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Bandai Premium, Bandai's official online store, offers JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-themed apparel goods including character printed boxer briefs, emblem brooches designed by the original manga creator Hirohiko Araki, and parkas modeled on Stands from the series. Previously, these items were available only at Hirohiko Araki Exhibition in Sendai (July–August) and Tokyo (October–November).



Part 1 & Part 8

Part 1:Jonathan Joestar & Dio Brando
Part 8:Josuke Higashikata (Jojolion)

Part 2 & Part 5

Part 2:Joseph Joestar & Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli & Lisa Lisa & Messina
Part 5:Giorno Giovanna

Part 3 & part 7

Part 3:Jotaro Kujo & Iggy
Part 7:Johnny Joestar & Gyro Zeppeli

Part 4 & Part 6

Part 4:Josuke Higashikata
Part 6:Jolyne Cujoh & Ermes Costello & Foo Fighters (Character)

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