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In order to separate myself from others, I used a special technique on my body. To make myself unstoppable, I started to raise insects within myself... These 'insects' have completely surrounded all of you!
—Mrs. Robinson, SBR Chapter 14

Mrs. Robinson (ミセス・ロビンスン, Misesu Robinson) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run.

Mrs. Robinson is a racer in the Steel Ball Run who attacks Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli in the desert to elminate competitors.


Mrs. Robinson is a well-built yet heavily androgynous Mexican man with long flowing hair that ends in spikes, and is also covered by a hood, leaving only a mohawk shape exposed over his head. He wears a open jacket that exposes his chest, which is covered in several circular designs. His sleeves and horse's gear are covered in the phrase "TRUE LOVE" and he prominently wears strings of eyeballs as pendant earrings.

Parts of his body are hollowed out to breed insects inside, notably his left eye socket, which also has a large, dark eyeliner design around it.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Purple hat, vest, and arm warmers with gold beads, pink "TRUE LOVE" tags, velvet pants and boots with pink soles.)


Robinson is a sinister character raising insects in his eye socket

Mrs. Robinson is an unscrupulous competitor in the Steel Ball Run.

Influenced by his village's tradition, where a dispute can degenerate into a fight and the loser is tied into a cactus and left for dead, Mrs. Robinson is a cold-blooded and deranged killer. To survive in his village, he has transformed his body into an insects nest whom he commands to win his fights, and he doesn't hesitate to try to murder competitors during the race.


Insect Manipulation


Mrs. Robinson keeps several flying insects in the hollowed-out parts of his body, including his left eye socket. He ejects them out whenever he attacks someone. The insects create high speed pressure while flying, causing cholla cacti that are nearby to freely shoot their needles.

Chollas carry seeds in their needles, so when an animal or something gets near them, the needles pop off from the plant as a response to the vibrations in the air. Normally one would have to be close to chollas to launch their needles, but by manipulating his insects, Mrs. Robinson can launch their needles at enemies from far.[2]

Horseback Riding

Mrs. Robinson appears to be a competent horse rider, having finished in 18th place during the first stage of the Steel Ball Run race.

El Condor Pasa (エル・コンドル・パサ)Link to this section
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7-year-old Appaloosa


According to Mrs. Robinson, he had at some point lived in a small village in the desert, where a dispute could degenerate into a fight to the death, and the loser was tied to a cactus and then left for dead. It was believed in this village that the cacti cursed the loser and enslaved them to the revenge they would never get.

To win such fights, Mrs. Robinson heavily modified his body, transforming it into an insect's nest and using the insects to his advantage.

Steel Ball Run

Robinson is swiftly defeated

Mrs. Robinson participates in the Steel Ball Run. In the first stage, he doesn't distinguish himself. At the start of the second stage, he is the first to follow Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar in the desert, aiming to assassinate them. Six hours into the second stage, Mrs. Robinson starts his attack and sends his flies to trigger the chollas near Johnny and Gyro. They shoot their needles, piercing Gyro's ear and attacking them from all sides. Still, Mrs. Robinson keeps his distance. He then makes a flurry of needles accurately cut Johnny's bridle and pierces his face, knocking him off his horse.

Gyro decides to confront Mrs. Robinson head-on. Gyro tries to throw his Steel Balls, but needles hit his arm, making Gyro botch his throw, and the Balls fall to the ground. Robinson reveals that he's breeding a swarm of flies inside of him and sends them toward the chollas. However, Gyro also shows that the vibrations of the Spin are still synched up to take out Robinson. The vibrations make some chollas explode near Robinson, who is shot down by a flurry of needles. Later, Mountain Tim sees Mrs. Robinson lying on the ground, but Robinson's ultimate fate is not revealed.


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  • Take this! I will not allow anyone in this race to run ahead of me!



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