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C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! This is boring! God, you're pathetic, Jorge! Can't you at least go out like a man?! Or are you gonna die like this?!
—Antonio Torres to George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy

Antonio Torres (アントニオ・トーレス, Antonio Torēsu), born Anthony Hightower (アンソニー・ハイタワー, Ansonī Haitawā), is a primary antagonist featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

He is the son of Maria Torres and Alejandro Torres. Antonio was one of the main childhood bullies of George Joestar II and later torments him throughout his life as a Zombie working for Dio Brando. His Wound ability allows him to shed his skin every year from a single incision.


Antonio has unruly brown[5] curtained hair that is shorter on the sides and back along with side-swept bangs. He is skinny with tan skin[6] and wears a striped t-shirt.

As a zombie, Antonio appears naked with flat, stretched out skin along with claws and fangs. He has no eyeballs but instead dark pits where his eyes should be, no blood, no muscles, and no bones.


Antonio is a cruel, aggressive, and violent child as a result of his abusive upbringing. He and his friends such as Julio Gonzales constantly bully George for several years. Despite secretly being the same nationality as George, Antonio insults George and his family by calling him "balsa blanca", meaning "white raft" in Spanish. Although he gets beat up by Lisa Lisa for harming George, Antonio persistently beats up George and goes as far as to rub dog feces in George's face in an attempt to force him to eat it.[1]

Thinking back on it now I believe that was something evil in the shape of a child.
Faraday, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin

After becoming a zombie, Antonio retains his sadistic nature but is also as immature as he was twenty years ago when he was a child. Mentioning his mother puts him into a fit of rage and emotional trauma. George states that although Antonio is mean, he isn't stupid. Antonio is submissive to his boss, Dio, and follows his orders completely.[7]



Antonio's Wound manifested when he was around ten years old.


Rapid Skin Cell Production: Antonio's mother Maria abused him so badly that his metabolism accelerated until she could peel off his entire skin every year, from his head to his toes, in one single peel. All cells in the average human body are replaced every seven years but skin is replaced once a month. In Antonio Torres's case, his skin cells adapted to being torn off on the same day every year. Three days before June 16 which was Maria's customary skinning day, his skin cell production would speed up, causing his skin to become loose.[1]

He could shed his own skin like a snake every year on June 16, from a single incision. His new skin would be thin, but fully grown.

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Skin Molting


  • Body Possession: As a zombie, Antonio is capable of going inside the body of humans and possessing them from within. By hiding inside their body, he is shielded from his weakness to sunlight.[7]
  • Cloning: The skin he sheds would also be a zombie, essentially making a copy of himself with the same abilities. Each clone can make their own clones by shedding their skin as well. By 2012, he has 919,040 zombie clones of himself.
  • Pilot: By possessing the bodies of various human pilots in the air force, Antonio learns how to fly planes.[7]
  • Gliding: Due to his lightweight skin, Antonio can glide in the sky like flying squirrels.[7]



Antonio Torres was born as Anthony Hightower in England. His family had been in the railroad business there, but went bankrupt and washed up at La Palma, one of Spain's Canary Islands.

Ever since he was a baby, his mother Maria peeled only his skin away bit by bit while leaving his blood, bones, and flesh intact. She then carefully placed the pieces together, treated them with a thin-coating of oil to prevent them from drying out, sealed them with medical adhesive, and sewed the pieces together with very fine thread. Antonio's hair that was shed from prior months would be placed on top of the head of her creation to complete the full body work of art, which she called "This Year's Antonio". Antonio's body adapted to the torture, rapidly accelerating the production of his skin cells three days before Maria's skinning day. He was eventually able to slip out of his old skin from only a single incision on his back.[1]

Antonio bullying George

Antonio, his friend Julio, and the rest of his gang frequently bullied George Joestar on his way to and from school for several years. Lisa Lisa would beat them up but this only gave Antonio more fuel to bully George, mocking him for needing protection from a girl. According to Julio, one day when Lisa Lisa punched Antonio, his legs started running on their own. He ran ten kilometers non-stop, all the way to the beach, right into the water, and nearly drowned.

