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This character may sometimes be referred to as "DI-S-CO".
Chocolate Disco. That’s my ability’s name. Chocolate Disco. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m done. That’s all. (「チョコレイト・ディスコ」。オレのこの能力の「スタンド名」だ。「チョコレイト・ディスコ」。ただのそれしか言わない。以上で終わりだ。)
—D-I-S-C-O, Steel Ball Run Chapter 66: D4C, Part 1

D-I-S-C-O  (ディ・ス・コ, Di-su-ko) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run, specifically in the "Chocolate Disco" story arc.

D-I-S-C-O is the last of the assassins sent by Valentine.[1] He confronts Gyro, separating him from an injured Johnny, near Independence Hall, Philadelphia. He is a Stand user, wielding the gauntlet-like Chocolate Disco.


D-I-S-C-O is a tall slim man, with medium-length messy, curly dark hair with a large, rectangular hair clip/accessory sitting on the left side of his head. Shaved beard and mustache can be spotted around his face as well as blue eyes.

He wears a long coat similar to the ones worn by the police officers from the 18th century; wearing his Stand Chocolate Disco like an armband on his left forearm as well as wearing a handcuff for a belt.

Color Schemes

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Hair(Brown, golden-yellow hair clip)
(Blue coat, black buttons with gold highlights, silver handcuff-belt)


D-I-S-C-O is a man of few words

D-I-S-C-O has a rather expressionless face and personality. He is very quiet and prefers to never speak more than is necessary, speaking only to reveal his Stand's name. During battle, D-I-S-C-O is cautious around his enemies, preferring to keep his distance away from them while using his Stand to transport hazardous objects on wherever they would go. When cornered, however, D-I-S-C-O loses his composure and immediately relies on his gun, which Gyro mocks him for.

It is unknown what kind of relationship he might have with the President: he might be one of his loyal Stand users, though Gyro Zeppeli believes him to know nothing about Valentine's plan.



Main article: Chocolate Disco

D-I-S-C-O's Stand is Chocolate Disco. It can create a grid he may project over a limited space in front of him wherein he maintains virtually complete control.

Chocolate Disco (チョコレート・ディスコ)Link to this section
Grid Generation & Repositioning


D-I-S-C-O is sent to fight Gyro

In Philadelphia, as soon as the president manages to find the head of the corpse, he decides to take the last missing part from Diego Brando: the left eye. In order to do so, he ambushes Johnny Joestar and tricks Diego and Wekapipo using his Stand's power. While Valentine confronts them, D-I-S-C-O is sent to take care of Gyro Zeppeli in order to prevent him from helping Johnny and the others.

As Gyro reaches a corner of a building, Valentine and D-I-S-C-O surround him from both sides. Gyro spots D-I-S-C-O but hears gunshots; wanting to help Johnny, Gyro tells D-I-S-C-O to stand still and the agent complies, before activating his ability as soon as Gyro turns his head. With his Stand Chocolate Disco, D-I-S-C-O makes a grid appear on the ground. While Gyro is shocked to glimpse Wekapipo hiding near his horses, Gyro must focus on the enemy. He throws a Steel Ball at D-I-S-C-O, but it is then teleported above him and Gyro is hit by his own Ball. Gyro tries to run towards D-I-S-C-O, but the agent makes nails fall on Gyro, wounding his leg.

D-I-S-C-O then takes bottles of acid out of his pocket, intending to douse Gyro with the acid. Worried, Gyro throws his Steel Balls, but D-I-S-C-O teleports them again. However, this time, the Ball misses Gyro. Surprised, D-I-S-C-O attacks again but misses too with his nails and acid. Suddenly, a hand with a Steel Ball appears near him. Gyro reveals that he has created a zone of high pressure that refracts the light and prevents D-I-S-C-O from knowing Gyro's location. Desperate, D-I-S-C-O takes out a gun but the Neapolitan quickly knocks out the agent.


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  • Hirohiko Araki decided that D-I-S-C-O would not speak any more than necessary because of how in Perfume's song "Chocolate Disco" the title is repeated throughout the lyrics.[2]
  • D-I-S-C-O's name was originally spelled as Disco (ディスコ, Disuko) in the Ultra Jump serialization of Steel Ball Run. This was later changed in the tankobon release.


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