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Let's get away from this place!! The Radio Gaga Incident wasn't just some made up story! Go call someone! We'll look for the driver with the police! I... I wanna go home!
—Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident

Fumi ( Fumi) is a tertiary character featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

He is a young man living in 1941 Morioh who accepts a job offer from Lucy Steel to be her local guide and carry her luggage and camera equipment.


Fumi is a teenager of above average height with an impressive physique, as noted by Lucy.[1] He has short light hair styled in a buzz cut with three small spheres in the center. Under the spheres, two strands of hair stick out over his forehead, with one strand being longer than the other.

He wears a cashmere V-neck sweater with a striped collar. On the left of his sweater is a symbol of a large horseshoe framing an image of the dark silhouette of a rearing horse's head, similar to Johnny Joestar's hat. He also has a collared long sleeve shirt underneath his sweater, with buttons beside the collars. Fumi wears baggy shorts with a waist bag on each side and geta sandals.


Fumi wanting to escape

Fumi is a polite teenager who doesn't hesitate to help an elderly woman retrieve her stolen luggage from a thief. He formally refers to Lucy as "madam" before learning her name and cares for her well-being when she starts coughing. He is knowledgeable of Morioh's history and landmarks. After witnessing the death of Lucy's driver and seeing for himself that the Radio Gaga Incident is true, Fumi acts cautiously and prioritizes their safety. He pleas to Lucy that they should leave, not caring about getting the payment for his job.[1]


Radio Gaga Incident

Kicking his sandal at a thief

Fumi travels to the station in S City to pick up his girlfriend, planning to go on a date to an amusement park and then go eat sushi. Before his girlfriend arrives, he witnesses a thief steal an elderly woman's luggage when the thief bumps into him. Fumi quickly kicks his sandal at the thief from behind which knocks the man down. As the man runs away, Fumi retrieves the woman's luggage and returns it to her.

The woman offers Fumi 20,000 yen to be her local guide around the city and to carry her heavy equipment. However, Fumi refuses because of his plans with his girlfriend. He notices her holding a photograph of an orchard to which he calls the place of "The Radio Gaga Incident", a place of bad luck with numerous deaths in the past. Fumi's girlfriend arrives in the station, although Fumi realizes that the thief robbed his wallet before running away, forcing Fumi to set the date aside and accept the woman's offer. She introduces herself as Lucy Steel, working for the Speedwagon Foundation specializing in botany and geomorphology. He wonders if she was going to the orchard because of a crime that had happened there, but she says that she had come from America to investigate the site as her "mission", as if it was a command from heaven.

Describing the area to Lucy

Fumi, Lucy, and Lucy's driver later arrive at Morioh's hunting grounds near the orchard owned by the Higashikata Fruit Company. As Lucy inspects the site and observes the Higashikata house with a telescope, Fumi finds the remains of a bird under his foot. He freaks out after Lucy's driver appears behind him, seemingly entranced by a voice only he can hear. He begins to strip down naked and approaches the guard rail, just like the victims in the local legend. Panicking, Fumi calls Lucy's attention before a truck passes on the road and the driver disappears. Fumi inspects the remaining clothes and only finds a severed hand. He tells Lucy to flee as soon as possible but she refuses, explaining that she came to Morioh after discovering that a plant named the "Locacaca" had been growing in the cursed land that was similar to the Devil's Palm in America. Suddenly, Lucy hears strange voices and is sucked into a gap between the guard rails while Fumi can only watch her struggle.[1]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Are you all right, madam? Here's your bags.
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident
  • By the way, that place in the photo... That's the orchard of the Radio Gaga Incident.
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident
  • That place... it's unlucky. People died there. Multiple times.
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident
  • They call me Fumi-kun.
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident
  • Let's get away from this place!! The Radio Gaga Incident wasn't just some made up story! Go call someone! We'll look for the driver with the police! I... I wanna go home!
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident
  • I told you, the ghost story was real!! I don't care about the job payment anymore! You get it too, right?! The driver's gone!! He's probably already dead! I just wanna get out of here!
    —Fumi, JJL Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident



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