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Thank you so much for taking it from me. I truly... want to express my heartfelt gratitude.
—Zaihei Nigatake, JoJolion Chapter 57: Milagro Man, Part 2

Zaihei Nigatake (苦竹 財平 Nigatake Zaihei) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion.

He is a man who tricks Joshu Higashikata into taking the Milagro Man's curse.


Zaihei is a man of average height and build, and has short dark hair. He wears a tunic that ends up in flaps on the bottom, and dark-colored pants with some stripes.

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Eyes(Dark brown)
(Yellowish-brownish shirt, black and gray pants, black and gray shoes)


Not much is known of Zaihei's personality. However, he becomes overjoyed at being lifted from the Milagro Man's curse after suffering from it for two years. He is a fan of Rena Nanami, as he set his PIN number to be based on her name,[2] and photos and posters of her can be seen all over his apartment room. He also doesn't seem to be an organized person, as his room is somewhat messy.[3]



Two years prior to the events of JoJolion, Zaihei Nigatake attended a concert in Hamburg, Germany. After the concert, he didn't have any money to afford a taxi back to his hotel, so on impulse he swiped a bill from a homeless man. Little did he know, however, that bill was one of the Milagro Man's bills, and the man he stole from was pretending to be homeless.

As a result, Zaihei would spend the next two years suffering from the Milagro Man's curse. No matter how much money he would spend, his amount would always increase. At one point, he tried shredding the bills, but to no avail. He would also try handing the curse to someone else, but everyone in Morioh, even the police and politicians, knows of the curse.[3]


Zaihei Nigatake is shopping for Rena Nanami's merchandise one day, purchasing numerous items from the catalog, when he happens upon Joshu Higashikata. Joshu accuses him of cutting in line, though Zaihei says he's already got his purchase ready. After making the purchase, he deliberately leaves his wallet containing his cursed cash card behind for Joshu to steal and bear the curse. Afterwards, Zaihei buys a poster of Rena Nanami, happy to be free from the Milagro Man's curse.[2]

The next day, Zaihei returns to his apartment room from grocery shopping, when he is confronted by an angry Joshu. Joshu grabs him by the shirt and slams him to a wall, yelling at him. Zaihei thanks Joshu for stealing the money from him and goes on to explain the curse and its origins. Afterwards, Zaihei thanks Joshu again and opens up a bottle; however, Joshu already used Nut King Call to attach one of the cursed bills onto it. Because Zaihei has torn up the bill upon opening the bottle, the curse is passed onto him again, and his room is instantly flooded with yen bills. Zaihei begs for Joshu to take back the curse, but the latter closes the door on him, leaving him literally buried in cash.[3]


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