for their tissues by giving them two ice cream cones,[3] although he has fabricated them with the flesh of his own hands.[4] Nonetheless, he is shown to be irritated when Okuyasu doesn't take him seriously.[3] The anime adds to his sympathy for others by having Mikitaka keep Kanedaichi company on his tower so he won't be alone. Mikitaka constantly observes Morioh from on top of the tower as he finds it interesting, despite Kanedaichi claiming that nothing ever changes.[8]

Mikitaka is conscientious and determined to prove his capabilities. After transforming into a die for the first time and asking Josuke to roll him, he flaunts his capabilities by shouting a battle cry and being proud of his execution.[4] While running away with Josuke, his first question is whether he was helpful or not, oblivious to Rohan's house being on fire.[9] He courageously risks his life to save his friends while fighting Kanedaichi.[7] When Okuyasu assumes he can't help them against Super Fly, Mikitaka proves him wrong by capturing Kanedaichi so that he could be useful and accomplish something.[10] However, he can also be pessimistic and self-reproaching. Assuming they've lost, Mikitaka claims that they are only in the dangerous predicament against Super Fly because of him, and as such they should leave him there so they don't get hurt.[7]

While transformed into a die, Mikitaka is ticklish when touched and prone to vomiting when tossed around, due to feeling dizzy.[4]



Main article: Earth Wind and Fire

Earth Wind and Fire is a Stand-like power[11] that allows Mikitaka to transform any part of or his entire body into almost any object. The object cannot be too complex, become something stronger than he already is, or mimic faces because Mikitaka thinks all earthlings look alike. His ability to see other Stands is ambiguous, as Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to fakeout a punch to his face to test if he would react, with Mikitaka not even flinching.[4]

Earth Wind and Fire (アース・ウィンド・アンド・ファイヤー)Link to this section



(The validity of Mikitaka's background is unknown given the intentional ambiguity of his character.)


Mikitaka claims to be a 216-year-old professional spaceship pilot named Nu Mikitakazo Nshi whose home planet was in the Magellanic Clouds but was destroyed. Afterwards, he decided to travel to Earth alone to see if the people living there were welcoming and learned their language in his spaceship. He arrived at Earth in Morioh, Japan in July 1999, and left his spaceship on standby 1,500,000 km above Earth.[3][5]


According to a woman that is supposedly Mikitaka's mother, the two of them used to live in Tokyo. At Mikitaka's old school, someone took him seriously about really being an alien and it caused a big fuss. In July 1999, they moved to Morioh.[13] Mikitaka claims he brainwashed this woman into believing she is his mother.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Struck by the Arrow

Mikitaka somehow resists the Arrow

Mikitaka goes for a walk around 7 PM one evening when he is suddenly struck on the back of his neck by something. Guided by the Arrow, Yoshihiro Kira pierced Mikitaka in order to create a new Stand user to protect his son. However, the Arrow doesn't pierce Mikitaka perfectly, bouncing off of his neck instead and leaving the boy with just a small wound.[14] Shortly after, Mikitaka feels ill and passes out in the Budogaoka Fields.[5]

I'm an Alien

Mikitaka explains he's an alien

The following morning at 8 AM, Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura discover crop circles in the middle of Budogaoka Fields. They move closer to investigate and find Mikitaka sleeping half-buried in the larger central circle. He is woken up by Josuke and Okuyasu's arrival and suddenly stands up while keeping his limbs stiff. Instead of introducing himself, he asks if he is currently on planet Earth and claims to be an alien. Josuke and Okuyasu assume he's just kidding and laugh at what they presume is a joke. Mikitaka attempts to give Okuyasu stomach medicine from his bag when Okuyasu says his stomach hurts from laughing so hard. The duo laugh even harder until Josuke asks if the blood on his neck is fake too and hands him a pack of tissues. Mikitaka eats the pack of tissues instead, weirding out Josuke and Okuyasu who take the opportunity to leave.[5]

Mikitaka follows Josuke and Okuyasu to an ice cream shop and overhears them complaining that it's closed. He transforms parts of flesh from his hand into two packaged ice cream cones using his ability, and pretends to take them out of his bag to give to them. However, they find it odd that someone would just carry ice cream in their bag like that. Mikitaka finally introduces himself, revealing his full name, age, occupation, and where his home planet is. He also takes out a pet mouse from his bag and pets its back. As a fire truck passes by, its noise causes Mikitaka to suffer and experience a violent skin reaction. He begs Josuke to take him away, revealing his transformation power for the first time by becoming a pair of shoes.[3]

Josuke demands a favor

Mikitaka transforms his hand into a fan to cool down Josuke and then transforms his head into a backscratcher as a means of repaying the favor to Josuke. Now believing Mikitaka to be an alien, Josuke plots to win money from Rohan Kishibe and exploits the alien's ability by making him take the shape of three dice.[4] The two new friends then play dice with Rohan, although Mikitaka is unaware that he is helping Josuke cheat.[15][16] Despite the manga artist's suspicions and Mikitaka's discomfort, Rohan remains unable to figure out Josuke's trickery as the game is slowly ending. Sirens then start ringing nearby, which immediately sends both Josuke and Mikitaka into a panic as the latter begins to disorientate due to his circumstance. However, the sirens were in fact triggered by the fire at Rohan's house, which was started by the magnifying glass Rohan had carelessly tossed away earlier after examining the dice. This creates a distraction which Josuke uses to withdraw from the match and run away, bringing Mikitaka along with him, thus leaving the game unfinished. While they are running, Mikitaka asks Josuke about whether or not he was able to be of help during the game, to which Josuke, out of frustration, responds by telling him to shut up.[9]

