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Survive the relentless Sheer Heart Attack and Killer Queen's attacks, and defeat Yoshikage Kira with your own awakened Stand!

Smallfaces (スモールフェイセズ, Sumōrufeisezu) is the Stand of the players in Escape From JoJo's Bizarre Amusement Park.


Smallfaces manifests as paper which can be folded like origami. It has the faces of Crazy Diamond, The Hand, Echoes, Heaven's Door, Star Platinum, Killer Queen, and Harvest scrambled on it.


Stand Copying

Smallfaces is a shared Stand belonging to all of the players in the escape room. By folding it like origami to make the face of another Stand, they can copy that Stand's ability. The copied ability can be used an unlimited number of times. However, there are certain rules that must be followed in order for it to work:[1]

  • The player must be able to see the face of the Stand they wish to copy, then shout "Smallfaces!" and perform a specific pose. The pose depends on the ability they want.
  • The Stand ability can only be used in locations in the escape room marked with a Bow and Arrow symbol.
  • Only the Stand's abilities can be copied, not its power or speed.
  • Even if another Stand is copied, the previous Stand is not lost and can be used again. However, multiple Stand abilities cannot be used at the same time together.
  • Only Stands that were directly awakened by the Arrow can be copied. Thus, Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum cannot be copied.



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