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I'm happy that the noble Jonathan Joestar is here in my arms!
—Erina Pendleton, Chapter 42: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 4

Erina Pendleton (エリナ・ペンドルトン Erina Pendoruton) is a side character featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood, as well as the second part, Battle Tendency.

Erina is introduced as a young girl from Jonathan Joestar's hometown, eventually becoming Jonathan's love interest after he protects her from two bullies. After growing up, she becomes a nurse and the wife of Jonathan.

Known as Erina Joestar (エリナ・ジョースター Erina Jōsutā) after marriage, she is the mother of George Joestar II, and the grandmother and guardian of Joseph Joestar.


Erina Pendleton is a fair-headed young girl, who keeps her hair in a ponytail and is described as pretty.

During Battle Tendency, Erina has aged, though doesn't have many wrinkles despite being in her 70s, and now wears glasses obscuring her eyes.


And now she smiles so cutely, that girl fills Mr. Joestar with love!
—Speedwagon about Erina Pendleton, Chapter 17: The Birth of DIO
Jonathan and Erina hugging on the ship.

Raised in Victorian England, Erina is a very sweet, caring young woman who is every bit the proper lady. Though polite and gentle in her youth, Erina did show some strength of character: after having her first kiss stolen by Dio Brando she proceeded to wash her mouth without care that the water was from the gutter as an effort to lessen her shame.[3] Nonetheless, she can also have a commanding presence if she wishes. For instance, Speedwagon noted when first meeting her that her eyes were icy cold, making it clear she did not want her treatment of Jonathan to be interrupted.[4]

Erina greatly loved Jonathan throughout her life. Despite being separated from Jonathan for years, Erina took great care of him as soon as she met him again, keeping vigil over him and treating his wounds day and night to the point she'd fall from exhaustion.[4] When Jonathan was mortally wounded, she was ready to die with him and could only be convinced otherwise to save a nearby baby, having great anguish at being separated from the love of her life.[5]

Her twilight years did little to curb that inner fire. Erina is one of the few people capable of tempering her grandson Joseph, while also not betraying her grace and showing deep wisdom. Though significantly more stern, she was still the caring person she had always been. Most notably, in spite of growing up in the racist climate of Victorian England, Erina unhesitatingly befriended Smokey Brown, making her a woman truly ahead of the two prejudiced eras she lived through.


Erina's hands bleeding from treating Jonathan's burns

As a nurse, Erina is knowledgeable in tending to wounds, broken bones, and severe burns. Working at her father's hospital, Erina is devoted to treating her patients, especially after Jonathan is severely injured from his fight against Dio.

After wrapping Jonathan's broken bones and wounds in bandages, she tends to Jonathan's burns for three days straight. She persistently soaks a towel in cold water and places it on Jonathan's burns over thousands of times until he regains consciousness. Speedwagon notes that the skin on her hands became purple, cracked, and bleeding due to her devotion.[4]


Phantom Blood

Early life

Young Erina when she first met Jonathan.

As a young girl, Erina is saved by Jonathan from a pair of bullies who took her doll to play with it. Though Jonathan is beaten by the bullies, leaving his bloodstained handkerchief behind, Erina becomes intrigued by his aspiration to become a gentleman.[6] Soon after Dio Brando enters Jonathan's life, Erina becomes Jonathan's girlfriend and the only one to give Jonathan comfort in light of his adopted brother turning everyone else against him.[7]

Dio forcefully kissing Erina.

However, Dio learns of their romance and decides to ruin Jonathan's chance for love by forcefully taking Erina's first kiss. A humiliated Erina responds by washing her lips from water in a muddy puddle causing a furious Dio to then strike her for such a gesture.[8] Regardless, even after Jonathan fights for her honor once learning what happened, Erina feels too ashamed to see him again.[9] Soon after, she moves with her father to India due to her father's work as a doctor and Jonathan never saw her since.[4]

Marriage with Jonathan

Jonathan and Erina marry.

Seven years later, moving back to England and working at the hospital her father is stationed at, Erina sees Jonathan again and tends to his injuries following the events that resulted with the Joestar Mansion burned to the ground. After Jonathan is discharged from the hospital a few days later, Erina remains by his side as they meet Will Anthonio Zeppeli, who uses his Ripple to completely heal Jonathan's body. When Zeppeli reveals that Dio survived the estate burning, Jonathan accepts the offer to learn to use Ripple while deciding to keep a safe distance from Erina for her well being. Once the incident at Windknight's Lot resides with Dio's assumed death, Jonathan returns to Erina and the two marry two weeks later.

Erina at the end of Phantom Blood.

They take a ship to go on their honeymoon to America, but the voyage is cut short by the reappearance of Dio. Erina finds Jonathan as he is fatally wounded by Dio, witnessing her husband use the last of his Ripple to cause the ship to sink. Though Erina intends to die by Jonathan's side, he convinces her to escape with an orphaned infant whose mother has been killed by Dio's actions. Jonathan pushes Erina into Dio's coffin, which shields her from the explosion and acts as a makeshift lifeboat. Ending up near the Canary islands, Erina vowed to tell of her husband's deeds to their unborn child.

Post Phantom Blood

Erina, posing for a photo with baby Elizabeth, Speedwagon and Straizo.

After giving birth to George Joestar II, Erina gives the infant she saved to Straizo to raise as his own daughter. Years later, George meets the grown-up Elizabeth, marrying her as they later have a son named Joseph Joestar. But due to George's death by the last of Dio's minions and Elizabeth forced to go into hiding after avenging him, Erina and Speedwagon agree that it would be in Joseph's interests to keep him from the horrors that claimed his grandfather and father. As Joseph later comments, Erina is a strict guardian.