Highway Star

Mikitaka and his (possible) mother

The following day, Josuke meets Mikitaka's supposed mother, who reveals that they just moved from Tokyo. She reprimands him for being out all day yesterday and hopes he isn't trying to convince people he's an alien again. Mikitaka, on the other hand, whispers to Josuke that his "mother" is just a human woman he hypnotized to make her believe he is her son. He also claims that "Mikitaka Hazekura" is his alias. He then departs with his mother to do the paperwork for his school transfer, leaving Josuke and Yoshihiro Kira, who is observing nearby, extremely confused about Mikitaka's real identity.[13]

Let's Live on a Transmission Tower

Later, Mikitaka notices smoke coming from an abandoned transmission tower and transforms into a pair of binoculars, waiting for Josuke and Okuyasu to arrive. Just as he planned, they show up and he startles them by transforming back to normal as Okuyasu was about to pick him up. Okuyasu still doubts that he is an alien but Josuke interrupts and asks what he was doing. Mikitaka expresses that he found the tower unnatural and was waiting there in order to show them. Mikitaka then returns into his binocular form to help Josuke and Okuyasu investigate the tower, only to find out there is actually a person living up there in a seemingly self-sustainable fashion complete with various furniture, a set of essential installments and a farm field for herbs and vegetables.[6]

Mikitaka helping in the fight against Toyohiro

The mysterious person notices the three and introduces himself as the tower's legal owner, stating that he has been living on it the past three years as his home. Although initially approaching the tower with suspicion, Josuke drops his guard down upon seeing Yoshihiro Kira there and recklessly enters the tower despite Okuyasu and even the tower's owner, Toyohiro Kanedaichi's warning. It is then quickly revealed that Kanedaichi and Yoshihiro are in fact, allied in a scheme of bringing Josuke into Super Fly's prison and Kanedaichi's previous attitude was all an act.[17] Kanedaichi immediately tries to escape by climbing the unused electrical cable. However, Mikitaka secretly transformed into the cable that Kanedaichi was holding and wraps the cable around his body, trapping him.[10]

Kanedaichi exploits his Stand's property of reflecting damage and manages to shoot Mikitaka, as well as pin him onto the tower. Josuke attempts to help but is stopped by Mikitaka, saying that he is fine with being left there as he accidentally dragged the duo with him into this situation in the first place. Nevertheless, Josuke enters and challenges Kanedaichi to a duel.[7] After a fierce battle, Kanedaichi is defeated. He confesses that he really meant no ill will as he really just desires to get out of the prison his own Stand locks him into, which led him to be easily manipulated into cooperation by Yoshihiro Kira. Kanedaichi changes his mind and decides to not leave the tower ever again, releasing the three as well as offering to treat their wounds and give them food.[18]

Goodbye, Morioh Town

Mikitaka sees Reimi off

A day later, Mikitaka arrives with all of Josuke's other allies to say goodbye to Reimi Sugimoto.[19]

The information below derives from the Diamond is Unbreakable TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

After the final battle with Yoshikage Kira, Mikitaka stays with Kanedaichi on the tower and keeps him company. While Kanedaichi cooks fish for the two of them, he asks why Mikitaka is always observing the town despite the view never changing, to which Mikitaka states that he finds the town interesting.[8]

Concludes non-canon section.

Mutsu-kabe Hill

Sitting at Café Deux Magots

The information below derives from the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Mikitaka listens to Rohan's story about Mutsu-kabe Hill along with Josuke, Koichi, Okuyasu, and Minoru Kaigamori at Café Deux Magots. He mentions that there is a comparable organism to the Mutsu-kabe Hill Yokai in the Orion constellation. Rohan then asks Mikitaka whether he's actually an alien and Mikitaka starts explaining his background.[20]

Concludes non-canon section.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Oh! Could it be that you wish to engage in introductions! Of course! How rude of me! My name is Nu Mikitakazzo N'shi. I have lived 216 of your earth years. I am employed as an intergalactic pilot. My hobbies include caring for animals.
    —Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1
  • "Alien"? Yes, that is the term. I'm an Alien!
    —Mikitaka Hazekura, Chapter 378: I'm an Alien, Part 1

Video Games

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! (Android/iOS)

Shapeshifting Alien? ver.
変幻自在の宇宙人? ver.
Rarity: PPPSR.png
Max Power: 1160 (Lvl 50) / 2390 (Lvl 80)
Release Date: December 17, 2019
Skill: Earth Wind and Fire
Replaces random Mikitaka panels with either Box panels or Enhanced panels. He'll only replace with 1 type each time. The number of enhanced panels is x2 the number of Boxes he can make
Skill Lv 1
Replaced Boxes: 1
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 2
Replaced Boxes: 2
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 3
Replaced Boxes: 2
Cooldown: 75
Skill Lv 4
Replaced Boxes: 3
Cooldown: 75
Skill Lv 5
Replaced Boxes: 3
Cooldown: 70

All-Star Battle R (Various)


User of the Stand Terra Ventus, about which little is known. An alien from the Magellanic Clouds, he's more accurately called Nu Mikitakazo Nshi. He can alter his own form and morph into a variety of different shapes.


Mikitaka Hazekura has a JoJo Glossary entry in All-Star Battle R. However, he does not appear in the game outside of this entry, and it likely only appears due to the character's previous inclusion in All-Star Battle as a Support Effect.




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