La Palma (1900)

One day, Antonio and his gang attempt to force dog feces into George's mouth on George's way home from school. Lisa Lisa appears and saves him, but they still manage to get some up his nose. Despite Lisa Lisa knocking Antonio down and kicking him until the point where his nose starts bleeding, he had gotten used to the beatings from her and continues to insult George.

"This Year's Antonio"

The next day, Antonio is found dead in the morning and Julio accuses George of being the culprit who murdered him along with the assistance of Lisa Lisa. Tsukumojuku Kato reveals Antonio's cast-off skin to the rest of the class, and then the class sees another Antonio at the door. It ends up being Lisa Lisa who was hiding inside Antonio's corpse in an attempt to lure his killer. The plan succeeds and Antonio's father, Alejandro, reveals himself. Alejandro was a Vampire who ate the blood, flesh, and bones of his son because he hated him for being an awful brat.

Straizo later explains to George that the remains of Antonio and Alejandro were cleaned up. However, they were unaware that Antonio had become a zombie due to Alejandro eating his flesh. Antonio would constantly clone himself every year each time he sheds his skin, and his clones would go on to make more clones.

England (1905-1920)


Five years later, Antonio's zombie clones follow George when he moves to Wastewood, England. For several months after George becomes friends with the Motorize family, whenever Kenton Motorize flew while the clouds were dark or it was raining, a monster would show up. She said it would laugh at her, say things that she thought might be in Spanish, and do things to her or the plane. Antonio would tear up the cloth on Kenton's glider, make screws or nuts on the wings become loose, or sometimes even scratch her body while she was flying.

One day, Antonio mutters "Horhe Joestar" in Spanish, and Kenton could tell whatever he was saying was insulting George. She yells at Antonio for insulting her friend but Antonio declares she would die.[5] While George is at the Motorize residence that night, Antonio arrives at their home and tells the butler Faraday that he's looking for George. When George goes to the door, he is instead greeted by the spirit of Tsukumojuku, who teleports George to Rome where Lisa Lisa is.[8] Faraday had not seen Tsukumojuku and was terrified that the devil child he saw at the door had done something to George, but he didn't tell anyone about Antonio due to his fear.[6]

The next day, Antonio possesses someone's body and tells Kenton that George is waiting for her at the cliffs. When Kenton goes there, Antonio murders her by stabbing her twenty-three times in the face and body. Antonio then ties her body to George's glider named Star Shooter which he also tethered to a rock, so that George would be accused of murdering her.[5]


Antonio hiding on George's plane

A while after George joins the Royal Aero Club, Antonio and his zombie clones begin to attack pilots on their flights, leading to mass rumors and stories of gremlin sightings with varying physical descriptions.

When George and his friend, Jim Graham, are flying together in George's plane, they prepare to make an emergency landing after their fuel suddenly runs out. Antonio reveals himself between the plane's propeller blades, with petrol running down his chin like drool after sucking the fuel all out of the plane. Antonio announces that he'll kill George and his family and does a shrill laugh. George manages to take a photograph of Antonio, just before he dives into Jim's mouth. This leads to Jim stretching his own tongue and pulling out his flesh, organs, and intestines with all of his strength. George assumes Jim is dead and is saved by Lisa Lisa and Steven Motorize, but Antonio remains in Jim's body. Jim is found floating in the wreckage of the plane by the Royal Flying Corps. Imitating Jim, Antonio lies to the new commander William Cardinal that George abandoned him while he was injured, immediately surrendered to the German fighters, ran away, and is now spying for the enemies. Antonio then speaks to George on the phone while pretending to be Jim, stating he'll happily testify to George being a spy and that he'll kill him the next time he sees him. Lisa Lisa realizes that there must be 16,384 (2¹⁴) clones of Antonio by now if all of them constantly cloned themselves every year.[5]