Battle Tendency (1938-1939)

Years later, Erina and Joseph travel to New York on Speedwagon's invitation. Like Joseph, Erina gladly makes Smokey Brown feel welcome as she invites him to a downtown Italian restaurant. On the way, Erina hits Joseph for jokingly insinuating that she and Speedwagon are more than old friends. Once at the restaurant, their dinner is disrupted when a mobster openly making racist comments about Smokey. Erina gives Joseph her permission to teach the man a lesson as long as he does not disrupt the other customers. After the fight, the mobster's companion is revealed to be an associate of Speedwagon who informs them of his death at the hands of Straizo. Looking distressed, Erina comments on how the events that happened 50 years ago seem to be continuing as Joseph assures her he is going nowhere. But Joseph departs for Mexico to investigate the Pillar Men under the pretense of a trip, leaving Erina ignorant of his adventure while telling Speedwagon to not mention anything about it.

Erina on her death bed.

Despite Joseph's apparent death from fighting Kars months later and attending his funeral, Erina is delighted to find Joseph still alive while surprised that he married Suzi Q. In the epilogue, Erina is mentioned to have taught English at a school, and died in 1950 at the age of 81, surrounded by her loved ones.

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Quote.png Quotes
Oh, JoJo, you scoundrel! (まあ!ジョジョったら、いけないひとッ!)
—Erina Pendleton, Chapter 3: Dio Brando the Invader, Part 2
What is it? This room isn't allowing any visitors. We can look after him well enough. Come back at a later date.
—Erina tells Speedwagon to leave the hospital, Chapter 17: The Birth of DIO
Long time no see, Jonathan Joestar. You're past the dangerous stage, so you should be all right now.
—Erina after nursing Jonathan, Chapter 17: The Birth of DIO
A lone bird... separated from the rest...
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 42: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 4
These are tears of happiness... because you are here with me.
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 42: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 4
I'm happy that the noble Jonathan Joestar is here in my arms!
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 42: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 4
I don't understand what's happening... This is so beyond me that I don't know whether to cry, or scream, or lose consciousness... But there's one thing I can say. I, Erina Joestar... will die with you.
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 43: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 5
H-How is such nobility even possible? You're willing to die, and only to save the life of someone else's child! Your courage can be so cruel! All that I wish for is to die by your side!
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 44: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 6
He spent his life in the shadows of history that the world will never truly know. Society will never know the story of the proud life that he lived. However, his descendants will. The new life growing inside me will know the truth.
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 44: Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 6

Quote.png Quotes
Each of us have our own manners but I can't forgive the disrespect to my friends. Take care of him without causing trouble for the other customers!
—Erina to Joseph, Chapter 47: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3
Like Jonathan... Like Speedwagon... Oh... I can't believe it... The madness from fifty years ago... It still hasn't ended...
—Erina Joestar, Chapter 49: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 2
That's not it, Joseph! It's about you! It's about the destiny you may end up being caught in that frightens me!
—Erina, Chapter 49: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 2
You're safe and so is JoJo... I couldn't be happier. Also to hear he's going to travel around Italy for a month... Could JoJo have found a wonderful girlfriend? I'd like that boy to be happy.
—Erina to Speedwagon, Chapter 72: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 2

Quote.png Quotes
Go ahead, Lisa Lisa, cry as much as you need. It's a very sad thing. It's hard for me, as well. We've lived together your whole life, and it's been such fun. We've been so happy. I've grown to love you like my own daughter. And I promise that will never change. Remember that always, Lisa Lisa. Know that I will always love you.
—Erina to Lisa Lisa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
Elizabeth. You are only sixteen. A little girl like you should never attempt to speak of matters of the heart as if she could possibly understand. You know nothing, yet. At the least, you have no idea what there was between myself and Jonathan, and what remains between us today.
—Erina to Lisa Lisa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 5: Box
Hold your tongue. You are no longer human, and have no right to speak that way to me. Not that you had any right to speak to me when you were human. You spoke and lived and behaved like a gentleman on the surface, but you never were one. You have an inferiority complex about your impoverished origins, and that prevents you from improving yourself as a human. Let me tell you, Dio Brando. Your poverty did not make you a villain. Your relationship with your parents did not make you what you are. Lack of education or wealth had no bearing. You were doomed by your own inability to look beyond the surface of anything, by your shallow mind, and by your overwhelming self-importance.
—Erina to Dio, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 5: Box
Then go, Penelope. Just be sure you come back. I can't lose any more family!
—Erina Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
You never did know how to treat girls, Dio. My body, my body. When are you going to accept the facts and learn some self-control?
—Erina to Dio, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
So? You planned to be a parasite on my son and grandson, purely to fulfill your own desires? Such a shallow way of thinking, and yet you actually have the nerve to brag about it. Even your father had the sense to behave himself in front of my father-in-law.
—Erina to Dio, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
You still fly into a rage at the thought of him? All this time and you're still trapped by your parent's curse. You've lived more than long enough to grow up, but you refuse to take responsibility for anything. If you had the time to steal glimpses of my heir's lives, you should have spent some time reflecting on your own life.
—Erina to Dio, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II

Video Games

Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden (NES)

Erina appears as an old woman (her Part 2 appearance) in Area 3 at the port town, after beating the area's boss. She offers some minor information to the player.

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Erina is presented in cutscenes throughout the game that reflects the original story.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Erina appears as a support character in Eyes of Heaven, having one voice line.

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

Erina appears in Diamond Records as a 4 star assist character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. Her only statue is 'Courage' type.

Like all assist characters, when the active assists link together, her assist ability may provide extra effects in Action Battle mode only.

  • Assist Ability: when summoned, Erina will pat the active character with a cloth and act as a basic heal.

Assist Video (Tactical Battle)

Jorge Joestar

Main article: JORGE JOESTAR (Novel)

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