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Ultra BRAND (アルトラ・バイオレンス, Arutora baiorensu) or ultra-violence®, was a Japanese clothing brand that specialized in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-themed apparel and accessories. It was owned by clothing designer Jun Okubo (大久 保潤, Ōkubo Jun) as part of Homedroogs Inc. (有限会社ホームドルーグ, Yūgengaisha Hōmu Dorūgu).[1]

The project started up in 2001 as a collaboration with Lucky Land Communications. The products that were featured on the official website included a wide variety of clothing options like brooches, pendants, scarfs, jackets, belts, t-shirts, pants, and the popular replica of Yoshikage Kira's Tie. In April 2009, a exclusive shirt released for purchase on BEAMS featuring Echoes ACT1-3[2]

As of 2015, the company had presumably been discontinued.[3]


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