Zombie Antonios dying in the plane battle

Antonio's clones follow George, Lisa Lisa, and Steven to the secret underground base of the Ripple warriors in France. Possessing English soldiers, they bomb the underground headquarters. The trio shoots the zombies down in Steven's Motorize plane. One of them recognizes Lisa Lisa and mocks George for still needing her protection. George mocks Antonio's crazy mother in retaliation, leading Antonio to try biting George in anger before Lisa Lisa kills the clone. Meanwhile, the Antonio hiding in Jim's body takes over the English Naval Air Force headquarters and turns most of their soldiers into zombies. William Cardinal manages to escape with only a broken leg and gets promoted to be the supreme commander after the war.[7]


November 11, on the day of George's wedding, Antonio kills Steven, Ben, Darlington, and presumably Faraday. When George sees that Steven is late to be the best man for his wedding, he heads to the Motorize residence only to find the carpet on the staircase seeped with blood. He is confronted by Kenton, now a zombie, who lunges herself at him. George has no choice but to pierce her through her head with a fireplace poker.

920,000 "flying squirrels"

Just then, William Cardinal appears behind George with a gun pointed at him. George uses the same poker to strike the gun out of Cardinal's hand, but realizes Cardinal's hand isn't bleeding. Antonio reveals himself in Cardinal's mouth, eating Cardinal's organs from within. He describes how he's only following his boss's orders but enjoys torturing George nonetheless. George looks out the window and sees a flock of 920,000 Antonios gliding outside like flying squirrels. They surrounded all of England, planning to have their boss take over the country. Antonio gets the upper hand in the fight and George nearly passes out after a punch that sends him flying, slamming his head onto a wall. Antonio hits George's head several times with the blunt side of the poker, disappointed in George for being weak and mocks his genitals. He pulls George's pants down, starts attacking George below his back, and then vomits after seeing his crotch.

Antonio about to kill George
George manages to summon Tsukumojuku's spirit one last time by believing in his Beyond, and Antonio is shocked to see him still appearing young. Tsukumojuku teleports George to 2012 in Morioh, leaving Antonio and the zombies. Lisa Lisa and Penelope de la Rosa arrive at the Motorize residence and cry, assuming that George had died due to the shredded pieces of his uniform on the ground. Lisa Lisa tearfully kills Antonio and the body of Cardinal he was possessing.
Giant Antonio grows from the wall
Furious at George's supposed death, Penelope accidentally creates a locked room made from the 920,000 flying squirrel Antonios and torn up bits of them. The giant locked room surrounds the whole world, swallowing everything up.[7]

Dio Brando raises his hand and an upside down giant form of Antonio with translucent skin grows from the wall that Penelope made. The whole world is inside Antonio's stomach, excluding Great Britain which remains on the outside as an island.

The giant Antonio swallows Enrico Pucci from the orders of Dio, allowing Pucci to travel outside England and use Made in Heaven. Time speeds up and the universe loops thirty-six times, bringing the island of Great Britain to 2012. Due to the barrier made of Antonio, England remains in 1920, creating an inconsistency in the timeline.[9]

Japan (2012)

Tsukumojuku still has Antonio's cast-off skin in his suitcase when he ends up traveling through time from 1904 to Nishi Akatsuki, Japan in 2012. However, his luggage and the skin within it disappears when he arrives there.

The original zombie Antonio in 1900 had traded places with the skin sample that Tsukumojuku was carrying, traveling through time with him. This was an order from his boss, Dio, and the order was relayed to him by Giorno Giovanna. Antonio kills three Japanese detectives including Tsukumojuku and with the help of Giorno, arranges their bodies to resemble Japanese folk tales.

