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You paid me to have cosmetic surgery. You cheated me and threw me into such terror. I'll never forgive you. I'll never forget my grudge!
—The servant, TSKR Episode 16

The servant is an unnamed secondary character featured in the one-shot At a Confessional.

The Confessor's loyal servant, who had plastic surgery to switch around their faces. He was unknowingly part of the confessor's ploy to trick the vengeful spirit haunting him.


The servant is a middle aged man with short hair and a mustache. After having plastic surgery with his master, they switch around their faces and assumes his identity.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Brown sleeveless pullover, white shirt, black pants and shoes)
Hair(Dark Brown)
(Gray shirt, blue sleeveless pullover, olive green tie, dark gray pants)


The servant's determination

The servant was incredibly loyal to the confessor, so loyal that he'd go under plastic surgery to swap faces without knowing the confessor's true intentions. Along with this odd degree of loyalty, the servant possesses a great amount of courage when the vengeful spirit eventually manifests. He demonstrates quick wit and determination, to the point of setting his arms ablaze. Despite being seemingly capable of winning the spirit's bet, he unfortunately fails due to his own hubris.

When he returns as a spirit, the servant yearns for revenge against the confessor, holding a grudge for his deceit.


This servant was loyal to a rich man with great prosperity. He was willing to do anything for him, and, at his master's request, used plastic surgery to alter their appearance. This was actually a plan made by his master to fool the spirit of a vagrant by whom he had been cursed.

The servant accepting the spirit's challenge

The spirit attacked the servant thinking he was his master, but gave him the chance to be spared if he managed to throw a piece of popcorn in the air above a nearby lamppost and catch it in his mouth, each time at the clap of his hands, three times in a row. If the man succeeded, the vagrant would acknowledge that his death was due to destiny and would leave the man forever, but if the man failed, the vagrant would pass his judgement and murder the man.

The servant managed to do it the first two times, but failed the last time and had his head cut off. The servant's spirit, also holding a grudge against his master, teamed up with the vagrant's spirit to watch the master and make sure that he does not do anything suspicious again.


Quote.png Quotes
  • Why is this happening to me?
    —The Servant, TSKR Episode 16
  • That was close! But I did it! I did it!
    —The Servant, TSKR Episode 16
  • You're... really gonna disappear, right? If I succeed, you'll spare me, okay!
    —The Servant to the vengeful spirit, TSKR Episode 16
  • I did it! Serves you right! I've caught the second one too! Look at that! It's dead easy!
    — The Servant to the vengeful spirit, TSKR Episode 16
  • I can't see it! I can't see it!
    —The Servant about the flaming popcorn, TSKR Episode 16
  • Master... No matter how many times you confess, my curse will never leave you.
    —The Servant to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • I curse you! When your daughter's having the happiest time of her life, I'll come and get you.
    —The Servant to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16



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