Original Antonio disguised

When Rohan Kishibe later tries using Heaven's Door on Giorno, the back of the book cover on Giorno's face reveals himself to be Antonio. The actual Giorno had used his Stand Gold Experience to transform Antonio's hollow skin into a body double of Giorno. After Antonio was discovered, Giorno cancels the effect and Antonio reverts back into being empty skin. George realizes this is the original Antonio who bullied him back when they were children, before Antonio made all of his clones. Before George could punch Antonio, Diavolo, the alternate personality of Giorno, reveals himself and punches George.

Giant Antonio shot by missiles

Inside the belly of the Giant Antonio, American Air Force fighters fire waves of missiles and bombs attempting to break through the wall, causing Antonio to writhe in pain. Antonio clutches his throat and pukes out a military helicopter belonging to Funny Valentine and his grandson, The Funniest Valentine.

The original Antonio is beat up and interrogated by Bruno Bucciarati and the rest of his gang. He starts crying and urinates after revealing that Dio Brando is his boss and that Giorno is Dio's son.

Sunset Orange Overdrive

Later, Jorge Joestar and Narancia Ghirga fire missiles with U-Boat at the giant Antonio, though Antonio knocks them all aside. Antonio attempts to swallow the pieces of Dio after he exploded from his ongoing battle with Kars, in order to bring Dio outside England. Lisa Lisa runs across Antonio's body upside down and dodges his giant punches. She places the Red Stone of Aja on Antonio's stomach and uses her technique, Sunset Orange Overdrive. Antonio shrieks from the Ripple traveling throughout his body. Dio furiously berates Antonio for being worthless and shouts that all he needs to do is inhale Dio's pieces. Antonio finally manages to inhale, allowing Dio to travel outside England and achieve Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem. Antonio's head begins to crumble from the constant barrage of missiles from Jorge and Narancia, but Kars tells them to stop killing him or they won't be able to return England back to its original timeline.

Bucciarati sends the original Antonio through Cube House back in time to England after being asked to by Jorge. To prolong the life of the giant Antonio, Kars uses Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem to speed up time for the original Antonio. The original Antonio would constantly create new Antonio clones, and then Penelope would use her Wound to make the clones be absorbed into the dying giant Antonio, slightly repairing him.

Funny and The Funniest ride their helicopter through the mouth of the dying Antonio and travel back to America.[4] Eventually the original Antonio is also absorbed by the giant wall and they all die after Kars returns everyone to their original universes.


Quote.png Quotes
  • Bwa ha ha ha ha! You got saved by a girl again, balsa blanca (white raft)! Your dick wouldn't even work as an oar!
    —Antonio Torres to George Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
  • Hey, Jorge Joestar... I'm afraid you're gonna die here. And after you're dead, I'm gonna kill your family, too. Their deaths will be even worse than yours. Kee hee hee hee hee hee!
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin
  • It's how I get my kicks these days, balsa blanca. Heh heh heh... is what I'd like to say, but that's not it at all, nitwit! Who cares about you? I'm just doing what my boss tells me to! Although it's all the more fun when you happen to be involved!
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • Pfft, hahh... You're a soldier, you know the boss's orders are absolute, right?
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • You will die. It's already decided. My boss said it was your destiny.
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • How dare you insult the boss! A fucking insect like you has no right!
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • We've got all of England surrounded now! Today's the day! Our boss is taking over this entire country! Heh heh heh! Our boss promised me I could have Lisa Lisa. I'll be inside her next! I can eat her slowly from within. I'll leave her brain for last, so she can savor having her blood drained, her organs chewed, and her bones crunched. I can't wait! Heh heh heh!
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • Honestly, I never thought the day would come I'd kill you. I'd have laughed if you died, but I just liked seeing you cry and run when you saw me coming. I never really considered actually killing you. Heh heh. But what will be will be. This was our fate all along. It was decided long ago.
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • Today's your last day, Jorge Joestar. All that's left is for you to die.
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • What the hell! Grown-up cocks are gross! That's disgusting! I'm gonna puke! [...] Shit! Your dick made me throw up!
    —Antonio Torres, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy



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